Play Viking Music Instruments in iOS with Viking Remix Madness

Play Viking Music Instruments in iOS with Viking Remix Madness

Music games always save some spots for my weekend. As a musician and a gamer, I can't help but love games that combine great gameplay with great music. However, rhythm game is an exception, all you need for a good rhythm game is not the gameplay, all you need is the music.

That's the reason why I completely lost myself with the latest game from Ferver Studios, called VRM or Viking Remix Madness. The game is completely simple. It's as simple as you only need to remember three things, tap, swipe, and triple tap. If you've remembered this, you're done with the rule of the game. 

Planet Quest: Beats Advanced Rhythm Game iOS Review

Beats advanced rhythm game has always been a fascinating type of game for me. I've been a loyal customer to many rhythm games; Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and also a once phenomenon game in my country Indonesia, AyoDance or Audition Online, or X-BEAT as it known in Japan. However, not many of those fascinating rhythmic games found a great success when they arrived at the mobile platform. Sure, games like Tap Tap Revenge the series has become a great success, but it's just in their early introduction. After a while, Tap Tap Revenge are not supported anymore in the AppStore because the lack of income they could produce.

Nevertheless, there are developers that still trying to create rhythmic game. In fact, some of those rhythmic games, despite not being that popular, are actually gaining a great feedback from the users. Groove Coaster and Cytus are just some of these fantastic rhythm games that really loved by the users (have been a great fan of Cytus since day one). British developer OutOfTheBit is also one of those developers that have created a fantastic rhythmic game. Their game is called Planet Quest, and I'm telling you, it's friggin' addictive.

planet quest - beats advanced rhythm game1.jpg

In Planet Quest, you're playing as an alien in a beats advanced rhythm game. As the cute green alien, you're standing in a UFO to abduct human that's wearing some weird animal costumes from a weird planets too. Tapping the screen will fire a ray beam to the planet, sucking up the human that touches the ray beam. You have three chances to miss in a row. Miss all of them and you're have to restart the game. Like what all beats advanced rhythm game should have, Planet Quest also equipped with fantastic soundtracks. It has eight different soundtracks accompanying your never ending journey in zapping some weird humans.

You get three hearts to start with your journey. During your journey, humans with animal costume will pop up and do some 'weird' dance from your target planet along with the music. You need to match the beat movement of the humans. Don't expect an easy beat though, the beat can be very tricky and surprising, from a simple 1/4 beat into a very difficult 1/32, they even have a song that need us to tap a 1/64 beat. Don't worry though, Planet Quest was designed with a fun and balance learning curve. So the more you play the game, the more fluent you'd be able to play. The trailer below will explain to you how much fun the game could offer.

Be careful, it's hard to put this down

As a musician, what I truly love from all rhythm games is its soundtrack. Planet Quest also nails the music with all those catchy soundtrack that goes really well with the game. Not only that, the tricky change of tempo keeps surprising me and of course entertaining every time I play the game. Moreover, even if you're playing with the same music, you still can't really guess when will the tricky tempo come. The genres are also variative, so it doesn't just offer a trance genre. It also have some reggae music, it even have this hard rock genre ready to entertain you with so many creative tempo.

planet quest - beats advanced rhythm game9.jpg

The other thing that I love about Planet Quest is the camera placement. As if it doesn't enough with only great music, guys from OutOfTheBit adding more experience by zooming in and out the camera. This technique creates a more dynamic feeling. It also creates this sort of dynamic replayability value even if you're playing with the same music. However, I should remind you that this game uses a lot of quick flashing lights in some levels. So please be careful if you're sensitive to this kind of thing.

I also love the extra details put inside the game. For example, when you're not zapping the humans perfectly, the humans won't be abducted and only its costume that was abducted. Other details like when you're so into the game, it would be very understandable for not being able to know how many life you have know. So there's this 'red' cue to let you know if you're in trouble and need to fix your accuration. Oh, and not to mention the funny dance that the humans do before they abducted.

planet quest - beats advanced rhythm game3.jpg

It's FREE!

Planet Quest is a beautiful, weird, awesome, and catchy beat advanced rhythm music game for mobile. Its weirdness and all of the details only make Planet Quest even more interesting in their own world. I must warn for all of you who are sensitive to quick flashing lights, be careful as it may hurts your head. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this fantastic weird game for all rhythmic music fan.

Planet Quest 4.5 Modern Jamming Apr 03, 2015