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Punch Club: A Fighter's Tamagotchi for iOS and Android (with Guides, Tips and Tricks)

Punch Club: A Fighter's Tamagotchi for iOS and Android (with Guides, Tips and Tricks)

Simulation games have always been one of my favorite genre. A simulation game is a game where you will be simulating various activities from real life. At the early development of simulation game, the true purpose of it isn't actually for fun purpose but rather for real-life purpose such as training, analysis, or prediction. Most simulation games trying to tell the player about how they think a real situation from their game would happen.

But as time goes by, so does the evolution of simulation games. Now they're not just focusing on detail and real-life simulation, but also broaden its range to a more friendly, simple, and fun games. The history of simulation game is a bit blur. While many credits the notorious Sim City as the first simulation game, Coleco Vision claim themselves as the game that inspires Sim City.

Since the success of Sim City, simulation games is like the genre that would never dies. This genre always has its own fan base that would never fade away. Just like the time when I was a child, the time when Tamagotchi was first released in public, 20 years ago. It's like everybody feel responsible to raise a digital pet that's just as large as any keychain, and can be brought anywhere they go.

That's exactly the same concept that I thought when simulation games being brought into iPhone. It's like you have your own tamagotchi again, but this time, it's not just digital pet, you can even bring a street fighter everywhere you go and have him develops into a tough fighter.

Combining strategic decision and simulation together is what Lazy Bear Games wanted to present to the players. With these combinations in mind, along with the passion to bring back nostalgic feeling into modern game, Punch Club is born.