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Runestone Keeper - A Permadeath Roguelike Game Review and Beginner Guide for iOS and Android

Runestone Keeper - A Permadeath Roguelike Game Review and Beginner Guide for iOS and Android

Why does playing game that has no limit is so addictive to some people? For me personally, it's because the endless challenge offered by the game. It seems that when I'm playing an endless game, I'm challenging something that literally impossible, but always interesting to be played with.

Endless games however, is a category that's a bit sensitive to most hardcore gamers. I don't know about you obviously but all hardcore gamers that I've known, would prefer games that has clear ending, not just aiming high score and just doing something repetitively.

Roguelike game, despite in many way, can also be categorized into this endless game category, but with different weight in terms of its gameplay. The genre that's also a sub-genre of Role-Playing Games, isn't just you simply running aimlessly bragging about score, it's about how you plan your next game session. It's entirely in a different weight.

Speaking of the history of Roguelike game, most hardcore gamers would be familiar with the most famous tabletop role-playing game called Dungeon and Dragons. This fantasy game had more than 3 million players around the world just back in 1981, and by 2004, this game has reached more than 20 million people. In fact, games like D&D have influenced most Roguelike games that based on a high fantasy narrative.

There are some characteristics that separate roguelike games from other genre. Permanent Death of the player character, that is. Permadeath (the cool vocab for permanent death), according to Wikipedia, is a situation in which player characters that die are permanently dead and removed from the game and may no longer be used to play. It means when you're dead, you will have to restart the game all over again from scratch.

Back in 2013, a roguelike game entered iOS games platform, and successfully made this genre the new darling in the midst of various genre. Since then, a lot of high quality roguelike game have entered the platform, from friendly roguelike game like Sproggiwood to a more play-and-go game like 100 Rogues. All of them have different play styles and taste, but all with the same characteristics, the permadeath.

In 2015, another fantastic roguelike game with permadeath game mechanic is entering the mobile platform again. Originally designed for iOS platform, Blackfire Games from China, decided to release it first on PC to test the public interest for this game since roguelike genre wasn't that popular in China. The PC's release however, turns out great as they have successfully snatched 2014 UNITY AWARDS for Best Gameplay in China. Moreover, now there are more Chinese players that signed up for Steam because of this game.

This is Blackfire Games own roguelike version that has shaken China's gaming industry, Runestone Keeper.