Vainglory: How to Conquer Lane, Jungle, and Win the Game

There are a lot of Multiplayer Battle Arena out there in PC World. Names like DotA, HoN, or LoL; are famous for its user based and the unique gameplay that rush players adrenaline while planning for the best strategy to crush the enemies.

Super Evil Mega Corp puts together all this amazing gameplay and combine it with awesome graphics from Metal™ in iOS. This amazing MOBA game has shaken mobile gaming community with its 3 vs 3 real time strategy and its called Vainglory.

If you don't know about Vainglory's gameplay and want to know more about the gameplay, you can head up to this review. It covers lots of basic gameplay and Vainglory's feature. As for you who looks for beginner guide of Vainglory, please visit this tutorial.


Best Multiplayer Strategy for Mobile Platform

Although there are lots of amazing features in Vainglory, I love the game especially because its game design. Vainglory is designed specifically for touch devices and small screen. So you can still enjoy playing the game eventhough you're playing the game on iPhone. I've played this game on iPhone all this time, and so far I don't have any trouble at all.

Team Strategy

If you think your team mate is pretty awesome, you can add him/her as your friend. Once you have enough friends, you can always start a private team so that you can organize what you and your friends will use in the battlefield.

My tips for a balance team is to build a team that consist of Mage/Sniper, an Assassin, and a Protector/Warrior. With these three heroes, you can have an advantage when fighting against unbalance team. Especially, when all the heroes are fighting together. A balance team would more likely to win the war with the skills from each heroes.

Control the Lane

First thing first, if you're not a range hero, don't show yourself in front the enemies. Play safe by creeping and gaining some golds inside the jungle. Also don't forget to help your range hero (lane hero) when he/she was ambushed by the enemies.

Don't be hasty on killing enemies, but support your range hero until mid game (around 5 minutes after the game start). When your range hero has done his/her items, you will get to kill your enemies, even win the game.

One more thing, if your enemies are outnumbering your lane hero, go back and help him/her pushing up the lane. Don't be greedy and looking for extra golds in enemies jungle. This wouldn't help any of your other team members.


On the other hand, if you're a lane hero (range hero), please do not play recklessly. Be patient and make sure you (not your creep) get to kill the enemies' creep. Get the last hit for the creeps; timing is important, but don't worry, the longer you play this, the easier it will be.

Like many usual range hero, they don't have that much health compared to other hero types. So make sure that you don't get ambushed by enemies. If your lane have no enemies, that's when you have to alert your friends, signaling that you will be ambushed.

If it happens that your team has two range heroes, and your teammate wants to be the lane hero, for your own team sake, please just give in and let him/her in the lane. How about your hero? Well, you have to be extra careful and creeping inside the jungle. This to ensure that the golds will be fairly divided.

Win the Jungle, Win the Game

To help you understand this, please refer to this picture. This will help you understand the order you and your teammates need to do in order to control the jungle. Once you control the jungle, the war will be in your favor.

Each hero in the jungle should be creeping in this order. Number 1 stands for regular creep, number 2 grants health regeneration when you kill them. Then after both heroes finish these two steps, then they go into number 3 (meeting point), purchase Flare (just one of them, from the shop), and use it to find the enemies. Choose one of the enemy as your target, then send a signal to all the team members that you're initiating a war. That also works otherwise, if somebody send you a signal, it means they're going to start a war and you need to support them (whatever you're currently doing).

After 4 minutes into the game, there are two more types of creep spawning in the jungle. They are called Creep Mine and Gold Mine. In the screenshot, it marks with golden cross and red cross. However, these two work a bit different from the previous one. As the name refer to, Creep Mine and Gold Mine are more like an ownership. So let's talk about both of it.


The first one is called the Creep Mine, whenever your team own this place, your creeps will gradually become stronger (stronger creeps = easy push = bigger chance to win). There are two Creep Mines available in the map, one in your territory and the other one obviously in the enemy area. You may need to be very careful before you decide to raid the enemy area. Perhaps, in the early game you might want to focus on your area first.

The second one is called the Gold Mine. As you might guess, once you own Gold Mine, it will start the count down. When the count down is over, your team will get 300 golds. However, unlike Creep Mine, there is only one Gold Mine in the map. The monster that guards this Gold Mine is also tougher than the one in Creep Mine. Bare in mind that always put Scout Trap around the Gold Mine, so that you know if the enemy is in that area and you can ambush them.


For conquering the jungle, this last creep type are the most important for you to beat. So, 15 minutes into the game, Kraken will spawn and most of the players will mark this as the mid game. Kraken will help you beat the enemies tower if your team able to defeat this guy. My tips here is to put Scout Trap around the Kraken spawning position. When the enemy team start to beat the Kraken, wait until the enemy reduce Kraken's health to half. When that happen, ready your team to ambush the enemy, then beat the Kraken.

That's why when you're fighting against the Kraken, always look for the mid-lane. If the lane hero is gone, prepare for ambush.


For now, these are the tips that I can share. Next time, I will try to share how you can help your team be a winner. Remember, even if you're strong enough, there won't be any help for you if your teammate is not strong enough. So share this article with your friends so that they won't be a burden anymore for your team.

Line Let's Get Rich: How to get S+ Characters

It's been a while since my last Line Let's Get Rich post, and unsurprisingly, Moodoo Online and Line as the publishers still keep Let's Get Rich as one of the most favorite game played. I believe one of the reason that Let's Get Rich still maintain its position, is because they keep the updates coming for the players.

Since their last Indonesian map addition, Let's Get Rich have added two more maps in their category maps including Space and Theme Park Map. With these additional maps, Let's Get Rich also introducing some new gameplays. So, they didn't just create and adding new maps, but also introduce some unique experiences for each map we're playing with.

For example, a new gameplay called 'Black Hole' was firstly introduced in Space Map. With Black Hole, players now can choose a city/chance/start/anything as the base trap when they build a landmark. Then when the enemy's dice fall in that trap, they will be warped into that player's landmark.


Reactivate Players is Let's Get Rich Most Amazing Effort

Not just adding maps, Let's Get Rich also adding new pendants and characters in a regular basis. Sometimes the characters is just a re-skin version of the older characters, but also can be exclusive characters that can only be acquired by certain condition. Like the latest update, Let's Get Rich introduced a brand new S+ characters. Most of the S+ cards are actually a re-skin version of the old cards; of course, the stats is in a different level.

Active players are also one of Let's Get Rich biggest concern. It seems as if they're trying really hard to invite players to come back and be active with the game. That's why in this game, active players are offered premium currencies (diamonds) by re-inviting their friends that have played Let's Get Rich. These inactive friends then will be sent a message from Line. The message sometimes could be a promotional event, but also can be a premium currency offering.


How to get S+ Characters

To get S+ characters, you need to have at least three S cards. Maximize the level of these 3 cards. Once you fully upgrade the three of them, choose two S cards that's less useful compared to other. Combining these two S cards will result a new S+ card. Keep using the last S card until you have leveled up your new S+ card to level 15.

The other way to get an S+ Character is to complete the album collection. As you can see in the screenshot below, if you get these particular set of characters, you'd be able to unlock the S+ Character right away. Or, if you have enough money, you can also get the S+ Character by opening premium pack. Well, the last advice is a bit hard if not impossible. There's only a little chance to get this S+ card, even the chance are higher for you in getting S Card.

Oh, there's also a chance for you to get S+ Character when you're opening cube. The only setback (obviously) is that the cube has to be either diamond cube or ancient cube. Wooden or Silver definitely won't give you any S+ Character.


Best Pendant to Use

Actually there are no best pendants in Line Let's Get Rich. However, since we can equip up to 4 pendants, we have to choose our pendants carefully. What more important for me is using a pendant that brought luck and enhance the dice control.

The most favorite pendant that has been used by top rank players is Shining Top Racer’s Helmet. This pendant has an ability to increase dice control. As for me, I love using Eagle’s Toe Nail because it can bring us luck and also increase our starting money. There are several other pendants that also great for accompanying our game such as Traveler’s Compass and Lady Noo-Yim’s Phone. These two pendants make us draw a travelling invitation of the first fortune card.

The bottom line, is that you have to use as much pendant as possible that will bring you “extra” luck. That's the most important tips for choosing your pendants.


Best Characters to be Played with

Basically, each character has an ability that equally useful if we compare to each other’s. But, S+ cards always have more advantages since they are the highest class. Moreover, S+ character has a unique ability that works like pendants. This ability also enhanced when we enhance the card.

According to the ability stats, Tricia S+ has 6 out of 7 ability that above 50 of 100 points, which means more likely above average. However, if we compared those character’s unique abilities, I personally prefer an ability to neutralize opponent’s shield card. That ability is owned by S+ character Sheep Noo-Yim and S+ character Sally.


Use the Latest Dice

Usually (and most likely) the latest dice is the best dice to use. The latest dice and also the best one so far is Pearl Dice. Looking to its point, Pearl Dice has the highest ability point of all dices.

Best Maps to Play with

First of all, I personally think that maps is a personal preference. Perhaps someone would prefer playing in Space Map because of the black hole gameplay, or Indonesian Map because of the name of the cities.

For me, I personally think that Theme Park Map is the best one. I have some reasons that can back up my opinion. First, because unlike the other maps, Theme Park Map only needs us to acquire 4 places for winning Tourism Monopoly, where the other maps require 5 places.

Second, in Theme Park Map, every area only have two fields to aacquire. This also would increase the chance of winning Triple Monopoly. Third, Theme Park Map doesn't have Tax field, so we don't have to pay for anything else besides opponent’s property.


Please Share

If you're inspired by this article, please help us spread the word. Sharing our article could be a little thing for you, but it means the world for us.

CivCrafter - Tips and Tricks on Gaining Resources on Android/iOS

Naquatic is a California-based developer behind the wheels of 'minecraft with guns' Guncrafter. This April, they're introducing their latest game addition to their library called CivCrafter.

CivCrafter is at first a clicker game, but later on, the game's getting bigger and evolving deeper it can't be called a clicker game at all. CivCrafter keeps evolving as you spend more time with it.

But anyway, I'm not going to explain to you about how the game works, what's the features on it, etc. You can read all of those things in this amazing review of CivCrafter.

You Think it's a Clicker Game, no it's not

As for me, I'd like to tell you guys about what I love from this game.Although at first CivCrafter is just a simple '3 items on the screen ready to be tapped', the game grows as you're advancing through the game. The closest evolution is from tapping the resources, now you're starting to think about growing population.

Then, as you continue playing with the game, you won't be tapping and clicking the screen anymore. The game now turns into a more complicated resource management strategy. You're start to think about building some troops to defend your villages. However, troops can't be build with just some basic resources and basic gatherers, so now you're start to build special buildings.

This where the game starts to get more interesting. That's because you can't just assigning some random number of villagers, you need to count the number of villagers that you will assign. Each resources are complementing each other; for example, to be able to mine some metal, you'll need more villagers to get some ore. Ore is available when your villagers mining some stones. Thus, you need to assign more villagers in mining than the villagers in metal convertion station.

I love how this complementation works toward each elements inside the game. It makes the game somehow complicated yet bitable enough with casual gamers. In fact, the way resources work like what I've explained just now is just some small parts of the game. There are still lots of dependencies with other element rather than just resourcing in CivCrafter.



How to Gain Resource

So that's how resourcing works in CivCrafter. To put in another words, is that you need to balance your villagers assignment. If your villagers assignment are off balance, before you know, you're going to run out of resources. Once it happens, you won't be able to build anything. The problem is that if you already have lots of resources, you won't be able to notice if you're off balance. My tips is to put your eyes in your resource bar, once a resource is decreasing, you should balancing your assignment right away.

If you think balancing resources is impossible in CivCrafter, fear not! For I have some tips on how to balance your villagers assignment.

The basic as what we all know is that CivCrafter has these three basic resources, Food, Wood, and Stone. Coming to get these three are the villagers or what CivCrafter called them, the Gatherers. About how the gatherers work and how to build them, I'll explain perhaps at another post in near future. For now, let's focus on this resourcing thing.

Food is needed to bring in the Gatherers. Wood is needed usually for building purpose, especially in increasing resources stock limitation. It also serves purpose for building homes, special buildings, barracks, and so on. Stone is also needed for building purpose, but unlike Wood, Stone isn't needed for stock stuffs, it used more in heavy works like building barracks, special building, high end mansion.

Then there are also the so-called special resources. These special resources are what I've said about 'complementing each other'. These special resources are not a 1-to-1 scale; meaning that you need to assign certain amount of gatherers in order to get these special resources. There are also Special Gatherers that's working to convert special resources into a more special resources (these resources also not 1-to-1 scale).

From basic resource to special resource, here are the list:

  • Foods > Skins > Leathers
  • Woods > Herbs
  • Stones > Ores > Metals
  • Piety

This Piety is different from other resources. To generate Piety, you need to build special building called Temples. Once you assign special gatherers on this building, Piety will be generated automatically.


Building Wonders is not Impossible

In the late game of CivCrafter, you can build the Wonders. This building is the most difficult and the most time consuming one to build. Also, it eats up almost all your resources when you build it. So, I've put up some tips in order for you to get your wonders up and ready without worrying about your resources.

First thing, you need to prepare at least 3380 unassigned villagers. Then you assign them as follow:

  • 30 wonder workers
  • 50 smiths (turn ore to metal) and 50 tanners (turn skins to leathers)
  • 250 clerics (generate piety)
  • 1500 loggers and 1500 miners

Once you've done this, your wonder will start building without you have to worry about your resources. If you only have few extra workers, you can use this list and count it up yourself. You need to have at least 112 workers. Lesser than that you probably shouldn't add any wonder worker and focus on gaining more population.

  • 1 wonder worker
  • 9 clerics
  • 2 smiths and tanners
  • 50 loggers and miners

I'd like to remind you again that once you start to build wonders, all your resources will be eaten up. So please ensure yourself that you have enough workers to be assigned into all these resources I've mentioned to you. Also don't forget to always do some upgrade, it will help you to get some resources. Joining some clan could also be a great boost to resource as it will give you 20% boost.

How About the Other Tips?

If you're reading this tips until this line, I'd like to show you my deepest gratitude for you. I hope that I can help you with other tips, so feel free to contact me anytime to ask about any other tips of CivCrafter and I will post it right away.

Fujiko Pro's Doraemon Gadget Cat in Animoca Brands's Doraemon Gadget Rush

Besides cowboy comic, the other comic that I grew up with (and I'm pretty sure you know this character) is called Doraemon. Well since it's from Japan I probably should call it manga instead of comic. But anyway, Doraemon is one of my favorite manga all the time. Even until now I'm still re-reading some chapters from my old Doraemon manga.

Doraemon was created by the legendary duo that formed a team called Fujiko Fujio and published in December 1969. Since then, Doraemon has gained a huge fame and popularity until now, even after the original writer Hiroshi Fujimoto passed away. Animoca Brands won't let the magic of Doraemon disappeared. So under the english license of Fujiko Pro, Animoca Brands released another Doraemon game called Doraemon Gadget Rush.



In Doraemon Gadget Cat, Doraemon as we all know is a cat that has a pocket that contains many gadgets from the future. In Doraemon Gadget Rush, Doraemon Gadget Cat brings that pocket along while he's talking a walk. Unfortunately, some weird extra-terrestrial techno-thieves stole his futuristic gadgets. Their purpose is to study the civilisation and technology.

To bring back all the gadgets, Doraemon Gadget Cat sets up the adventure and bring all the friends along. Of course that would be including his best friend Nobita, Shizuka, Giant, and Suneo. Not only that, other characters like Sensei, Little G, Mom, Dad would be there to help Doraemon Gadget Cat too.

The game is pretty simple, you just have to match three tiles by swiping your finger along to create the line. If within certain time, you can match at least three tiles, seven times straight, you will be entering Fever time where you will get more point.

In those tiles, the characters that accompanying Doraemon Gadget Cat will also shows up inside the board. Of course, Doraemon Gadget Cat characters will also inside the board as well. You can bring up to 5 characters. For each character, you can equip them with a gadget. If you match more than 7 tiles of that particular character (for example 7 doraemon tiles), this gadget equipped on your character will be showing. This gadget will then act like a power up, like cleaning tiles around the gadget, or cleaning the board and create new tiles, and many more.



Things I Like

The mood sets up in Doraemon Gadget Rush is a light fun mood. Since Doraemon is created as a kids character, the mood is created to give fun and happy experience. Music in this particular area gives that mood inside the game. The background music is giving playful sound and the light blue colour scheme also gives bright and warm mood all over.

I also like the level design. Animoca Brands doesn't simply put a simple match-3 design than just use whatever there in the industry. In Doraemon Gadget Rush, the board will be changed without you can predict. Also as its name Gadget Rush, the rush will get to you as you want to get the Fever Time as soon as possible.

It also doesn't use the level progress but rather more into point progress. Each gadget will only be unlocked after you reach some certain point. But rest assured, the higher level you get, more point you'd be able to achieve.




First of all, as a fan of Doraemon Gadget Cat, the feeling of being able to play with Doraemon Gadget Cat, collecting all the gadgets and characters is already a good feeling. But on top of that, the game itself generally speaking of the quality. If you're a match-3 fan that happen to not hating Doraemon, download and play this game right away.

Get Rich Project: Build Your Own Paradise Islands - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

After a huge success in their previous games, Line Let’s Get Rich (our review), Net Marble is back again with another addictive games called GET RICH PROJECT. Released in December 11th, 2014, Get Rich Project is available on both iOS and Android platform. The only problem is that the game only available on some countries (yet). Hopefully, the developer will open its availability to other countries as soon as possible.

Get Rich Project is a social network simulation games. You will be assigned in inhabitant islands (yes, you will have more than one island) where you will develop it into your own tourist attraction. You can build lodging houses, leisures, shops, social buildings, and decorations. These buildings will beautify and attract tourists to spend their money in your island.


Things I Like

Get Rich Project introduces a pretty unique gameplay for a simulation game. Like many other social network simulation game, you will need to wait for certain time before you collect money from the buildings you have. In Get Rich Project, there are two different timespan, DAY and NIGHT. Every 2 hours, the timespan in the game will be switched. When the timespan switched, the game will have different situation.

On some building, you will get more profit in Day time, Volleyball Court for example. But in Day time, a concert attraction will gives small profit, it will gives more profit if you collect it in Night time.

This unique day and night timespan isn’t the only unique things available in this game. Every time you play, there are guests that kinda lost in your island. They will show a bubble to tell you which shop or attraction they want to go to. So you as the owner will need to send them to that place. Your good deed won’t be wasted, they will give you some coins after you send them. Moreover, there will be a chance that they drop some goodwill badge. Collect this and once you complete the collection, you can trade it with decorations, energy battery, and even buildings that unavailable via normal purchase.

Day and Night timespan also gives effect on this collection. It means you will only get certain goodwill badge on Day time. You won’t find it during Night time. On the other hand, there are some badges that only available on night time and not on the day time. There are also thief during the night time. If you don’t manage your social building well, the thief will steal all the coins from random buildings. You can only bite your finger once it happens.

As I’ve stated just now, this game is a social network game. So basically, you can’t do anything without friends. You can buy friends with the premium currency, but well what’s the point of playing social game without adding some unknown person and recognise them as your friends.

Luckily, the developer add some extra efforts to get you know each other well. They have Location-based friends so you can know who play Get Rich Project near you. You can also use Surfing to add your network friends. There are also search and Facebook feature to get you friend as much as possible.


Tips and Tricks

Even if this game is a freemium game, you can play Get Rich Project without spending any real money. The developers were kind enough for us to keep the balance of the game so that everyone will have the same experience. Even if you’re using real money, you will only speed up your gaming experience. Overall, without any real money spent, you can still enjoy the game. For you, I have some tips and tricks to get more coins and you won’t have to spend any money in this game.

  • Add Friends. This is the most important thing you need to do. You can use Surfing to add some random people as your friends. This is the most important thing in this game as everything will require the help of your friends.
  • Do quests. The next important thing is to do every quests available. Not because of the coins reward, but because of the experience reward. In Get Rich Project, the higher level you get, the more buildings you can build and the more coins you can produce.
  • Help the lost tourists. Goodwill badge that you collect will never goes astray. It will be useful for you, either now or later. So just trade the reward once you need it. There’s no need to rush the trade off. Your inventory is limited, so just trade when you really need it.
  • Visit Friends. Beside from helping tourists, Goodwill badge also given when you help your friends building. So make sure you tap those building of your friends everyday.
  • Expand wisely. As you gain level, you will be able to unlock more space in the island. My tips is to unlock the mainland first rather than useless sea or beach section as more buildings are required to be built in the land rather than in beach or sea.
  • Sell low-profit building. The higher level you are, the less space will available for you. So in order to open up more space while the expansion is still unavailable, sell low-profit buildings. There’s no need for you to have two balloon stand unless you need to complete a quest. For goodwill badge purpose, I keep one kind of every building.
  • Lodging doesn’t need road. Unlike other tourist attractions, lodging houses don’t need to be connected with the road. You can just put lodging houses anywhere you want. This will be effective to save space.
  • Fast supply products trick. There will be some quests where you need to re-supply your leisure/shop buildings several times. To do this quick, you can put your building into inventory. Tap EDIT then tap on your building, put it into inventory. Then, put the building back from your inventory and voila, you can re-supply your building again. Do it until you finish that quest. This trick only works on re-supply production, so it won’t work for getting coins.
  • Pirate attack tip. To make each attack faster, you can press the skip button in the right upper corner every time you attack other players. If the enemies only have one player, just skip it because you will win the battle for sure. This way you can continue to fight another opponent way much faster.
  • Prize Chest. Besides Pirate Chest, other chests must be opened with its particular key. So if you have Gold chest, make sure you have the Gold key as well. If not, the chest won’t be opened.


With their own innovation, Get Rich Project has claimed another success after Line’s Get Rich. It sure has their own fan base as it’s addictive enough to every social network gamers out there. Despite the crowded genre, Get Rich Project will be claiming its own crown in this area.

SimCity: Build It - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

I bet most of 90s kids have at least played once, a game called SimCity. It was the most famous simulation city building game that gained a really huge success during that time. Well, it was the old day when I played this game and acting like a god. I just sent typhoon attack or UFO attack across the city, then rebuilt the city again. Perhaps there are lots of story about playing experience from SimCity.

EA sure wants to repeat that success by creating a mobile version of SimCity. A few years ago, there was a port of SimCity 3000 called SimCity Deluxe. Apparently, it wasn’t around the store anymore although it was a good port overall. Today, EA wanted to repeat that success once again by releasing another mobile version of SimCity. This time they called it SimCity: Build It.

In SimCity: Build It, you can well, obviously, build a city of your own. You’ll have Residential, Commercial, Factory, and Services, just like what any SimCity games would have. There will be also government building, waste management, police and fire department, education and transportation, and many more building available to unlock along with the progress of your game. EA added more with free to play component. So you will find such thing like timer based construction, premium currency, and of course rare items.

Residential will be your source of income in this game. The more population you have, the more income (tax) you can get from them. To increase population, you need to upgrade the residential by crafting supplies from the commercial and factory building.

There are many services building available in this game along with the progress you made in the game. After you reach level 30, you can even build landmarks using golden keys. Golden Keys can be achieved every time you fulfill the requirement from the Cargo Ship. Cargo Ship will come and request 3 types of supplies. Fulfill those request and you can get one golden key.

 Pay attention to what residents want from you

Pay attention to what residents want from you

Things I Like

Like most SimCity games offer, SimCity Build It also do the same. They play beautiful instrumental songs! SimCity Build It also keeps me staying inside the game with their background songs. The background traffic sound also perfectly sync with the song creating beautiful ambience while playing the game.

3D graphics is one of the amazing features in this game that offered by EA. Skyscraper has rendered beautifully, especially in the night where all the lights come out. The surrounding condition like mountain or beach are also beautifully rendered, creating satisfying experience in playing the game.

I also love how SimCity Build It not trying to be another SimCity. I love their approach in designing a game that isn’t just another port, but designed specifically for mobile gamer. Keeping the feel of SimCity game, simplifying the gameplay, and adding features that only applicable for mobile gamer. This is a proof that EA really into this territory.

 It's a personal satisfaction to look at what your city can do in the night

It's a personal satisfaction to look at what your city can do in the night

Tips and Tricks

SimCity: Build It has many details inside the game. I’ll try to cover the detail for you through this tips and tricks.

  • Pay attention to the happiness of residents. If your residents are not happy, they will left your city and your tax income will also be reduced. Pay attention to exclamation mark beside service building. If the exclamation mark shows up, it means you have to build something for the residents. Just check out what is it that they need and make sure you have enough coins to build the service building.
  • Fulfill service offer. Sometimes there will be coins hanging around the service buildings. Tap on that and you will be offered to have your craft supplies bought. Accept their offer if you have the supplies. Otherwise, tap outside the bubble to close the offer and craft that supplies to fulfill those. It will get you some coins fast.
  • Tap bubble thought. Residents will sometimes show a bubble thought in their building. When you see this, tap on it. There’s a chance that you will get item for expanding your territory or expanding your storage capacity. This item is quite rare so tap on any bubble thought you find.
  • Increase storage. If you’re short on space for your storage, don’t be afraid to spend money and buy those rare items to expand your storage. Storage will come in handy later on in the game.
  • Sell rare items with maximum price. You will always be getting customer for your rare items. So don’t be afraid to put it on the highest price available. Don’t forget to advertise it too while it didn’t cost you anything.
  • Put commercial and factory away. These two building zones won’t need any service, so there’s no use to put these two zones near your residential building. Just put these away in the corner of your city with factory at the most corner of it. Factory will just decrease happiness of your residents, so you need to pay attention if the brown zone reaching your residents.
  • To reach 100% happiness, you might want to put City Hall near your residence state. Otherwise, you will only get to 99%.
  • The only way to get EXP is by building something. So if you run out zone to build, you might want to demolish one of your building and rebuild it again. In this way, you will still get some extra EXP.

 Put factory as far as possible so it won't affect the residents

Put factory as far as possible so it won't affect the residents


SimCity: Build It doesn’t try to be just another SimCity games. It wants to be a real mobile SimCity for any mobile simulation gamer out there. For me personally, it works and it works really well. I love how it turns out and despite its Free to Play system, the fun doesn’t diminish even one bit.

Chain Chronicle: Freemium Japanese RPG, FUN! - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

Japanese RPG has been well known for its game mechanic that always refreshed every time. Chain Chronicle from SEGA Networks together with gumi Asia Pte. Ltd., is not left behind. After only available in Japan since early last year, few days ago, Chain Chronicle finally available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia (with additional territories to follow).

Chain Chronicle is what you may guess from any RPG games, but add that with characters collectable cards, and combine that also with line defense features. All this combination create unique experience in playing the game, especially when doing battle.

We start with a team of one Knight, one Cleric, one Warrior, and one Archer. As the game progress, our collection will grow bigger as well. There are 150 characters, consist of Knights, Wizards, Clerics, Archers and Soldiers out there spread with different skills and tales.

Chain Chronicle has many city that can be visited. It offers hours of gameplay that comparable against any premium RPG games can offer. The better part? You can play it all for FREE!

 Choose your Line Defense Strategy, don't let any enemies passing through the last Line

Choose your Line Defense Strategy, don't let any enemies passing through the last Line

Things I Like

I like how the battle mechanic in this game. Line Defense with chibi cute graphics are really hard to ignore. The battle system itself is using 3x3 grid system where the characters are all standing inside that grid waiting for order. Chain Chronicle also comes with simple controls. You just need to drag your melee characters to the enemies in order to deal damage. As for range characters, you just swipe vertically inside the grid to order your character to shoot them up. The developer of this game called this feature, Tactical Real-Time Strategy Battles!

But if you’re too busy to play, you can enable the auto battle feature. This feature will automate the movement of the characters. So, they will attack the enemies on their own until the battle finished. The ugly part of this feature is that you will lose you control over the army partly. If they’re still attacking enemy, you won’t be able to order them doing something else.

Chain Chronicle also has huge characters list that can be recruited and play along in your army. You can recruit character using arcana coins for regular or prysma for premium character. Once you encounter a new character, a tale for that character will be unlocked and you can finish the story to get various rewards.

Chain Chronicle is like a love and hate story regarding the characters drawing. In a way, Japan’s Top Artists in anime, manga, and video game have been involved, so I don’t need to doubt the quality of the drawing. But for some parents, I don’t think this game will be suited enough for their little kids to play. The drawing style for me is a bit too adult for this matter.

 Chain Chronicle can be really cute and adult at the same time

Chain Chronicle can be really cute and adult at the same time

Tips and Tricks

Like many freemium games, Chain Chronicle also offering IAP for their premium currency. For those of you who don’t want to pay but want to get best experience out of it, I have some tips that you want to use while playing.

  • Daily Quest. This daily quest requires lots of energy to play (10 AP), but once you finish them off, it will reward you with fortune ring that can be exchanged with rare item. Please note that daily quests are quests that listed in the bottom list of Event Town. Daily Quest can be separated into two types, Rookie and Intermediate. Quests that are not included in these two types are not daily quests. Finishing those other quests won’t give you any Fortune Ring.
  • War Sale Quest. The other quests listed are called War Sale. These quests usually expired longer than daily quest. If you complete this quest, you will get rare weapon card. This weapon card will increase your character weapon level. I personally wouldn’t recommend you doing this quest until you’ve finished the whole story or having extra energy left.
  • Character Quest. Doing character quest that reward you with prysma is what you should be doing in the mean time. You should be prioritising this rather than doing daily or war sale quest, as this will give you with premium currency once you complete it. Also make sure you do the character quest for all your main team. You can check the place for your character quest by going to team screen, press info on your character card, and look for the quest position.
  • Draw arcana cards as much as you can. This trick will help your army to level up faster. This also good to ease up the battle so you won’t have to waste your energy for doing old battle just to get some exp for your army.
  • Fulfil all battle requirement. If you can do battle in short time with no casualties (no one dies), and end the battle with special skill, you can get 100% bonus gold (2x the gold reward).
  • Using auto battle and speed up. You can always use auto battle and 2x speed to shorten time. But in the last wave, when only one enemy left, make sure you turn off the speed up feature. This is to increase your timing accuracy to finish the battle with special skill.
  • Know when to turn off the auto battle. Auto Battle can be useful, but at the same time when the enemies are pushing you, auto battle can be a massacre for you. This is because you’ll lose control over your characters and the enemy can be sneak behind your left out line and score a goal. So make sure when the enemy pass through, turn down your speed first, then turn off the auto battle. Thus, you can regain control over your army

 Explore a huge world and enjoy hours of gameplay without any IAP needed

Explore a huge world and enjoy hours of gameplay without any IAP needed


Simply put, other than the “adult”-ish drawing that might not be suitable for certain age range, Chain Chronicle is a fantastic freemium JRPG. With a fresh battle system, generous story line, if it’s not because the energy limitation, you won’t be able to stop playing.

Castaway Paradise - Animal Crossing on iOS Games Review and Tips

This has been such a pleasure week for me. Especially because of the launch of this game, a life simulation game that has been greatly inspired with other life sim game such as The Sims, Harvest Moon, and especially 3DS Animal Crossing. Castaway Paradise launched this week and it can be counted as one of the top simulation game in this platform.

Castaway Paradise starts with us being stranded in an undeveloped island. The inhabitant there quickly told us that we’ve been given this island to take care of. There we are set our journey to make the island become our own paradise.

 In Castaway Paradise, you can fishing and collect your catch or sell them in shop

In Castaway Paradise, you can fishing and collect your catch or sell them in shop

Things I Like

Castaway Paradise has so many details inside the game that only once you play and experience all the features, you can know the depth of the game. For example, just for the harvesting alone, it has more than 11 seeds (counting up as you gain level) where each seeds has different type of price and treatment. It also has flowers to be planted, or some fruit trees.

You can also doing some fishing and hunting bugs in this game (inspired by Animal Crossing), but unlike Animal Crossing, we can’t play together with other players. But still, the fun of sneaking around to catch some bug and collecting them are all there.

The endless quests given by the inhabitant are also very helpful for me to not doing and running endlessly. They give me reason to play and keep playing with some cute items reward.

Like many other life simulation, I get to decorate the house. But Castaway Paradise doesn’t stop there. Not just the house, I can decorate the whole island the way you want. Put the flower here, put the tree there, dig here, dig there, you decide it!

There are still other awesome features left in this game, but my favorite part is the stock feature. In this feature, I get three stocks that will vary based on time. Later after the stock price rises, sell it and gain some coins. It adds even more fun in the game.

 Play stocks and gain some coins with it

Play stocks and gain some coins with it

Tips and Tricks

I have some playing tips to help you playing more effectively.

  1. Maximize Quest. You can only have maximum three quests at the same time. So make sure you always have three quests running to maximize your effectiveness in playing the game.
  2. Upgrade the watering can. Most of the quests are involving planting seeds, planting flowers, and planting trees. All of this type of quests are using the watering can. At first, your watering can will only able to watering the seeds 20 times. I'm telling you in the later game, this won't be enough. So upgrade your watering can while you can.
  3. Sell your unused items. Your bag is limited. In order to sell your unused items, you can always visit Polly in the outdoor and Samir or Marcel inside the Shop house for selling your unused items. Take note that the bag is limited only to different items. It means that if you have more than one apples in your bag, it still take one place in it.
  4. Buy only one tree seed. Tree always producing fruits and it can't be withered and not productive unless you cut the tree down. So if you want to plant trees, just take other tree fruit and plant using that fruit. You don't need to buy a seed unless you don't have the tree.
  5. Plant as much as you do before you level up. Level up will not only refill your tools durability/energy (you name it). It will also refresh all your countdown timer (plants, trees, and flowers timer). So make sure you plant seeds that you needed before you level up.
  6. Plan before Harvest. On seeds second evolution, you can already harvest it. But unlike the full evolution, it will only give you two yields instead of three. But comparing to the needs of the water, you might want to harvest some seed before it fully ripens.
  7. Used up all the energy before upgrading tools. When you upgrade the tools, the energy will be refilled just like when you level up. So make a wise decision before you decide to upgrade the tools.
  8. Stock maximum only 20x. Playing with the stocks is one way of getting coins. But you can only buy maximum 20 stocks and you can only buy once until you sell it. So make sure you always buy 20 stocks to maximize your profits.
  9. Save at the Bank. To make the use of your unused money, try to keep your money at the bank, they will give you some interest. You can find it inside the Town Hall beside the Stock agent.
  10. Speed up maximum only 40. Every time you complete the quests, there're some characters that will give you speed up boost. This boost however, only have 40 boosts capacity. So before you reach 40, use it first (use it for seeds, plants, whatever you want).
  11. Stack item in your house. When decorating the house, there are some items that stack with each other. This items are usually flower vase combined with a coffee table. But do this in order to save up some space for your other items.
  12. Use magnifying glass. You can use this feature to look the position of other characters in the map. You can also use this to search for some fishes and bugs. For fishes, you can search the black fish shaped shadow in the water, and for bugs you can look for small things that moving quite fast.
  13. Buy the Duster tool. Your house will be having a dirty web at first. To clean it, you can buy a duster tool in the catalogue. It will cost you 5 golds. So make sure you left some gold for purchasing this duster tool.

 Use magnifying glass to get the position of the inhabitants as well as the bug and fish position

Use magnifying glass to get the position of the inhabitants as well as the bug and fish position

I also collect some information about the seeds, how much water you need per evolving and how much coins it will reward you with.

  • Tomato 7x (1st) 7x (2nd) 7x (3rd) 20
  • Corn 1x (1st) 1x (2nd) 1x (3rd) 10
  • Carrot 1x (1st) 2x (2nd) 2x (3rd) 500
  • Lavender 1x (1st) 2x (2nd) 3x (3rd) 100
  • Artichoke 1x (1st) 4x (2nd) 90
  • Pumpkin 2x (1st) 2x (2nd) 30
  • Cabbage 4x (1st) 5x (2nd) 3x (3rd) 100
  • Broccoli 1x (1st) 2x (2nd) 2x (3rd) 180
  • Leek 4x (1st) 2x (2nd) 650
  • Eggplant 1x (1st) 1x (2nd) 300
  • Chili pepper 2x (1st) after using 3 chili peppers it will be merged into one chili 1x 200
  • Cauliflower 3x (1st) 3x (2nd) 3x (3rd) 250

I also collect the name that I can found in the game. I did this because sometimes the quest are asking you to deliver the item to some characters. You'll have to run around the island to find these characters, so hopefully you will find my list useful.

Name list

  • Outside: Viktoria, Francis, Amelia, Gustave, Polly, Angus
  • Town hall: Sandy, Ramona, Gordon
  • Shop: Samir, Marcel, Hannibal
  • Museum: Harold

 Decide on which plant need to be harvested now or wait until it fully evolved.

Decide on which plant need to be harvested now or wait until it fully evolved.


Castaway Paradise is a Life Simulation game that you can imagine (minus the need of eating, sleeping and bladder needs). It thinks everything about a life in an island. If you think you might love a simulation game, you definitely got to download the game.

Castaway Paradise 5 Modern Jamming Oct 19, 2014

The Flinstones: Bring Back Bedrock - YABBA DABBA DOO iOS Game Review & Tips

There have been such a quite generous cartoon shows that being ported in our devices lately. After Spongebob Squarepants, Family Guy, and also The Simpsons that has their own simulation games, now it’s the time for the YABBA DABBA DOO Fred Flintstone.

We are playing as Fred Flinstone that wants to bring back the Bedrock. Because of the ‘weird purple’ meteorite attack, whole Bedrock is messed up and even Fred’s house is being destroyed. All his friends and even Wilma are scattered and leave Fred alone. Now he wants to bring back the Bedrock to its oldself, including his house and his life.

Like many other simulation games, we’ve been given a set of mission that act like the story of the game. The missions are also fun and involving Fred with all the well-known characters in the TV series. It’s including things like Fred arguing with Barney, or Wilma preparing meal for the family and still many more.

For the currency, the game uses Golds, Clams, and Rocks. Golds are the premium currency where you can have premium gizmosaurs, speeds up job timer and other things that can’t be bought with the clams. Clams is the ‘normal’ currency to buy things like buildings, items, gizmosaur, decorations and other ‘household’ stuffs from the series.

Rocks is other currencies that being introduced in the game. This currency is needed for recovering other buildings that has been destroyed by the meteorite.

The game is separated in two different modes that both has their own activity. If we want to see the activity between the flintstones, we go inside the House. On the other hand, Bedrock City mode will produce clams and rocks that can be claimed after certain period of time from the building there.

 Every episode contains conversation between characters of the Flinstone

Every episode contains conversation between characters of the Flinstone

Things I Like

Just like many other TV series simulation game, I like how the game kept the originality feeling of the TV series. I can feel that the game wants me to feel how to live in Bedrock together with the family.

The episodes in the game are also fascinating as a story. It’s like the game is driving us slowly to get a hand about the effect of the meteorites hitting Bedrock. The episodes tell us about what will happen and what Fred should do to recovers all the damage made by the meteorite.

The game also offers many varieties of items that can be purchased from the shop. Things like gizmosaurs to help with the daily life of the Flinstones, Decorations for beautify the home, Living room items, Kitchen items, Bedroom items, Bathroom items, kid’s room, garden items, Modernity, and Hobbies. All of them makes the game richer in features and possibilities to expand Fred’s house and your in-game experiences.

I also love the intuitive design in a smaller phone like mine. It doesn’t feel too small in our hand. While indeed the game will be more beautiful played in the iPad, this version has already done enough for me to get the whole feeling of the game and the story.

 We have to rebuild Fred's house that has been destroyed by Meteorites

We have to rebuild Fred's house that has been destroyed by Meteorites


After playing this game for some days, I come up with some tips to make you play the game more efficient and gather more gold and clams easily.

  1. Take note on Interactive items. In the shop, there are some items that tagged with Interactive banner. Items that tagged with this banner can interact with the characters from the game. It also means that you can get clams from this items.
  2. Make sure you left the game with all the characters busy. Before you do your work or anything else, make sure that all the characters and items are being used. Make sure there are no characters that walking around and no items have a “Zzz” on it.
  3. Do missions first before assigning work to the characters. I told you to ensure that all characters are busy. But make sure that missions come first before making the character busy. Make sure that you have assigned task to the characters based on the missions. Then afterwards you can put task on other gizmosaurs and characters that don’t involve in any of the missions.
  4. Complete all Episodes. The easiest thing to get clams is to finish all the missions. It includes the story missions and also some side missions that attached to the characters/gizmosaurs in the game. Just pay attention if the gizmo/char is thinking about anything. It means that it has some missions for you.
  5. Build workers in the city. We need to be more effective with this game. Some way to do that is to go to shop and buy some extra workers to get more clams and exp from it. Workers work exactly like the gizmosaurs in the house. The only difference from it is that these workers work in the city.
  6. Log in to Facebook. Connect your facebook with the game to get an easy 50 gold.
  7. Add more neighbors. After you connect your facebook, you’ll get some of your friends that play the game. Visit their house and collect some clams.
  8. Claim Achievements. After you play this game for a while, you’ll get some achievements. Claim those achievements in the city and you’ll get some golds. Just make sure you check the requirement and complete it.
  9. Collect stone every few hours. You get 500 stone each time, and it’s the better option than having Fred go to work there. Instead, use him for interactions and getting clams.
  10. Check gold rewards for purchasing premium items. There are some missions that only available in a short time. They usually give a decent gold reward, but you would have to purchase the premium item first. So make sure that the item that you buy and the reward is worth the price. Otherwise, just leave the offers out.
  11. Check for mystery bird. Sometimes there will be some crazy question mark bird that shows up and rewarding you with some rewards. The bird also appear in some weird places, so make sure you look for this bird every time you login to the game.
  12. Video ads and complete offers. The game also offers video to give you some extra free gold, just like usual freemium game would offer. So if you have enough patience, just watch this video and get some free gold.

 Bedrock City condition after being rained with meteorites

Bedrock City condition after being rained with meteorites


Any Flinstones fans would definitely enjoy this game as it has a pretty balance and unique gameplay. It also has that rocky taste that any Flinstones fans would certainly satisfied with. If you have some free time, you might want to spend it with this game.

The Flinstones 4 Modern Jamming Oct 11, 2014

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team: Manage, Bid, Sell, and Play - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

I’ve been in love with soccer since my young age. My first experience of watching a soccer game was a match of AC Milan. At that time, they still had Oliver Bierhoff, George Weah, and even Paolo Maldini, when they were still at their golden age.

Well, it was a long time ago, and this time I want to introduce (if you haven’t known this game) you another football simulation game. Fifa 15: Ultimate Team is the latest installment from Into the Game EA Sports.

You will play as the owner of a Football Club that wants to have the ultimate football team in the world. To do that, you’ll have to get as many coins as possible to gather players you've been dreaming about playing together.

There are some packs offered in this game to give you a chance to get some players that you might need. It categorized into Bronze, Silver, and Gold for card rarity. Premium and non-Premium categories for even rarer cards.

These packs will contain everything you need to create your ultimate team. Players, Coach, Stadium, Contracts, Skill/Fitness booster, Team Badge, and even Team kit. This means you can have a Barcelona team kit playing under Real Madrid badge in Old Trafford stadium, with Josep Guardiola as the Coach.

To get the packs you will need some coins. The coins are given by playing the game. There are very wide varieties of the game mode. Starting from quick play with any club that you want to fight against, some tournaments with a very hard requirement, until a real match that is happening in the real life.

The match playing system also created to satisfaction. Although the players looked a bit too small on my iPhone screen, the game control is really well done. I don’t have any difficulties playing this game on small screen. But even if you still find some difficulties playing in small screen, there’s a Simulation Mode that plays the game with just text and text and text and text.

 in Fifa 15, you'd be able to review your goal and share it via Facebook

in Fifa 15, you'd be able to review your goal and share it via Facebook

Things I Like

I like the chemistry features in the game. In Fifa 15, Chemistry plays quite important parts in the game as it will boost/reduce players performance depend on their chemistry with the team. The chemistry itselves calculated based on players country, club, and league where they play on. So when players play side by side with their colleagues (same nation, club, or league), they will be working together better and you’ll get a better results when playing.

I also love the consumable items. It makes the game felt more real as if we really are owners of a football club. The consumable items are divided into several kinds, Contracts, Fitness, Healing, Player Training, Position, Chemistry Style and many more. Contracts play as one of the important items in this category. Each player is bound with contracts, and everytime you play using that player, the contract will be reduced its duration. The difference from the real football game is that if you don’t use the player, the contract won’t be reduced.

Auction are one of the best features in this game. In auction mode, you’ll be able to bid players, staffs, club items or consumable items. You can also get lots of coins from this mode, so far this is my gold mine in the game. After this section I will give you some tips about playing in the auction mode.

 Opening a Premium Gold Players Pack will give you chance to get a well-known players

Opening a Premium Gold Players Pack will give you chance to get a well-known players


Some of my tips that you might find useful to get coins in ordinary way.

  1. Play in a Tourney. Playing in tournament is proven to give lots of money. But, once you finished the tournament you can’t repeat the tournament anymore. The only tournament that can be repeated is the Team of the Week tourney, but the requirement would be pretty difficult.
  2. Buy Gold Players Pack. Like I've said, there’re many variations of the packs. Make sure you know what you buy. Any golden pack doesn’t guarantee you a gold player. It can sometime be a gold stadium or team kit. So if you want to get a gold player from the pack, you need to make sure you’re buying a gold players pack, not other gold pack.
  3. Search by Position. The more you play the player on their best position, the better result you’d get. But if you don’t have the player in that position, you can always use a player that is closest in that position. For example, if you don’t have a RM player, you can always use CM, CAM, CDM, or RW in that position.
  4. Use Simulation Mode. Playing every matches can be fun, but if you want to save some time while you’re working on something else, you might want to consider using the simulation mode. This mode will still give you almost the same amount of coins but save you lots of time.
  5. Chemistry is everything. Even in simulation mode, chemistry holds a great role in deciding the outcome of the game. Make sure you put your players from either the same country, club, or league to get the best of your player.

 With the right composition and chemistry, winning a game is a lot easier

With the right composition and chemistry, winning a game is a lot easier

Now to get more coins, you might want to use this tips as this trick has helped me a lot in getting some coins.

  1. Use Auction. First of all, auction is the best place to get more coins. Auction will allow you to bid players, staffs, consumable items.
  2. Buy Cheap. Sell High. Just like economic principal, get as many profits as you can with as low expenses as you can. This also goes with auction in Fifa 15. Only buy cheap players/items and sell it with high price. To know if this player can be considered cheap, make sure you check out their market price, usually for gold players, 500 coins can still be considered cheap.
  3. Buy Contracts as a Starter. For getting maximum profit as fast as possible, start with auctioning contract. The reason is because lots of people need contract to keep their favorite player around. This way you can buy cheap contracts, then sell it to the market. My price usually around 250-400 then sell it around 700-950.
  4. Buy Manager Contracts. Manager contracts also become quite expensive in the market, so if you find one that is cheap (around 200-450), buy it. And after you get it, sell it again to the market.
  5. Buy Gold players. Now, after auctioning around contracts, you might want to expand your market in gold players. Certain gold players are less favorable than the other, so make sure you experience this by buying some cheap player at once. Then try to sell it with pretty cheap price. The one that sold faster, use that player to start your coins mine.
  6. Buy Premium Gold players. Most favourite players in this game are of course the premium gold players. All the famous football star are considered a premium gold players. If you can buy this at pretty cheap price (below 1000 coins), you can get a huge profit margin selling this players in the market.

 Don't stop bidding until you run out of coins, but make sure you only bid the cheap card

Don't stop bidding until you run out of coins, but make sure you only bid the cheap card


I can’t remember when the last time I log in to a football simulation game not to play matches, but to check if my player has been sold to the market. Perhaps this game is one of the best football simulation game that I’ve ever played with. This game is so realistic I can call this the ultimate football game that you need and have to try!

Fifa 15: Ultimate Team 5 Modern Jamming Oct 11, 2014