Templar Battleforce for iOS and Android Review (with Beginner Guide)

Templar Battleforce for iOS and Android Review (with Beginner Guide)

Sometimes, there are those games that's just, let's call it not pleasantly beautiful in their graphics display. Even the trailer couldn't give you that charm of first love experience. Nevertheless, despite being short in attractiveness, once you're laying hand on these games, you won't be able to turn back. This kind of games, are the reasons why I love doing this thing, to find hidden gems, games that are often underestimated by others, but actually, have a fantastic game-play.

This kind of situation kind a reminiscent of the latest product from Trese Brothers. Despite being weak at some areas, this little gem will really blow your mind with heap of contents, stories and conspiracies, aliens, space marines, and of course, brilliant game-play. This is Templar Battleforce.

Kingdom Rush Origins: The More The Merrier - iOS/Android Games Review & Tips

Before you read this review, I ensure you that I've tried my best to keep my head as general as possible (this is my favorite TD games, so i want you know that I put my review in a general point of view). I want to convince you guys that although this game is the third installment, it's still worth your bucks.

So anyway, Kingdom Rush Origins from Ironhide Games was taking a story before everything in the first and second Kingdom Rush started. It took a story where elves and natures are trying to restore the peace that have been contaminated by the dark force. Most of the game mechanics that we all love in the first and second installment are all there. You'll still have four towers (arrow, barrack, mage, and artillery). Like always, all of the towers have skill trees and level upgrades.

For those who are not familiar with the skill trees, skill trees work like a passive ability of the tower. You can purchase the skills with defeating a level. The many lives that you left after completing level will decide the stars you could gain. So for instance, if you complete level with >= 18 lives, you will get 3-stars, otherwise you'll get lessen stars.

There are various enemies that appear in this game based on the map world you're playing at. For instance, in the elves world, you'll be facing more animals like wolf and their kind. Then in the last world, you won't be facing wolves anymore, but more like spiders and necromancers.

Some new features that introduced in this game are hero special attacks and some extra in-game tower. This extra in-game tower works like a spell, once you tap them, it will be dealing some damages and the cool down will be started.

Each hero will have special attacks now, so you'll have additional spell uniquely based on the hero you use. It surely needs cool down time after being used. But trust me, it doesn't decrease playing experience, it will only make you rely on your heroes even more.


Things I Like

In the previous Ironhide games, I've been in love with the balance of each level. This balance returns in this prequel with even more amazing level. The enemies have appeared unreasonably stronger compared to the previous two games. But this stronger enemies come with a stronger towers and stronger heroes for us.

Yes, the enemies are way stronger than the previous games. In the previous two games, the only enemy that can disable your towers is a boss-level enemy. But in this game, even a normal creep can disable your towers upon their death. This is my personal opinion, but I think in Origins, Ironhide seems to increase the magic effect in every component of the game.

The reason is based on the skill trees for each tower. Normally, only mage tower can deal magic damage. But in this game, even soldiers can learn to deal some magic damage.

By the way, for those of you who haven't played the previous games, Kingdom Rush comes with two ways of dealing damage. The first one is the normal, the second one is the magic damage. If the enemies come with high armors, magic damage will deal the best damage. On the other hand, normal damage (arrow kind of damage) will deal the best damage with high magic resistance enemies.


If you're a Tower Defense, Strategy, Tactical lover, Kingdom Rush Origins is something that you can't miss. I'm not saying it's a completely different game and you'll get a different experience than the previous ones. You'll get the same experience, but why change an already great experience?

With this great improvements, you'll have more experiences in playing the already great game. With the same artistic drawing, balance game mechanic, fun map design, you'll get what you love from Kingdom Rush Origins.

Kingdom Rush Origins 5 Modern Jamming Nov 28, 2014

Castle Doombad - Free to Slay: iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

It's been a while since my last Adult Swim games. Monster Ate My Condo and Major Mayhem are two my favorite games coming from this developer at that time. Castle Doombad has been out a while in the jungle, but after they decided to change the strategy into a free2play game, I jump into the game right away, a decision that I never regret to choose.

Castle Doombad is more or less a castle defense, where you as the bad guy have to defense your castle so that the 'good guy' won't be able to save the 'princess'. You will have to defeat every wave of heroes by laying down traps, cannons, or summon minions to help you finish all the heroes.

There are three categories that will specify Castle Doombad weapons. Auto Trap, Minions, and Manual Trap. Auto Trap will act like tower in usual TD mechanic where it will do damage automatically with some interval based on their cooldown speed. Minions will be like your pawn where it can battle the heroes on their way through their mission. Manual Trap will be like usual tower, but the trap have to be tapped in order to trigger the trap ability. There are more than 20 weapons available that will vary the way you will play.

Things I Like

The game never disappoint me in any level inside the game. While I’ve almost finished the whole chapter in the game, I still nowhere near bored playing the game. The various characters that was developed in this game also add excitement. From the Dr. Lord Evilstein as the main evil actor in this game, the ninja, the Galaxy Soldier, even Superman that can fly through the castle, and also the tanker that loves to take selfie of themselves. All this characters kept me smiling while I busy putting the trap in the game.

The developer also kindly enough to give us a free update. A new chapter that introduced the second princess (Beach Princess) also give us extra challenge while playing this game.

The challenge are also adding extra spices in the game. One of the challenge that I couldn’t forget is to bully the heroes, “Don’t kill the heroes for 3 minutes”. It means you have to somehow smart enough to make the heroes running around in the castle and not killing them.

Also don’t forget about the giant list of the traps, with the description in it. Like Pirate Cannon with a description “TAP TO ARM, AND TAKE OUT AN ENTIRE FLOOR, YAAARRR!”. Or Lil’ Minion’s description “ZIPS ALONG THROUGH THE CASTLE… SHOCK-TASTIC!”. All of this attention of details makes this game one of my favourite game ever.


There are some tips that I found useful to make the princess untouchable.

  1. Put your scream generator in the unwanted place. Make sure scream generator placed where the heroes would not bother to come to. This means however that in each wave the place of the scream generator won’t be the same. This is to ensure the heroes won’t be destroying the scream generator and at the same time, can clear enough space to put traps in strategic places.
  2. Lay down scream generator ASAP. As soon as the waves started, make sure that the scream generator placed. You will need mostly 2 scream generators on each round. You might need less, but effectively, 2 scream generators will generate scream faster and you will be able to build trap faster. Too many scream generators however, will ruin your castle stability.
  3. Fully upgrade your scream generator. This trap is the one that if you have some doom shekel, need to be upgraded first. Since after fully upgraded, each scream generator will cost you only 50 screams and will generate scream even faster. It will also give chance to shock the attacker if the generator is attacked.
  4. Consider before fully upgrade weapon. If scream generator has to be fully upgraded, there are some other weapons that you need to consider before fully upgrade or even unlock it. Traps like The Zapper or Harpoon Cannon are one of those weapons that you don’t need to fully upgrade as the full version are not give that many effects. But, if you have plenty doom shekel, you might want to fully upgrade your weapon as it will give some slight visual changes for the weapon.
  5. Identify the routes that heroes will take. Plan your defense as close as possible to the princess. This will help to focus your attention when there are several paths leading to your princess.
  6. Wall trap, Ceiling, and Floor trap works together. You can combine this 3 traps in a one zone. So for example, you can put together Floor Spikes, Overactive A/C, and Buzzsaw in one places. So it will deal a great damage while the heroes were slowed by the A/C.
  7. Lil' minion is the best. Yep, Lil’ Minion is one trap that I kept using until the end of the game. Besides blocking the heroes, Lil’ Minion can also kill it with its Fire mode. Please note that all minions are limited to only 3 (all type of minions) per floor.
  8. In the crucial floors, always put as many Lil' Minions as possible. They're very good in fighting ninjas, archers, trap dismantlers, and superman. Keep their numbers in check and refill them whenever you can.
  9. Put Overactive A/C along the ladder's path. This will slow the movement of the heroes when climbing up the ladder. You can also put some ceiling trap like Acid Dripper or Stomper to gain advantage when a group of heroes coming together.
  10. Fireball Cannon and Overactive A/C. This two type of traps are overriding each other effects. While A/C slow the heroes, Fireball override the slow effect and change it to burn effect. Hence, the slow movement will be gone and the movement will go back to normal speed.
  11. Poison and Slow Effect. The override effect I mention on the previous tips however, will be ignored by poison-slow combination. It means that when the heroes poisoned, it can still be slowed by A/C traps. You can take this tips into consideration when choosing the trap.
  12. Use a Decoy Princess to stall some time while setting up your defenses. Find a spot that's farthest away from your "real" princess.
  13. If you're able to reroute heroes to chase after a decoy princess, make sure you put the painful freezing combo of Overactive A/C, Buzzsaw, and Floor Spikes in the routes that will be traveled by the heroes on the way in and out.
  14. Fatty Troll. If you have two princesses in play, always balance your defense in both paths. Use the Fatty Troll to momentarily block one of the paths, if you have to.
  15. Retry, Retry, and Retry. Every round in Castle Doombad is all about good combination of traps and placement. So once you know this combination, you can always use the same combination to retry the level to gain more doom-shekel. Just find a rather short round that has great reward and use that round to mine some shekel.
  16. My Favorite Combination. My most useful combination in one zone is Floor Spikes, Overactive A/C, and Buzzsaw in one zone. Then in front of it, I put Fatty Troll and Da Boot. As the finisher, I use Lil’ Minion and Harpoon Cannon to kill the heroes. With this combination I can create a huge wall in front of it while dealing enough damage to the heroes. What’s your combination? Put it on the comment below.


While most TD games have tried to evolve themselves with graphics improvement, Castle Doombad lay it low with cute graphics but packs a punch in its game design. If you’re a TD fan like me, it’s a game that you have to play.

Castle Doombad 5 Modern Jamming Oct 11, 2014

Super Battle Tactics - iOS/Android Game Review and Playing Tips

Greetings human! This is my first post ever in this categories. I created this category to give some playing tips and tricks for specifically iPhone games. I will update this category as soon as I find a good games for iPhone, so make sure to check out this section to see if my new games tips can enhance your gaming experience.

On this first post, I got this game by DeNA. Super Battle Tactics is a turn-based freemium game that mix real time strategy with random chance.


Super Battle Tactics sets as television show where we become the participant in a tank battle arena. The arena is where we met other participant, beat their tank live in real time strategy.

We can bring maximum 4 tanks and 4 abilities into the battle. After we decide our battle strategy, we can go to war. In this battle mode we will get to choose which type of battle we want to face. We can choose to fight for Main Events/Promotion or we can choose to against Opponents.

The tank has a damage bar that will be used to random the damage of that tank. Left Most Damage (LMD) of the tank will always be the lowest damage of the tank, while the Right Most Damage (RMD) will be the highest damage of the tank.

The tank has three general types, Attacker (ATK), Defender (DEF), and Speedster (SPD). The ATK is where all the damage colored by red, they usually has normal HP and high damage. Defender is where it has at least one damage colored by blue while the other is red. DEF will have the highest HP but a low damage. The last is the SPD. SPD will have at least two blue damage bar. This blue damage bar means the first strike (The tutorial of the game will explain this, but I will try to explain this later). SPD will have pretty high damage but low HP.

At the arena, we will try to decide which ability that we want to trigger in that round. Action Point that used for triggering the ability will always be replenished each round, so make sure you use the action point wisely.

Afterwards the war will begin with decision on who will strike first. This where the blue bar damage counts. The one who will strike first is the one that has the highest total blue damage on their tank. If the value the same or no tank gets any blue damage, the first strike will be decided by coin tossing.

Aside from the arena, this game also has some interesting component inside. We can build tanks with tank parts that we can gather during the arena, or can be claimed by opening the contracts. There also collections mode in this game. It means that after we build certain set of tank, we will get a reward.

Besides unlocking tanks, we can also unlock more abilities. The only requirement needed is we climbed through the rank. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, and the ultimate rank is Diamond. Every time we win the arena, we will get the so-called League Point. After certain League Point gained, we will have opportunity to be promoted in the next rank. We just need to win 3 times and avoid losing 3 times during that promotion chance.

Photo 21-7-14 11 45 38 am.jpg

Things I Like

Super Battle Tactics offers me a different gameplay despite its freemium strategy. I think the most fun part is to find the right combination of abilities and tanks. Put the right combination on, and you will advance quite far in the arena.

The game also have a nice art design that separates each tank from its categories. It makes you easily separate which one is the ATK tank, the DEF tank, or the SPD tank. The attention to detail also shown in the battle mode background. The game will randomly put the background, ice, desert, or even green pasture.

Photo 21-7-14 11 48 21 am.jpg

Playing Tips

Since this is a freemium game, there are some possibility for some people that get impatient and want to spend real money on this games. But for those of you who are really patient in this kind of games, there are several tips to help you earn enough cash without having to worry about needing to spend real cash through IAP.

  1. Make sure you turn your notifications on as the ticket is limited and you want to make sure every ticket counts.
  2. Don't worry about advancing into the next rank, take it slowly and make sure your main tank is fully upgraded.
  3. Don't miss the contracts, it has the highest probability of getting exclusive parts (even rare tank).
  4. Just upgrade your rarest tank, sell the others. (As you progress, you will find a better common tank. So just upgrade the rare tank, and sell other tanks for upgrade cost. Make sure you have enough tank for playing in the battle mode)
  5. Maximum ticket is 5, so even if you get extra ticket when you already have 5, you will lose your additional ticket. Remember each time you build a tank you get ticket and after finish you will also get one. You can control the timing of these events, my advice is to keep playing until you have 3 or less tickets.
  6. You don't have to upgrade every tanks. check its maximum stat. Only if this is the tank you want in your team, then upgrade.
  7. If you still want to continue playing after losing a battle and you have 8 uncommon or better tanks, you can setup 2 different teams to skip waiting for the repair process.

Now for those of you that want to get some win streak, here are some tips for you.

  1. Find your combination of abilities, the way you want to play, then choose what tank you want to bring. For example, if you don't want to use re-spin action and want to minimize the random effect to your total damage, you can bring abilities like Draw Fire or Targeting. You also need to bring DEF tank that has high LMD so it will reduce your need to re-spin.
  2. If the tank confused you to decide which one to choose, decide on the total damage the tank has and the HP of the tank. So if one tank is 2/4/5 with HP 35 against 3/3/5 with HP 36, choose the later tank. Always consider only the three first damage as it will minimize the random roll. The higher your LMD are, the more unlikely you will get frustrated because you can't kill a tank from your total damage.
  3. In the arena, your tank position will decide which tank will deal damage first (upper position tank will attack first). So make sure you put the tank with the highest RMD possible in front line.
  4. You try to have the same/outnumbered your opponent tanks. So make sure that in every round you kill at least one tank and not losing any tanks.
  5. Targeting ability is an effective way to increase damage dealt chance to opponent’s tanks. So as soon as the damage is out, quickly count your damage. The first target is the tank that can be killed in that turn, if you have more than one tank that can be killed choose one that can be killed with only three tanks (choose wisely). If no tank that can be killed, choose the highest HP tank.
  6. Draw Fire is an excellent tactic to absorb damage to your tanker tank. It gives the tank extra 4 armor. draw fire used together with targeting because the idea is to draw opponent to damage your tanker, so you can deal damage with/without your tanker to target tank that can be eliminated this round
  7. Sensors Jammed will be available once you unlocked Silver Rank. When we use Sensors Jammed, opponent that use Targeting ability will be ignored, and the damage will be spread. Usually live player will be using targeting, team that might be useful with this strategy is a team that full of speedster tank. Draw Fire will not be used in Sensors Jammed or vice versa.
  8. Opponents mode in the Arena have a rarer part drop rate. So you might want to spend your last ticket for this mode as it will give you a chance to get rare parts that you can use to unlock Rare Tank. This mode however will only contribute on your league point but not promotion tier win streak.
  9. If you play using iPhone 4s/iPad Mini (1st generation) like me, you will face lots of crash due to lack of memory. If you’re like me, you won’t get enough win streak because of the crash. So my tips is to close the app every time after you did a match. Thus, you won’t get any crash after you play and your ticket won’t be wasted anymore.
  10. My last tips for winning in the arena is to never give up. In any moment, just don’t give up. Even if your dice is rolling badly, your opponent also have chances to screwed their dice as well.


Super Battle Tactics is a great real time strategy games. Despite its freemium strategy, the game doesn't heavily involve IAP. It has a balance games component that will entertain most people that love strategic games.

Super Battle Tactics 4.5 Modern Jamming Jul 11, 2014