Shop Heroes - Guide to become the best Shopkeeper in Equipment Business MMORPG for Android and iPhone

Shop Heroes - Guide to become the best Shopkeeper in Equipment Business MMORPG for Android and iPhone

During their early years, MMORPGs aren't as acceptable as today. It gained acceptance in the late 1980s and early 1990s when MMORPGs were starting to use graphical interface. This genre was pioneered by the likes of GemStone series and the first MMORPG to display graphics, Neverwinter Nights.

Time flies, and as we know, MMORPG has became one of the most popular genre with World of Warcraft dominates the market, 8-9 million monthly subscribers worldwide. The internet has dominated the world, and so does MMORPGs.

Nowadays, MMO games have reached another level of evolution again. With mobile devices coming with more and more advanced graphics quality, MMORPG also have put some of their fine games inside. Our next game, is somewhat an MMORPG combined with many fun elements.

This is a game developed by Cloudcade that first released on Facebook, and then on iTunes and Google Play. It combines your ordinary MMORPG with some simulation management game and business. It is an 'everywhere you can play' kind of game, it's free-to-play and it's called Shop Heroes.

Wizards and Wagons - Hero's Adventure Never This Entrepreneurial Before (iOS Game Review and Tips)

Wizards and Wagons - Hero's Adventure Never This Entrepreneurial Before (iOS Game Review and Tips)

Have you ever thought what will happen to all the heroes after they've beaten the bad guys? You certainly will think that they will be enjoying a prosperous life with lots of money on their pocket right?

Well, Touch Dimensions offers a different point of view to the aftermath life of a hero. Touch Dimensions has been known previously for their more traditional strategy games through their games like Autumn Dynasty Warlords.

This time, Touch Dimensions is expanding their genre into the simulation genre. Go from bankrupt hero to successful entrepreneur in this fantasy trading game called Wizards and Wagons.

Play Sim City Zombie with Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville in iOS and Android

Play Sim City Zombie with Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville in iOS and Android

Have you ever imagined managing a city with zombies just at the sight of the corner, ready to decimate your population in a blink of eyes? I think it was in 2011 if I'm not mistaken, the time when I was playing with an exciting zombie surviving management called Rebuild. Now after 3 years and several delaysSarah Northway, the creator of Rebuild has released the third version of Rebuild series, and its called, Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville.

Play Firefighting Simulator in Rescue: Heroes in Action for iOS & Android

Play Firefighting Simulator in Rescue: Heroes in Action for iOS & Android

Most of us might only think that heroes, are the one who win the war for us, are the one who won the noble prize. The one who defeat the bad guys, the villains. However, do we all know that there are still many other forms of nobility instead of just inventing something life-changing or killing the bad guys?

Long ago, even before Peter Stuyvesant appointed four men as the fire wardens in New Amsterdam (now New York). Even before George Washington became a volunteer firefighter in 1774. Fire has always been a potential incident for humanity. History noted that in 587 BC, fire was one of the cause of the Temple and city of Jerusalem's destruction.

Since then, there are more and more incident that caused by this supposedly friendly and beautiful red combustion material. That's why, there are always reasons, why every states in every countries in this world have their own firefighting department. 

In Germany, the city fire department is called German fire brigades or Feuerwehr. There are about 24,000 volunteer fire brigades or Freiwillige Feuerwehr, which is required by the laws to be built in each village, even the smallest.

Bringing up the motto, "Save lives. Anytime. Anywhere.", German games publisher, Rondomedia, tried to give you a unique, first-hand glimpse into the dangerous and challenging daily business of an urban fire department. After the successful launch of the firefighting simulator in PC and Mac called Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes, Rondomedia along with the developer Fragment Production brought in RESCUE: Heroes in Action to mobile platforms.

Complete Guide for Playing Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android including Tips and Tricks

Complete Guide for Playing Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android including Tips and Tricks

One of the best surprises that happened during E3 2015 was Bethesda’s press event. Oh by the way, Bethesda Softworks is the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, for you who don’t know. At E3 2015, at least for me, the best part of Bethesda announcement is not their amazing games lineup, but the fact that they’ve finally made the decision to join mobile community.

Still in E3 2015, Bethesda announced two games developed exclusively for mobile which means the games aren’t just a companion for the console game and can be played separately. The first one will be coming soon to iPad and is using card trading mechanism. The other one is a casual spin-off version of Bethesda’s upcoming game, Fallout 4, and it’s called Fallout Shelter.

Why is it called as casual spin-off? That’s because Fallout Shelter is giving us sort of the general, overall overview, of the Fallout series. Anyway, for those of you who don’t anything about Fallout series, Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games. The story is about the Vault Dweller who leave/doing mission outside the Vault, in the Wasteland. The vault here is like a safe house for the survivor of the apocalyptic world.

Fallout Shelter itself is not the only spin-off that’ve ever been done by Bethesda Softworks. Beside Fallout Shelter, there are also two other spin-off games. In 2001, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel takes on turn-based combat, and in 2004, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel takes on action role-playing game.

Pre-Civilization Marble Age - iOS Game Review & Tips

Strategy games isn't really my thing. During my entire life, I can still count the number of strategy games that I've played with fingers in my hands. The reason why I haven't played that much is because the amount of time I need to spend in one game. I'm afraid that once I start playing, there's an urge to spend some amount of time just to finish one campaign. Mainly, it's not because of the gameplay, but the amount of time I need to spend.

That's why when strategy games came into mobile devices, it totally changed my perspective of strategy games. From spending hours to sit and play, now I can just grab my device and play as I go. With this mobility, my strategy games list have now increased bit by bits. Now I can play hardcore strategy game like Sid Meier's Civilization, or perhaps playing other kind of strategy games, TD games for example. All of this while waiting for laundry, waiting for grocery line, and many more.

So now that I've finally opened myself to strategy games, I found this game created by Clarus Victoria. Clarus Victoria is a two indie-developers, a great fans of strategy games and history. With these passions, Clarus Victoria have created a historical strategy game called Pre-Civilization Bronze Age. Now they're back again with the more improvised version and more advanced history, it's called Pre-Civilization Marble Age.


Pre-Civilization Marble Age is a turn-based historical strategy game between 3000 BC to 1000 AD. You started with a small village in the ancient Greece. With this small village, you have to manage resources using workers and slaves. Resources that are available in Pre-Civilization Marble Age are Food, Gold, Production, Culture, Ships, Troops, and of course your people. With all these guys, you need to constantly find best combination for your current situation.

As your village grows, you can also explore surrounding areas, colonize empty area, build relationships with other countries, gain trust from them, trading goods. Perhaps if you get bored with peaceful thing, you can also declare war with some country that you hate. As long as you have enough troops, you can conquer the world the hard way.

As I've also stated above, Clarius Victoria is a developer that beside passionate in strategy games also in historical events. In Pre-Civilization Marble Age, you can expect actual historical events happening as you advance throughout the game. If you're into historical events, you should be familiar with events like Invasion of Dorians, Persians, even Alexander the Great's conquest. Maybe, if you're not, you would still be familiar with the famous Battle of Thermopylae led by King Leonidas of Sparta. Yep, you guess it right, it's the battle of 300 against the army of the Persians.


Things I Like

I love the depth of this game. For me, Pre-Civilization Marble Age isn't just a simple mobile strategy game. It has hours of playtime offered to the buyer of the game. From 3000 BC to 1000 AD, it has approximately 4000 turns for you to play with. Not mentioning, if you fail to reach certain objectives, your village will fail you and you need to restart the game from the beginning.

The historical events are also give the game a really different experience altogether. In one moment, you can feel peacefulness in your village. The next year, a famine will come and ruin your peaceful village. Production will go down, all your slaves and workers would be dying because of the famine. The options to choose what to do when your village being threatened by other countries also make us to count every step that we're going to take. You could just surrender, or you choose to gain strength from your allies and fight them head on.

With all these events, you can't just play it safely. Especially when a disaster comes in and when it hasn't over, Persian's armies coming to threatened your village. All of these stuffs would make your head spins around to search for the best solution.


Tips and Tricks

After playing and failing so many times, I found out that you won't just win it with no knowledge. You need to know what invasion will happen and preparation you should do to prevent it happen. So I've listed the invasions that would happen during the game and hopefully could help you survive.

Dorian Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Complete the Unification of Attic (get 150 population). * Conclude Alliance with Sparta * Begin to train warriors.

Persian Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Build Walls and Gymnasium. * Train at least 100 warriors * Do not attack Greek cities and retrain Generals to Envoys.

Alexander the Great

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Complete the Era of Diplomacy. (Conclude 3 Alliances) * Save up at least 30К gold for the Conquest * Send slaves only if you reached the maximum population. * Increase success chance to 100%.

Roman menace

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Refrain from the war with Rome as long as possible * Build Moat, Drill square and at least 3К warriors. * Conclude at least 4 Alliances.


Scythian Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Build Colossus to keep your gold income on high level. * Bribe Scythians to decrease their forces to 1.5M and less. * Build up your army+allied defense to 1.5М+. * Complete the mission - The Classical Era.


Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Remember, first Christians were Banned and Persecuted. * When people will be interested in Christianity, Recognize the religion. * Do not change the religion if you not 100% sure about consequences.

Huns Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Do not unite the Greece before the Hun’s attack. * Bribe Huns to decrease their army to 5М and less. * Conclude Alliances and build up army. Strengthen the city, pray, build up defense to 5M+.

Justinian Plague

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Lock the city. * Close the buildings if the plague is very strong. * Evacuate everyone you can. * Place the sick people in quarantine at least once.

Arabs Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Decrease chance of raids to 0%. * Using the event, weaken the Arabs with culture and trade reforms, at the same time strengthen the defenses and prepare for the main battle!



Pre-Civilization Marble Age is an extremely complicated and deep in game design. It's not everybody games. But if you're into this kind of deep strategical game, I'd recommend you this game. Pre-Civilization Marble Age can even be counted as a cheap game when we're talking about features.

Prison Life RPG - Prison Life Simulator

Some time during my college study, me and my classmates were all addicted to Fox award winning TV series called Prison Break. We were all anticipating every time when a new episode came out, guessing what the prison life story that would be revealed. Anyway, for those who don't know anything about this TV Series, I'd recommend you watching the first and second season of the series. I personally think it's the best TV Series about prison life and breaking out of a prison.

Now back to our game. In this game, like Scofield and all the Prison Break casts, we're becoming an inmate. A person whose sentenced to stay and have a prison life for the crime we have committed. The game itself was developed by a Cheng Shu Wan, a one man indie developer called NobStudio. As a game developer, he has created many games. Before going into mobile games platform, Cheng used to create games with Flash as its platform. Until now, he has developed over 20 Flash games. At his website, you can play other games created by Cheng. I've played Book of Mages and it pretty much showing Cheng's skill as a game developer.

Since February 15th, Cheng has switched his job as a game developer. Now he's committed himself to the country as a prison's warden. This warden will keep an eye to all the inmates that are now registering themselves in a game called Prison Life RPG. Prison Life RPG is a game that acts as prison life simulator. How your life would change if you're for whatever reasons somehow getting caught and the next day, you're in a jail. Prison Life RPG took more than a year to construct, said Cheng.

prison life simulator-1

prison life simulator-2

The game has a very deep content. Since it is called Prison Life RPG, the game is designed around the inmates as the object. Also, since it also a prison life simulator, the game is simulating the game with quite details. Note to all the readers, before I even start to convince you about how deep the game is, you should know that this review will be pretty long and that's how deep the content of the game is. So if you feel convinced in the middle of reading this, don't feel bad for not reading it until the end (just joking, please read it until it's done lol).

So first of all, you can choose from 100 available inmates to be played with. In the inmates list, you will have a wide list of inmate. You can choose from an absurd character like clown, nerd guy, vampire until a well-known character that pun into a hilarious character (i.e: Bbbbat-man that has been old and have personal goal to return his fitness back, Legolas and LOTR famous characters, and psst Gangmano). You'll also have the supportive character designed exclusively for that particular character. So if you choose Scofield (apparently, the game pretty much inspired by Prison Break the Series), you will have Lincoln (his brother), Sucre, Tweener, and the notorious T-Bag. If you choose Bbbat-man, you can have your loyal servant, Alfred. There's a chance that you won't find Lincoln if you play Bbbat-man and vice versa.

prison life simulator-3

prison life simulator-4

Each inmate also have their own personal goal. So you can imagine the replayable value of Prison Life RPG. The personal goal itself is not a game changer, but it gives some sort of different experiences to the player. For instance, the clown (i've played this character) will have to joke when doing a shower (will explain this later) three times; bbbat-man will have to shape up himself; scofield have to escape the prison with his brother along his escape team. There are also other personal goals like changing gang membership three times, becoming captain of a certain gang, delivering package (that's Sucret's personal goal by the way), stealing from others, and so much more. Every time you've done a personal goal, the next list of inmates will be playable; and of course, the personal goal will become even harder in every inmates list you've unlocked.

Beside personal goal, inmates also have stats just like many RPG games have. Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Charisma. All these stats will decide how you can survive inside the prison and have a wonderful prison life. There are so much things that you can do when you've entered the prison. You can interact and 'be interact-ed' by the inmates. It means you can either bullying or be bullied by other inmates. Well this thing is quite obvious for a prison life simulator, you can bribing the police officer there, taking other inmates foods while eating. You can also do some gambling to earn more cash, or perhaps official boxing arena just to satisfy your affection towards other inmate.

All of these interaction, the success rates will be decided with your stats, skills, and rolling dice. So for instance, if you want to bully other inmate, you will obviously need your strength and agility stats. If you have more strength and agility than your opponents, there would be no chance that your opponent can beat you. This happens because of the satisfying dice algorithm. Cheng has put this smart complex roll dice system quite nice so that the balance of the game won't be off. So if you have for example 7 for your strength, the dice will always roll between 7 to 10 (the maximum number). On the other hand, if you only have 1 for your strength, the dice will roll randomly between 1 to 10. The odds would be very low for a weaklings to beat stronger opponent; there will always a chance to do so, but the chance is significantly low for this matter.

prison life simulator-5

prison life simulator-6

I've stated just now that to do interaction you will need stats and skills. There are 18 skills to learn and master, and of course you will only have at most 5 or 6 skills to start with. The skill here will act as the constant variable. Unlike the stats, skills are always giving you the same value for your interaction. However, the skill value will be different depends on what interaction you're going to do. You won't be needing Kissing Ass skill if you're going to beat someone elses. On the other hand, Shaolin Kungfu skills won't do much when you're going to socialize with other inmates.

Relationship is also one of the main points in this prison life simulator. Have a good relationship with other inmates and they will help you adding some contstant point when you're being bullied by other inmates. You can even persuade inmate that's going to bully you if you have a good relationship with him. In contrary, bad relationship will be resulting you being bullied more often than before. Even worse, they can try to kill you if they hate you that much.

When I said that Prison Life RPG is based on a Prison Break TV Series, it would be obvious that you can do prison break in this prison life simulator. Not only just some prison break act, you can in fact plan your escape plan. You can choose many routes, go through the sick bay by using the pretty nurse there to unlock your handcuff? Done. Or perhaps go through warden office by kidnapping him? Even in one place, you can choose up to three different scenarios to smoothen your escape plan. You just need to set up your escape plan, do the requirement and you will escape the prison smoothly.

Chen also kind enough for inmates that choose the peaceful way. For those who loves being inside the prison, enjoying the free food, extra money and your own private cell, you can also choose to wait until your sentence days is over. Just make sure you didn't do anything that would make the officer mad at you and give you another days to spend inside the prison. You can also choose to dominate the whole prison life by applying Gang membership and climb up the rank. You can do the gang job which change again how you will spend your life in the prison.

prison life simulator-3

Things I Like

For me personally, I love almost every aspect inside the game. I think I don't have to repeat myself about the depth of the content (there I go, repeating myself again). But with that many features, and its replayability value, it's hard to put down the game once you've started playing. The rolling dice system, is also satisfying for me. It keeps the balance of the game and I think it has been designed carefully, showing Cheng's experiences in designing games.

This rolling dice system also used in almost everything inside the game. Talking with other inmates, bribing, gambling, flirting, even stealing. Once I think about it, it keeps the game moving at a consistent pace. It didn't move to slowly because useless extra details. It kept me playing and moving forward at a consistent pace. The conversation bubble is also quite funny despite being the same; the first time I read the bubble, I also laugh at it.

prison life simulator-7

prison life simulator-8

Tips and Tricks

I have some tips in my sleeve that I really want to share to you. I do this to help any beginner, first-time player of Prison Life RPG to experience the real fun that I've experienced with the game.

First Character

I'd recommend Uncle Rico or Clown to choose for the first character. For Uncle Rico, it's because he has set of skills that would make it easier to communicate with others. He also have a pretty good stats. Also with a Basketball skill, he can easily accepted into the Roses and Guns gang.

For Clown, I'd recomment this guy because of his traits. His traits is to get $200 every day. It would make him easier to complete gang job that requires money to do. With this money, he can easily improve his low stats by purchasing all the needed item.

After you finish one personal goal, try to use Scofield as your characters. He has great intelligence and also a good relationship with some inmates inside the prison. He also has this advantage to go to Sick Bay every day without doing anything. So you can use the pretty nurse there as your Escape Plan basis.

prison life simulator-13

prison life simulator-14

Applying Gang Membership

All the gangs are requiring you to have skill that suitable with them. The Heartbreakers gang would require you to have Social skills, Roses and Guns gang will need you to play Basketball with them, and etc. So before applying make sure you have the skills needed.

Stats to Improve

It depends on your basic stats, but generally speaking, I'd recommend you to increase your Luck first. The reason is that everyone starts with 1 as their basic stats for Luck. Also, there are some certain interaction that would requires your luck, especially when gambling. Each stats upgrade would require you to go to Sick Bay. You can be beaten up to go there, or you can buy some Sick Pills from the Gold Coins gang's shop and go to Sick Bay.

Inside the Sick Bay, go find the Mad Doctor. To increase your luck, you'd require x4 Weather Info and x4 Mirror. Weather Info can be required by Watching TV after your lunch session at Heartbreakers gang's place. It will cost you $10 every time also you are not guaranteed to get Weather Info every time you watch the TV. So if you don't have enough money to spend, I suggest you don't do this.


To earn money without using trait, you need to master Gamble and Banker skills. Then you can do gambling every day after your lunch session. If you have high Intelligence and Agility, despite of gambling honestly, you can cheat your money. This would be riskier but at the same time, the dice roll would roll your intelligence despite your awful Luck.

The other way to gain some money is betting on the Boxing arena. The rule is the same but the reward is different. If you win the money based on what you betting in Gambling arena, in boxing arena there will be some odds involved. So if the odds lower, you won't be winning as many reward as you would earn in the gambling area.

Escape from Prison

To escape from prison, the very first thing that you need to do is to gather your escape team. This escape team should have some skill that you don't have and don't want to learn. So skills like Stealth or Disguise, skills that don't quite useful for surviving, this kind of skills are what you need from your escape team member.

The second thing that you need to do is planning your escape route. For example, Scofield can go to Sick Bay every day. So this Sick Bay can the starting point for him. Bbbat-Man on the other hand is the rich guy, so he can start his escape route from a private cell. You can find your own starting point based on your characters.


prison life simulator-10

Skills to Learn

The skills that you need to learn is highly depends on what you want to do. If you want to kill someone, skills that you need to learn is Shaolin Kungfu and Threaten skills. Both of this required gossip as the item. You just need to idling around until you find this particular item.

If you however want to get more money, I'd recommend Gamble and Banker as the skills you need to master. Gamble needs gossip item, and Banker requires pencil as the item. You can idling around or use Steal skill to skill from other inmate. If you want to have a good relationship, Kiss Ass skill would give a great point. You need mirror as the item requirement. You can purchase it in Gold Coin gang shop.

On the top of all that, I personally think that the first skill you need to master is the Stealing skill. With this skill you would be enabled to stealing from other inmate. Moreover, almost all of the important items can be acquired by stealing from other inmates. So this skill is quite important especially if you want to escape from the prison.

After learning from other inmates, later at night you have to learn this skills yourself. For this, I'd recommend you to have burger on your arsenal. You can get burger by stealing from others or crafting bread and meat. Burger is very important as it will gives you +100 energy so you can stay all night, mastering the skill you need. You should also notice that if you don't have the stats requirement for that skill you'd be taking longer time to master it. But that only until you master the skill. Once you master the skill, the value would be the same.

prison life simulator-11

prison life simulator-12


Prison Life RPG is a great prison life simulator, if not the best one. I think for a long time since Game Dev Story by Kairosoft, Prison Life RPG is the best simulator game I've been playing with my iPhone. Kudos to Cheng Shu for creating such game and I couldn't stop recommend this game to all of you future inmates.

Prison Life RPG 5 Modern Jamming Mar 23, 2015

Get Rich Project: Build Your Own Paradise Islands - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

After a huge success in their previous games, Line Let’s Get Rich (our review), Net Marble is back again with another addictive games called GET RICH PROJECT. Released in December 11th, 2014, Get Rich Project is available on both iOS and Android platform. The only problem is that the game only available on some countries (yet). Hopefully, the developer will open its availability to other countries as soon as possible.

Get Rich Project is a social network simulation games. You will be assigned in inhabitant islands (yes, you will have more than one island) where you will develop it into your own tourist attraction. You can build lodging houses, leisures, shops, social buildings, and decorations. These buildings will beautify and attract tourists to spend their money in your island.


Things I Like

Get Rich Project introduces a pretty unique gameplay for a simulation game. Like many other social network simulation game, you will need to wait for certain time before you collect money from the buildings you have. In Get Rich Project, there are two different timespan, DAY and NIGHT. Every 2 hours, the timespan in the game will be switched. When the timespan switched, the game will have different situation.

On some building, you will get more profit in Day time, Volleyball Court for example. But in Day time, a concert attraction will gives small profit, it will gives more profit if you collect it in Night time.

This unique day and night timespan isn’t the only unique things available in this game. Every time you play, there are guests that kinda lost in your island. They will show a bubble to tell you which shop or attraction they want to go to. So you as the owner will need to send them to that place. Your good deed won’t be wasted, they will give you some coins after you send them. Moreover, there will be a chance that they drop some goodwill badge. Collect this and once you complete the collection, you can trade it with decorations, energy battery, and even buildings that unavailable via normal purchase.

Day and Night timespan also gives effect on this collection. It means you will only get certain goodwill badge on Day time. You won’t find it during Night time. On the other hand, there are some badges that only available on night time and not on the day time. There are also thief during the night time. If you don’t manage your social building well, the thief will steal all the coins from random buildings. You can only bite your finger once it happens.

As I’ve stated just now, this game is a social network game. So basically, you can’t do anything without friends. You can buy friends with the premium currency, but well what’s the point of playing social game without adding some unknown person and recognise them as your friends.

Luckily, the developer add some extra efforts to get you know each other well. They have Location-based friends so you can know who play Get Rich Project near you. You can also use Surfing to add your network friends. There are also search and Facebook feature to get you friend as much as possible.


Tips and Tricks

Even if this game is a freemium game, you can play Get Rich Project without spending any real money. The developers were kind enough for us to keep the balance of the game so that everyone will have the same experience. Even if you’re using real money, you will only speed up your gaming experience. Overall, without any real money spent, you can still enjoy the game. For you, I have some tips and tricks to get more coins and you won’t have to spend any money in this game.

  • Add Friends. This is the most important thing you need to do. You can use Surfing to add some random people as your friends. This is the most important thing in this game as everything will require the help of your friends.
  • Do quests. The next important thing is to do every quests available. Not because of the coins reward, but because of the experience reward. In Get Rich Project, the higher level you get, the more buildings you can build and the more coins you can produce.
  • Help the lost tourists. Goodwill badge that you collect will never goes astray. It will be useful for you, either now or later. So just trade the reward once you need it. There’s no need to rush the trade off. Your inventory is limited, so just trade when you really need it.
  • Visit Friends. Beside from helping tourists, Goodwill badge also given when you help your friends building. So make sure you tap those building of your friends everyday.
  • Expand wisely. As you gain level, you will be able to unlock more space in the island. My tips is to unlock the mainland first rather than useless sea or beach section as more buildings are required to be built in the land rather than in beach or sea.
  • Sell low-profit building. The higher level you are, the less space will available for you. So in order to open up more space while the expansion is still unavailable, sell low-profit buildings. There’s no need for you to have two balloon stand unless you need to complete a quest. For goodwill badge purpose, I keep one kind of every building.
  • Lodging doesn’t need road. Unlike other tourist attractions, lodging houses don’t need to be connected with the road. You can just put lodging houses anywhere you want. This will be effective to save space.
  • Fast supply products trick. There will be some quests where you need to re-supply your leisure/shop buildings several times. To do this quick, you can put your building into inventory. Tap EDIT then tap on your building, put it into inventory. Then, put the building back from your inventory and voila, you can re-supply your building again. Do it until you finish that quest. This trick only works on re-supply production, so it won’t work for getting coins.
  • Pirate attack tip. To make each attack faster, you can press the skip button in the right upper corner every time you attack other players. If the enemies only have one player, just skip it because you will win the battle for sure. This way you can continue to fight another opponent way much faster.
  • Prize Chest. Besides Pirate Chest, other chests must be opened with its particular key. So if you have Gold chest, make sure you have the Gold key as well. If not, the chest won’t be opened.


With their own innovation, Get Rich Project has claimed another success after Line’s Get Rich. It sure has their own fan base as it’s addictive enough to every social network gamers out there. Despite the crowded genre, Get Rich Project will be claiming its own crown in this area.

SimCity: Build It - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

I bet most of 90s kids have at least played once, a game called SimCity. It was the most famous simulation city building game that gained a really huge success during that time. Well, it was the old day when I played this game and acting like a god. I just sent typhoon attack or UFO attack across the city, then rebuilt the city again. Perhaps there are lots of story about playing experience from SimCity.

EA sure wants to repeat that success by creating a mobile version of SimCity. A few years ago, there was a port of SimCity 3000 called SimCity Deluxe. Apparently, it wasn’t around the store anymore although it was a good port overall. Today, EA wanted to repeat that success once again by releasing another mobile version of SimCity. This time they called it SimCity: Build It.

In SimCity: Build It, you can well, obviously, build a city of your own. You’ll have Residential, Commercial, Factory, and Services, just like what any SimCity games would have. There will be also government building, waste management, police and fire department, education and transportation, and many more building available to unlock along with the progress of your game. EA added more with free to play component. So you will find such thing like timer based construction, premium currency, and of course rare items.

Residential will be your source of income in this game. The more population you have, the more income (tax) you can get from them. To increase population, you need to upgrade the residential by crafting supplies from the commercial and factory building.

There are many services building available in this game along with the progress you made in the game. After you reach level 30, you can even build landmarks using golden keys. Golden Keys can be achieved every time you fulfill the requirement from the Cargo Ship. Cargo Ship will come and request 3 types of supplies. Fulfill those request and you can get one golden key.

 Pay attention to what residents want from you

Pay attention to what residents want from you

Things I Like

Like most SimCity games offer, SimCity Build It also do the same. They play beautiful instrumental songs! SimCity Build It also keeps me staying inside the game with their background songs. The background traffic sound also perfectly sync with the song creating beautiful ambience while playing the game.

3D graphics is one of the amazing features in this game that offered by EA. Skyscraper has rendered beautifully, especially in the night where all the lights come out. The surrounding condition like mountain or beach are also beautifully rendered, creating satisfying experience in playing the game.

I also love how SimCity Build It not trying to be another SimCity. I love their approach in designing a game that isn’t just another port, but designed specifically for mobile gamer. Keeping the feel of SimCity game, simplifying the gameplay, and adding features that only applicable for mobile gamer. This is a proof that EA really into this territory.

 It's a personal satisfaction to look at what your city can do in the night

It's a personal satisfaction to look at what your city can do in the night

Tips and Tricks

SimCity: Build It has many details inside the game. I’ll try to cover the detail for you through this tips and tricks.

  • Pay attention to the happiness of residents. If your residents are not happy, they will left your city and your tax income will also be reduced. Pay attention to exclamation mark beside service building. If the exclamation mark shows up, it means you have to build something for the residents. Just check out what is it that they need and make sure you have enough coins to build the service building.
  • Fulfill service offer. Sometimes there will be coins hanging around the service buildings. Tap on that and you will be offered to have your craft supplies bought. Accept their offer if you have the supplies. Otherwise, tap outside the bubble to close the offer and craft that supplies to fulfill those. It will get you some coins fast.
  • Tap bubble thought. Residents will sometimes show a bubble thought in their building. When you see this, tap on it. There’s a chance that you will get item for expanding your territory or expanding your storage capacity. This item is quite rare so tap on any bubble thought you find.
  • Increase storage. If you’re short on space for your storage, don’t be afraid to spend money and buy those rare items to expand your storage. Storage will come in handy later on in the game.
  • Sell rare items with maximum price. You will always be getting customer for your rare items. So don’t be afraid to put it on the highest price available. Don’t forget to advertise it too while it didn’t cost you anything.
  • Put commercial and factory away. These two building zones won’t need any service, so there’s no use to put these two zones near your residential building. Just put these away in the corner of your city with factory at the most corner of it. Factory will just decrease happiness of your residents, so you need to pay attention if the brown zone reaching your residents.
  • To reach 100% happiness, you might want to put City Hall near your residence state. Otherwise, you will only get to 99%.
  • The only way to get EXP is by building something. So if you run out zone to build, you might want to demolish one of your building and rebuild it again. In this way, you will still get some extra EXP.

 Put factory as far as possible so it won't affect the residents

Put factory as far as possible so it won't affect the residents


SimCity: Build It doesn’t try to be just another SimCity games. It wants to be a real mobile SimCity for any mobile simulation gamer out there. For me personally, it works and it works really well. I love how it turns out and despite its Free to Play system, the fun doesn’t diminish even one bit.

First Touch Soccer 2015: More Soccer? There You Go - iOS Game Review

I’ve never had enough of soccer games. Playing soccer in real life is indeed way more fun compared to just hold your device. Still, being able to get Cristiano Ronaldo running across the field is always felt good. Unfortunately, despite how I love soccer games, there are only few of those developers that really able to produce great quality soccer games.

One of those rare developers is guys from First Touch Games. Based in Oxford, UK, First Touch Games is the same indie developer that created amazing games like Score!, X2 Football, and First Touch Soccer.

First Touch Soccer 2015 is the latest soccer games from First Touch Games. If you’ve played the previous version, First Touch Soccer 2015 comes with more improvement compared to First Touch Soccer 2014.

Manager Mode lets you take control of a small club to reign over the world. You can browse through its large database of players across the globe, negotiate contracts, and transfer them for playing in your club.

Brand new Stadium Editor also brings up a lot more experience in playing the game. Your club’s stadium now fully customizable for each stands. This will allow you to increase your transfer budget as your stadium will get bigger and more supporters will come to cheer your team.

FTS2014 has come with a great graphics quality, but in FTS2015, player animations has been improved as well as the stadium, plus it has all-new cut scenes. FTS2015 also come with Daily Match Challenge. Every day First Touch team will offer you match that is coming from the real world football. Which team will you go with, that’s up to you to choose.

 Better graphics let you experience a more detail players

Better graphics let you experience a more detail players

Things I Like

The graphics quality in FTS2015 is a top notch regarding its game size. With 3D graphics quality and game size less than 200 MB, FTS2015 definitely switch up the gear for a 3d games with near console quality.

Control feels a bit weird as I’m struggling to do shooting or doing a through pass. But on the other hand, doing possession game and tiki taka can be done easily in this game. Doing a bazooka shoot is also possible as long as you got the player to face the right direction.

Manager Mode is not something new in FTS2015 as it introduced first time in FTS2014. But, additional features to negotiate contract and loan players add some extra experience compared to the previous version. In this mode, we can also do so many things like training players (increase their ability), hire coach, stadium editor, negotiate player contracts, and many more.

Stadium Editor is one of my favorite feature in this game. Every time we edit the stadium, the changes will be reflected directly in our games. I love when the stadium is under construction. I can see a “under construction” signage, reflecting the detail that taken into care by the developers.

Oh and the facts that you can listen to the exclusive tracks by Bastille, Imagine Dragons & Black Kids add a real deal to your gaming experience.

  Enhanced stadium editor gives different experience each time you play

Enhanced stadium editor gives different experience each time you play

Tips and Tricks

In FTS2015, there are some VIP mode that can be purchased with real money. You can also purchase it by collecting 4000 coins. Here are some tips to get to 4000 coins faster than you can imagine.

  • Use “Get Free Credits”. This feature will reward you 30 coins and become unavailable after certain times. It will be replenished by time, so make sure you do this while you can.
  • Watch clip after doing match. While “get free credits” have expiration, this feature will always be available every time we finish a match. So make sure you always watch the clip every time you get the offer.
  • Do Monthly Objectives. In Manager Mode, the club will give 3 you monthly objectives. Every time after you complete the objective, watch video will be offered to you, don’t forget to accept it. Every time you complete objective you will be rewarded with 10 coins + ads-video 30 coins, so in total you will get 40 coins. If you think the objective costs you more, don’t do the objective. Just wait for another month for the new one.
  • Individual/Team Training. Most of the time, monthly objectives will require you to do individual/team training. To do this, go to My Club - Coaching. If you don’t have any coaches, hire some. You will need to pay with coins and you have 4 sessions of training per coach. So just choose the lowest price coach just to finish the monthly objectives. Don’t forget to count the cost of your objective though.
  • Simulate Match. This will cost you about 5 coins, but it will save you some time. You will still also get the coins reward like doing usual match and 30 coins ads-video offer. Please note however that simulate match doesn’t guarantee 100% winning. You must take note that the better your team, the better chance your team will win in simulation match. Even so, simulate match while you’re a home team will increase the odd of winning.

There are also some ways to get more transfer budget in FTS2015.

  • Move to a Bigger club. You won’t be able to choose any elite clubs at first. But with 2000 coins you can move to a bigger club and get more budget. Note that you can only choose one team and you will need to collect another 2000 coins if you want to move to another team again.
  • Edit stadium. This will generate more revenue. With more revenue, you can increase the club income, resulting in a larger transfer budget cap.
  • Decrease player wage. The trick is to sell player that’s too expensive. Or you can offer a lower wage to player that left with few months contract.

 Sell unused players that eat away your club budget

Sell unused players that eat away your club budget


First Touch Soccer 2015 is another great soccer game from First Touch team. It has pretty great quality that allow you to build your won dream team. It’s a must game for any soccer lovers out there.