10 Best Female Singers of All Time

Welcome to MJ Chart! This is a post where we will be posting random post that will competing many category from the music world. Since this is our first post, we would like to give you our Top 10 Best Female Singers All The Time. We nominated them not because of their song’s popularity or their famous lifestyle, but by their talents, technique, vocal distinction, and most importantly their voice consistency while singing live. Let’s get started!

10. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson, without a doubt can be categorized as the most powerful voices in Soul and R&B world. She also has a super strong and thick voice that made everybody, even US President, Barrack Obama recognized her ability. Although she has a strong voice even more than Beyonce’s, her vocal range is not so wide. But she still incredibly amazing, and we decided to put her in our chart.

  • Major genre : R&B, Soul
  • Vocal Range : Soprano
  • Other musical abilities : songwriting

9. Christina Aguilera

Christina was debuted as a singer that has a powerful voice over her tiny little body. It is the same reason why she was invited as one of the judges in a singing contest The Voice. She also proved herself as a ‘not only ballad’ singer with some of her upbeat song. She is undeniably talented. Although her vocal ability is praised, Christina has been labeled ‘oversinging’ which means too much vocal arrangement that she put in her songs. Sometimes we just want to hear originality of the song, but Christina seemed to over kill them.

  • Major genre : pop, R&B, dance
  • Vocal Range : Soprano
  • Other musical abilities: dancing, song writing.

8. Adele

No one can deny Adele’s talent in this industry. She has an intriguing voice, very powerful raspy voice. Almost all the people fall in love for the first time with Adele’s voice. Her vocal range is not what she can be proud of, but her distinctive voice is admirable. She also wrote all her songs which make her album 16 times platinum in the UK.

  • Major genre : Blues, jazz, rock, pop
  • Vocal Range : Alto
  • Other musical abilities : Piano, guitar, songwriting, scat singing.

7. Aretha Franklin

Aretha is a great soul singer can be seen with how she’s performing her song. The more she can enjoy and speak through the song, the more that singer can be accounted as a great soul singer. Aretha is one of if not the best soul singer that has a great consistency in the way she’s singing. Although her voice was a not as raspy as when she at her prime age, the way she spoke through singing is the reason we put her in our chart. Her piano skill was also counted as one of her special musical ability.

  • Major genre : R&B, soul, jazz, gospel
  • Vocal Range : mezzo-soprano
  • Other musical abilities : Piano

6. Ella Fitzgerald

All jazz lovers must be very familiar with Ella’s voice. She was the most incredible jazz singer in 50s, even then until now. No one can beat her originality of scat singing. Also she was blessed with a powerful yet stunning soft voice that makes all jazz songs sung perfectly.

  • Major genre : jazz, swing, traditional Pop
  • Vocal Range : Alto
  • Other musical abilities : Scat singing.

7. Whitney Houston

Whitney was a diva and no one could deny that. Many people idolize her, even want to sound like her and make her a singing model. Even though her consistency was somewhat arguable, but everybody would agree that her voice in her prime time is the top notch. After all, who could stand against her when she’s singing such a powerful voice? Undoubtedly a must have in a best female chart.

  • Major genre : R&B, pop, soul, dance, gospel
  • Vocal Range : Alto
  • Other musical abilities : Piano

4. Mariah Carey

Mariah’s talent is undoubtedly incredible. She is possessed by super wide vocal range up to five-octave. Her highest notes were described as whistle voice, which rarely found in human being. Her vocal range is also recorded by Guinness Book of Record as the highest note can be reached ever. Not only her vocal range that was admirable, but also her sense of pitch was praised. When listening to her, we can feel that she’s playing with notes of the song. Unfortunately, her ability now is not as good as she used to be back at the 90s. But anyway, we still admire her achievement. However, who else can beat a Guinness Book’s singer?

    • Major genre : R&B, pop, hip hop, soul, dance
    • Vocal Range : Alto
    • Other musical abilities : songwriting, piano

3. Karen Carpenter

Karen is one example of a talent that gone too soon. Her voice is very special; she got the power, softness and smoothness, and she also able to sing in almost all genres. Her voice is incomparable and can’t be found a voice that resembles hers. She is also very capable at playing drums which make her even more amazing. See how skillful she is while played the drum and sing.

  • Major genre : Soft rock, jazz, pop
  • Vocal Range : Alto
  • Other musical abilities : Drum

2. Celine Dion

Our number two spot goes to Celine Dion. It isn’t because we’re a member of Celine’s fan club or something, but we think she deserves it. Her voice seems timeless, though years have passed but her voice remains the same. She has a crystal clear voice yet so tender and powerful at the same time. She has a perfect control of her voice. As we see her singing, we might think that the voice just simply come out from her lips without struggle. She’s not even trying to sound good, but already amazing. She also consistent with her records and always brings something fresh to the music world.

  • Major genre : Pop, dance, rock, adult contemporary
  • Vocal Range : Soprano
  • Other musical abilities : songwriting

1. Beyonce Knowles

Everybody will strongly agree that Beyonce is blessed by God given talent that makes her so famous. She is known by her powerful voice while singing and dancing. She has a great stamina and perfect breathing control that makes her performances are always amazing. This is one of her marvelous acoustic performance that shows us how incredibly talented she is, no more words can describe her.

  • Major genre : pop, R&B
  • Vocal Range : Alto
  • Other musical abilities : dancing, songwriting.