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Play PacMan Mobile with Pac-Man 256 in iOS and Android with Tips and Tricks

Play PacMan Mobile with Pac-Man 256 in iOS and Android with Tips and Tricks

It is basically the Pac-Man that we all know and loved, but with a touch of Crossy Road in it. You will be playing as the Pac-Man and will try to control it through a maze while eating pac-dots. Since it has a touch of Crossy Road in it, instead of changing level when you eat all the pac-dots, you will have an endless pac-dots in front of you.

You will still have the four colourful ghosts that's ready to chase and eat you. BlinkyPinkySpunkySueFunkyGlitchyInky, and Clyde have ready to welcome you. Unlike the old Pac-Man where there only be one unique Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde at a level, in Pac-Man 256, you will be encountering more than eight ghosts at the same time. Not only just the ghosts that will chase you. The glitch will also try to consume you, just like the eagle from Crossy Road. The different is that, you will have more time to pause and think before this glitch consumes your freedom.

Crossy Road: How to Unlock Secret Characters in iOS/Android


Along with latest Crossy Road's micro update, I've also played a bit to find out how to unlock the secret characters. From this UK update, I can unlock three more secret characters, Rugby Player, Michael Boom, and Jughead. Also for certain, you get some new characters that can be acquired from the gacha.


How to Unlock Jughead in Crossy Road?

To unlock Jughead, you have to be at first unlock Archie and use him. While you're hopping with Archie, look for a burger on the side of the road. When you hop into it, you will unlock the Jughead. However, you can just find one and unlock it. You need to hop into 50 burgers approximately as a requirement.


How to Unlock Michael Boom in Crossy Road?

Who doesn't know Michael Boom? He's the producer of the mega-blockbuster movies like The Transformex Series, Armoutgeddon, and many other boom-bastic movies.

So to unlock this guy, you can use any characters in Crossy Road, and while you're hopping, look for a green truck with rocket. Hit your characters into that truck and enjoy the explosive moment like all of Michael Boom's movies.


How to Unlock Rugby Player in Crossy Road?

I've read many forums that saying that this Rugby Player is the hardest character that they've ever tried to unlock. Unfortunately, it is the hardest character to unlock. I haven't been able to unlock this character, but from many resources, unlocking Rugby Player has something to do with acorn and small white rugby ball.

Some people said that you need 10+ acorns while other were saying that only 5+ acorns. Either way, you should find a small white rugby ball on the top of the tree, after you collect these acorns. Then, you should hit the tree first so that the ball will fall down.

Crossy Road is one of the game that I still put inside my games folder. The reason because Hipster Whale's Crossy Road is one of few games that keeps update its game with new characters.

Since my last 'how to get secret characters' post for Crossy Road, it has at least 4 updates that bring in cute unique characters, each with their own uniqueness that affect the environment.

Most of the characters in Crossy Road can be won via gacha. However, for certain characters, you need to do something in order to get them and these guys won't be available in the gacha lottery. Last time, I've put list on how to get Hipster Whale, Drop Bear, Ben Weatherhall, Andy Sum, and Matt Hall. Now I'll put some list on how to get the rest of unlockable characters.


How to Unlock Gifty in Crossy Road?

To unlock this cute little gift, you have to unlock Festive Chicken first. Festive Chicken itself is unlockable on Christmas theme. If you happen to have Festive Chicken on your characters list, you have probability to unlock this cute chicken.

Gifty is unlockable when you run between 70-100 points. You'll enter a large clearing. Continue hopping and when you find a giant Christmas tree, run up to it and the tree should explode with presents and coins. This where you will acquire your Gifty.

How to Unlock Crab in Crossy Road?

Crab is one of those unlockable characters from Australia Day theme. To unlock this character you can just use any Australian characters. Then in the lane, swipe to the left and right, so you're only moving sidewards not forwards or backwards. Be careful when doing this, because if you're cleaning your screen too much in one lane, the Eagle will come and scoop you away. I'm cleaning my screen about 5 times per lane, and then I move forward.

Once you have clean your screen enough, at the end of your run you will be rewarded with the Crab. If you don't receive anything when you die, it means you haven't cleaned your screen enough.

How to Unlock Cai Shen in Crossy Road?

Cai Shen is available after the CNY update. To get this Chinese spoken character, you have to play with Fortune Chicken. Then as you play, pick up the red envelopes (we call this kind of envelope as ang pao) that scattered as you run.

You need to accumulate a total of 21 red envelopes. So you don't need to finish this requirement in one run. You can run several times and pick up the red envelopes. Once you gather enough the red envelopes, you can get Cai Shen in your characters list.


How to Unlock Phone Box in Crossy Road?

As you may know, Phone Box is one of the iconic thing in UK and Ireland. It's also used as the time travelling machine from the famous TV shows Dr. Who; the only different is the color whereas Dr. Who's Tardis is in Blue, Crossy Road's Phone Box is in Red.

The way to obtain Phone Box is quite similar with the way to acquire Gifty. You need to use UK/Ireland characters and hop until you get score around 100 (or more), then you'll find a large grass and like always, you hop until you find Phone Box in the middle. After you find it, go near the Phone Box until it stops ringing and turns to a dial tone.


How to Unlock Nessy in Crossy Road?

Nessy works like Hipster Whale. The way to acquire this cute creature is also the same as acquiring Hipster Whale. To unlock Nessy, find Nessy randomly floating alongside the logs in the river. Just jump over Nessy's back and you can unlock Nessy after you die.

How to Unlock Leprechaun in Crossy Road?

Leprechaun is also available when you play using the UK/Ireland character. To unlock Leprechaun you got to look and pick up green clovers that dot the map. When you finally come across green clovers that slightly larger, that one will let you unlock the Leprechaun.


Want to Unlock More Characters?

The characters that I've mentioned are characters that can't be purchased via gacha. I also post other secret characters in my previous post, so you might want to look at that post if you can't find the characters you're looking for.

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Crossy Road: Tricks to get Secret Characters in iOS/Android

There aren't many games that can be considered great when we're talking about pick-up-and-play game. There are some great games like Stick Hero or Dumb Ways to Die, but that's it, most of great games are not a pick-up-and-play, it need our full attention.

Games that aren't pick-up-and-play can't be played while you're waiting in short line. Because once you left the game, you'll need to pickup where you left at the same pace. You can't just finish the game where you want, you'll need to spend some amount of time to finish what you started. This is where Hipster Whale wants to improve.

This is where Crossy Road comes in. In crossy road, you will have to (yes) cross the road to get as far as possible. This is an endless crossing game, and you just need to go there, defeat your friend score. Avoid hitting cars, trains, drowned into the river, or being swooped by eagle. I have some reasons why you should play this game.

  • Built for quick session. You only have one live, once you die it all reset to 0.
  • So many playable characters available. There are various characters available and all have their own unique voice and environment.
  • Easy to play, hard to master. It really do!
  • Conserve battery feature. Yes, it will reduce frame rate, but at the same time, you won't have to afraid of running out of battery while playing.
  • Game Center friends scores show up in the road. So your friends can see you once you beat their score.
  • Can be played in any orientation. Landscape or Portrait, one hand or two hands, you decide.
  • FREE!

Here's a 1 minute gameplay trailer that I've created for you.

Tips and Tricks [UPDATED]

I’ve published this post about 2 weeks ago, but until now, I still spent some of my free time playing this games. I figure out some of you might experience a similar experience with me. So, I decided to share some cheats (tips and tricks) that I’ve found while playing the game. Hopefully these cheats can increase your high score as well 😊

  • Be Patient. My first and most important tips for playing this game. I’m pretty sure you’ve all figured this out. But, even one step you’re impatient, you’ll be facing the consequences. So make sure you’ve thought your step two or three taps forward.
  • Find your 'Best' Character. In other words, use what character you think suits you the best. All the characters are actually have the same speed. What makes them different is the effect when they're hopping and the environment. This small little detail might/won't affect you, but for me, black sheep is my best shot for breaking the high score.
  • Master the Railroad. This is the easiest step to master. Before you cross the railroad, you just make sure that the red light isn’t blinking. If the red light is blinking it means the train will be crossing in any moment. You still have some millisecond to cross though.
  • Master the Water. Crossing the river is one of the hardest task in this game. The trick actually is in when you hop in a log. If your next log happens to flow in the same direction with your current log, hop quickly to the next one. Otherwise, wait a bit until you’re not far from the end of river, then hop to the other wood that flow reversely. So, during your hop, you need to be positioned in the middle of the screen.
  • Hipster Whale. It will be available for you on the river and it will be act like the log, if you saw one be sure to hop on that whale and you'll get the characters right away.

After those basic tips, the hardest part of playing this game is of course crossing the road. Crossing the road seems simple if it only involves two to three lanes in the road. But if it’s involving more than it, it should be a different challenge itself. I’m separating tips for crossing the road because it has different strategy when crossing more than three lanes.

  • Don’t be afraid to cross. Once you see two to three gaps available, tap and move up. You can always swipe in any direction to avoid the cars or trucks. You can even swipe backward if you don’t have any possible move to move backward.
  • Watch out for the Police Cars. Sometimes there will be some particular light, this is a sign of police car about to pass through. The speed of this car is as fast as train, so if you can’t pass through that lane in one tap, you better find a way to wait until the police car passing through.
  • Be fast but accurate. Make sure you have a fast tap ability to avoid heavy traffic. Aim for the green grass and before doing the fast tap, count your total tap first.
  • Pause a Hop Mid-Tap. During your crossing journey, you can stop your hop anytime by tap and hold the screen. My suggestion is when you arrive at the green area, tap and hold it so you won't be hopping over the road.

For secret characters, there are approximately six characters that can be unlocked inside the game. You won't be find any of these characters from the 100 coins gacha. I have found some way to unlock some of the secret characters and will keep you update if I find another secret characters.

  • Hipster Whale. Hipster Whale like I've said earlier in this article can be found in the stream. You will encounter Hipster Whale when you're crossing the river. Hop on this creature and you'll have the character in your character list.
  • Drop Bear. With the Australia update there are some iconic Australia characters that can be acquired from the gancha. You will know if the character is an Australian by their 'sandy' environment. Use this Australia character you will come across a tree with a cute blueberry colored bear. Hop to this tree and you will have Drop Bear on your list.

These three developer characters, you have to get a score that close enough with your current high score. The limit is 50. So for example, if your top score is 118, you have to earn 50, but if your top score is 218, you have to earn 168.

  • Ben Weatherhall. Use Dark Lord.
  • Andy Sum. Use Mallard.
  • Matt Hall. Use Lucky Cat.