The Magic Flute by Mozart: A Sliding Puzzle Game for iOS (with Tips and Tricks)

The Magic Flute by Mozart: A Sliding Puzzle Game for iOS (with Tips and Tricks)

Before I start talking about the game, let's talk about the origin of the title first. The Magic Flute or in its origin language, Die Zauberflöte, is an opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (taken from Wikipedia). This opera that includes both singing and spoken dialogue, was premiered back on September 30th, 1971 in Vienna.

Fast forward to 2013, in the same place as the original opera, Austria, a Japanese director of musical and operas, Amon Miyamoto, was positioned as the Stage Director of The Magic Flute at Landestheater Linz, Austria. He has a brilliant vision to change this opera story into a video game. This is where coincidentally, two of LabLike colleagues were there as the visual arts crew.

Everything was converted. From the costumes, set, until AR-style projections of virtual scenography, was designed to make the whole show feel like an actual game. The hero became a player, experiencing a magic-filled digital realm on the other side of the TV screen.

And, after opera bringing gamification at its core, LabLike feels that its about time to return the favor. LabLike team take this idea and retelling the opera story, The Magic Flute, squished it all into a game. That's including all the costumes, set, until the scenography. And so, The Magic Flute by Mozart was born.