Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers

Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers

Hi there! This is Abraham and Natasha putting another cover by Planetshakers again. This time the song is called Nothing is Impossible. We choose this song because we want to give some motivation to all the listeners there who were having hard time. We hope that you all know that through God who gives us strength, we can do anything. Don't trust what your eyes see, trust what you believe, that God can do anything

Fall in This Place + I'm Yours (Medley Cover by Hamanasha)

Hey ho guys! We know it's been a very long time since our last recording. We were sorry for the long waits, our production delayed because the guitar was broken and it took some time to fix and tuning the guitar back. So, we've created a back to back, medley version of two hit songs by Planetshakers. We created Fall in this Place and I'm Yours for our cover version medley. Hope you guys enjoy this!

No Other Name by Planetshakers

Hello Everybody, you're listening to Hamanasha right now. This song is coming from Planetshakers latest album, Endless Praise. No Other Name is one of our favorite song in that album. If you want to check out our review of this album, please visit our website at modernjamming.com/note/endless-praise-by-planetshakers-album-review. So enjoy our live interpretation of No Other Name by Planetshakers.

Healer by Planetshakers

Healer had been a phenomenal song back in the 2007. Aside from the controversy of the songwriter, this song itself is blessing so many people, including us. Since this is one of Planetshaker's song, our favorite band, we want to give it a try and make our own version. We didn't arrange the song too much, we just make it acoustic and smooth so it will be perfect for your worship moment. Hope you guys enjoy it..

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