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List of Transistor Combinations for iOS (Tips and Guide)

List of Transistor Combinations for iOS (Tips and Guide)

Everyone that've played Bastion in iOS will all agree that Bastion is, one of the best isometric game that you'll find in this community. From its gameplay, graphics, sound, even the story are all top notch.

That's why, when Supergiant Games announced their second game in 2013, and then released it on 2014, the expectation were raised really high. After 600,000+ copies sold until 2015, Supergiant Games finally released their second game into iOS. The game brings the same isometric point of view and using Role-playing Action/Adventure as its genre. It's entitled as Transistor.

Transistor tells a story about Red, a 'once' famous singer in a city called Cloudbank. During the game, Red will be trying to recover her voice that was lost mysteriously, as well as trying to defeat some robotic forces called the Process.

During her adventure, Red will be accompanied by a glowing greatsword called as Transistor, the only voice that you'll be hearing throughout most of the game. As it turns out, the voice that's coming from the Transistor, is a self-consciousness of a man that was killed by the sword. The sword also has a unique ability. It can absorb the soul of someone who have died and make their ability as its power, or as Supergiant Games call it, the function().

Through the game, the story will reveal more about Red's relationship with the Transistor. There will also be some explanation behind the appearance of Process, who are the culprits behind these aggresive robots.

Marvel Future Fight: Marvel Universe RPG - iOS/Android Game Tips and Tricks

Marvel Future Fight: Marvel Universe RPG - iOS/Android Game Tips and Tricks

Hey there fellow Avengers. I’m pretty sure you all have watched the last movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s a fantastic movie, if any of you come to this article and haven’t watched the movie, I’d totally recommend you this movie. It’s awesome!

Anyway, I won’t be talking about the movie here. I want to talk about NetMarble’s latest game. You all might have known NetMarble from their monopoly game collaboration with Line called Let’s Get Rich. It’s a worldwide company that has office throughout the world, from US to South East Asia country like Indonesia.

Now NetMarble, form a collaboration with Marvel, has launched an action-RPG F2P genre with all of Marvel Universe iconic heroes called Marvel Future FightThe purpose of me writing this, is not to promote the greatness of Marvel Future Fight. I believe that since its a free to play game, only with its screenshot and a couple of review like this can be convincing enough to download the game.