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Lumino City: From Paper to Play - Review & Walkthrough

Lumino City: From Paper to Play - Review & Walkthrough

I'm a amateur photographer. I couldn't always take a great photo, but I do know if I'm taking a bad photo, so I do believe with my eyes a little bit. That is also the reason why I really excited with games that put their effort in their visual appearance.

Unfortunately, games that's taking too many attentions on their graphics, are usually end with bland or even worst poor gameplay. You wouldn't be able to find easily a game with great graphics and great gameplay. If you can, that game would most likely wins an award (because it's rare).

That is why, I got really excited when I saw this trailer from State of Play Games. It is a puzzle adventure game, it is a point and click adventure, with all the backdrops behind, entirely made with real world materials, paper, card.

Even all the effects are handmade using motors and miniature lights. Don't believe me? Check their behind-the-scene trailer below, and why do they bother to do all that? Because they can, and this is Lumino City.