Need for Speed: No Limits Game Review for iOS and Android (with Tips and Tricks)

Need for Speed: No Limits Game Review for iOS and Android (with Tips and Tricks)

If you're talking about racing games, Need for Speed isn't a game that you should miss out. It isn't appropriate to left out world's most successful racing series as well as one of the top ten most successful video game series from your list. Perhaps, if you want to talk about racing game but you haven't played any Need for Speed game before, you might want to go back to your console and start to play one.

The NFS series was released its first title back in 1994. All the series consist of racing cars, with some titles also involving police pursuits in race. Since 1999, from NFS: Hot Stakes, NFS series has integrated car body customization into gameplay. All those super pretty body kit with delicate huge rims and spoilers, all of it has started since 1999.

On the other hand, when we're talking about racing games specifically in mobile, Real Racing series has become one of the most critically acclaimed. With the first series coming out at 2009 and win a straight award. Not just with the first series, even their next series, Real Racing 2 and 3 also has won several awards, mostly because of their racing genre and their beautiful graphics. 

Just like how NFS goes really well in console platform, Real Racing has become one of the best racing game series in mobile platform. So when the developers behind these two amazing games joint hand to create a racing game together, Need for Speed: No Limits is born and it just like what you can expect from the men behind NFS and Real Racing series.