Play Braveland Pirate on iOS and Android: Now It's A Pirate Captain

Play Braveland Pirate on iOS and Android: Now It's A Pirate Captain

It's time of the year again. The time when the next series of Braveland is released by Tortuga. Now after the Warrior's son, Wizard graduate, now Braveland concludes with the last book and the most exciting of all. It's Braveland Pirate and it introduces us with Captain Jim as the main character.

Yeps, you're reading it right. In Braveland Pirate, you will be playing as a captain of pirates called Jim. Like many other pirate stories, Jim and his crews will also set sail on a journey for the Eternal Treasure. This Eternal Treasure was a longlife wish from Jim's former captain that couldn't be fulfilled until his last breath.

Hardboiled - A Fallout-ish Game that's so Hard, iOS Game Review

Hardboiled - A Fallout-ish Game that's so Hard, iOS Game Review

Yep, the title is no kidding. The latest game from Roman Spiryagin of Game Dev Team really is hard. Even the easiest level is no kidding. However, as Roman said, this is one of their main feature. As a matter of fact, most iOS games lately have been 'too kind' to the players. The level design is too tolerable, it's not even challenging for many hardcore gamers.

This is understandable since most developers want to reach as many players as possible, even if that means reducing their difficulty. None of this matter for Roman though, it seems as if game difficulty is none of his concern. His latest game, Hardboiled, clearly shows that a game should be challenging enough, even the easiest level will keep you grind your teeth.

Despite, the difficulty, Hardboiled itself is a satisfying game. Inspired from Fallout 1 & 2, you will get two gameplay at the same time, without any cutscenes. The first gameplay is free roaming world exploration. You can walk anywhere throughout the map, interacting with the NPC, talking with some survivors there. 

The second gameplay is when you decide or asked to fight against enemy. Once, you choose to fight, you'll be automatically entering this second gameplay. It's automatically become a turn-based strategy genre like X-COM and that kind of game.

Swap Heroes 2: Tomb of the Shadow Knight

When you got a good feedback from your users, positive comments here and there, that's when you know if you're going to do a sequel for your series. This is happening to almost every entertainment industry. When you already have some fan-base, you will want to keep that excitement from them alive. So as the producer, there can be some predictable moves that you're going to do. It's either you do nothing and keep that excitement go away just like that, or you've known that you will have sequels and you've done preparation for it. The worse part is that you'll just do sequels to keep the fan-base there alive. Well obviously, that last decision is what most pure business people would do. They will just ask the creator to do sequel, ignoring the foundation of the story itself.

This kind of reckless decision is what make most sequels didn't work like the first release. Rushed production, publisher pressure, or perhaps just because they ran out of ideas, ultimately fail the expectation of the fan base. They will then just go away after a sequel, mostly writing a bad review of it. You might remember what happened in 2011 when the long awaited sequel of Duke Nukem was finally coming out after 15 years. After waiting over a decade, just like the prediction, Duke Nukem Forever fails the expectation. It also became the last game of the Duke Nukem series.

When I started to play Chris Savory's game called Swap Heroes 2, I can’t help but a bit anxious about this game. Swap Heroes 2 is a sequel from the pick-and-play turn based strategy, Swap Heroes created by the same independent game developer from Vancouver, Canada. What made me worried even more is the fact that Swap Heroes itself was released around four months ago. Not only that, the engine itself had secured the heart of some people, creating their own fan-base of this casual strategy game. Their might be a chance that the game would fall apart and Chris would need to stop creating amazing game like Swap Heroes again.

Luckily, the anxiety was quickly disappeared when I started to go deeper into the game. From what I've experienced, Swap Heroes 2 is an improved version from the first version. There are lots of improvement made by Chris. From the reward mechanism, progression system, upgrade system, and cuter characters (more detail later on), everything that makes the first Swap Heroes a little bit annoying has all gone. One thing that remain the same is the core product that is loved by every people that love this game, the gameplay itself.

2015-02-27 10_26_13.gif


You will still be controlling a party of four heroes, with three heroes in front line, and one hero preparing for some special skill behind them. In each turn, you will have to swap two heroes positions in your choice. Swap with the heroes in the same front line, it would just doing basic damage. However, swapping with the hero in the rear line would channel the special skill of that hero in the rear line.

You will have 8 characters in total, just like what you get from the previous Swap Heroes. Of course all the characters in Swap Heroes 2 are completely different compared to the first Swap Heroes. But, just like the first Swap Heroes, you still need to choose only 4 out of 8 available characters. This decision would be affecting you inside the game. When you bring in the wrong composition party, and one of your hero dies, the party will be defeated and you have to return to your base immediately. Not only that, the timing when to launch rear-hero special skill is also important. You have no room for error, but indeed, you will have many viable strategies for success since you have so many combinations available under your sleeve.

2015-02-27 10_27_25.gif


Rise of the Shadow Knight

I love the depth of the game despite being a casual and pick-and-play strategy game. It may be quick to start/continue a game; but, in every swap you make, you need to be really sure that is the best swap you ever did. Otherwise, it would be the end of the dungeon for you and you need to repeat that particular dungeon.

The wide variety of the characters as well as the monsters are also designed with great balance in mind. The randomly generated placement of the monsters requires you to adapt fast to the situation and make the best swap decision of your party. This is what I love the most from the first version and it returns with even more brilliant and consistent gameplay experience.

The progression system is also a thing that has improved the gameplay experience greatly. In Swap Heroes 2, the world split into five locations. Each location with 2 dungeons and 3 levels of difficulty. Once you get pass certain criteria, you will get to fight against the final boss, the Shadow Knight. This Shadow Knight is not available in the previous version. The final fight takes place in the tomb of the Shadow Knight; and just like many final boss, Shadow Knight ultimately is the hardest stage to beat compared to other enemies.

I also appreciate the fact that Chris actually hears all the complaints about the upgrade systems. Previously, the reward system were given randomly. Now, after defeating one locations, you get to choose which stats you want to improve from your party. So, now we didn't have to cross our fingers again after every level that we beat, hoping that the star would come to our preferable stats. Now the option is all ours.


Dan Kian Sang that was designing the characters for the first Swap Heroes also returns for the Swap Heroes 2. Dan Kian Sang is the man behind all the heroes as well as the animation of the basic attack and special skills of each heroes. On the other hand, Rastislav Le, a Slovakian graphic designer, expanding the game by drawing the classic retro background. The retro feeling is elevated more by Albert Allenback who created the main theme (you can hear the main theme by clicking the Albert Allenback link), adding some modern-retro feeling from his synthesizer. These brilliant minds created more balance and more satisfying overall experience from the Swap Heroes itself.



Characters Guide

I've finished the game and I would love to help you to get the best of your heroes. In order to do that, I've collect all the 8 heroes data from the game. From its health, attack, special skills, and even their attack range. Hopefully, from this data, you can more options to decide your party.


After you get the detail for each heroes, the next time that you should take as consideration is the the attack range of each hero. It means that everytime you swap your two heroes, make sure that all the heroes will do something. Either the heroes will deal damage, do some healing, or do special attack, make sure every swap counts. So I put the attack range for each hero. Hopefully that could help.


Swap Heroes 2 might not be suitable for people that don't like complicated strategy game. However, if you're a fan of casual, pick-and-play game that requires your brain to get some little workout like me, Swap Heroes 2 is a must play. Especially, if you've played the first Swap Heroes and you loved it, then the Swap Heroes 2 is a complete, more balance version of the game you've already loved. It simply swapping heroes in the tomb of the Shadow Knight!

Swap Heroes 2 4.5 Modern Jamming Feb 27, 2015

Braveland Wizard: Turn-based Strategy that Fits Your Pocket - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

Anyone that called themselves a fan of turn-based strategy would never miss one game called Heroes: Might and Magic. It’s one of classic games that actually defines any good or bad turn-based strategy games. But that dignity can only be proud of outside mobile games. Their own mobile game spins off was not even counted as a turn-based strategy games. Even more, the control was awful and not mobile-friendly at all.

This is what Tortuga Team saw as an opportunity, and they wanted to provide their own solution for this matter. Braveland is what they’ve tried to provide as a solution, and released in the same year is their second book called Braveland Wizard.

The story in this second book was different from the first one. If the first book was about mighty warrior that want to take revenge on his village, this second book is about wizard. A female wizard that has just finished her study only to find out that the world is in chaos and need some trimming. So she start up her journey along with her companions to solve world problems and restore the balance in the world. Also she needs to be graduated to become official wizard.

The game system itself was taking some inspiration from the original Heroes: Might and Magic series. In Braveland Wizard, and like the previous book was, you will be exploring the map. Along the exploration, a little bit similar to Heroes: M&M, you will be encountering some power ups, new companions, and merchant that will sell you some items. Enemies will also appear to continue the story or to block you from quite a generous reward. Beat those enemies and you will continue your story or gain some rewards.

 Map in Braveland Wizard. Story will continue as you explore the maps.

Map in Braveland Wizard. Story will continue as you explore the maps.

Battle system takes hexagonal pieces as the basis. You will have your squad ready to battle for you. Archer, Wizard Apprentice, Mage, and even Treant are ready to battle for you. You will also have some magic spells to use. So expect some strategic war with extra fireball and ice arrows along.

Your heroes (the female wizard) will have three cards. The first one is the character card where you will be able to equip your hero with items that can boost up your squad damage and stats. The second one is the squad card. In this card, you will be organising your squad characters, you can just reorder the lineup. The last card is the skill tree card. This is the new feature that introduce in the Braveland Wizard.

Every time you level up your character, you will be opening extra slots for your squad. Also you will get three talent points that you can spend in the skill tree. This skill tree will give some effect to your squads as well as your magic spells.

 Not all characters are allowed to be brought. Choose wisely which you want and which you don't

Not all characters are allowed to be brought. Choose wisely which you want and which you don't

Things I Like

Braveland Wizard are not exclusively available in mobile, it also available on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux users. But despite that fact, the port for mobile platform felt good. I didn’t have any complaint whatsoever regarding playing experience in my phone. Everything went smoothly and the control felt responsive.

I’ve played the first book and I’m quite surprised seeing that details were taken into care by Tortuga Team. Some characters that used to befriend with the hero are now enemies. Sprites reusability are used cleverly by the developer. They logically developing a story that makes sense to old player, so that the game felt reasonable although it used old sprites.

Skill Trees and Magic Spells are well welcomed. These two combinations are well implemented in the game. It’s not too much but well calculated so that the game didn’t feel out of balance.

I also love the replenish system after the battle over. Every time you do some battle, the chance are high that you will lost some of your squads. But the developer were kind enough to replenish your squad by deducting your coins reward.

 Braveland will automatically replenish your character that defeated in the battle.

Braveland will automatically replenish your character that defeated in the battle.

Tips and Tricks

I’ve finished the game with Normal difficulty, but I still think that some of you may stuck a little bit in advancing forward the stories even in Casual difficulty. So for those of you that stuck, here are some of my playing tips.

  • Play in dungeon. Coins are quite important in this games. Not only for purchasing items, strengthen your squad also need coins. To gather some amount of coins, you can try to battle enemies either in Dungeon or Arena. They will always available for you to beat. So go for them in you short on coins.
  • Know your enemies. Until this moment, I only encounter three types of enemies. The one with green sword icon, yellow, and red. As far as I’m concern, every time I did battle the red, the enemy will outdo me. And every time I did battle with the green one, it’s always an easy win. So my suggestion, if you’re going to war, don’t do with the red one. Try the yellow or green first.
  • Visit every ‘?’ point. Like many other games, ? always means something. This games also do the same, make sure you visit every ? in the game. They won’t do you any harm, they just want to give you something. It will be a merchant that selling items, or squad post that allows you to strengthen your squad. It might also be some power-up post that increasing your hero stats.
  • Strengthen your squad. If you can’t find any green or yellow sword icon, perhaps the problem is in your squad. You need to go to the squad post and fully stock your squad until it sold out. Make sure you always do this and your enemies will bow down before you.
  • Purchase every items. During your adventure, there are some merchants that will offer you some items that can be bought with coins. Make sure you buy all this stuffs. It will come in handy during battle. Just buy it and don’t forget to equip it. If it’s a spell then it will be attached in your book spell.

 Unfortunately, you can't reset your talent choice, so choose wisely!

Unfortunately, you can't reset your talent choice, so choose wisely!


I’ve had a pleasure experience while playing this game. Braveland Wizard is not too long, it will only take several hours (less than 10 hours) to finish the whole game. But despite the short amount of time needed, it finishes the story just where it should’ve been ended. The game pretty straightforward and it would be a pleasure experience for any turn-based strategy fan out there. Most of all, it fits in your pocket!

Braveland Wizard 5 Modern Jamming Dec 08, 2014

Terra Battle: Social JRPG from Final Fantasy’s Creator - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

There are several genres of game that I always love to play. One of genre that I love the most is turn based strategy game. Games like FF Tactics, Great Big War Game, Skulls of the Dragon, and XCOM Enemy Unknown are some of many fantastic turn-based games in iOS ecosystem.

Together with his own game developer Mistwalker, Final Fantasy’s creator Hironobu Sakaguchi released a puzzle RPG that comes with a turn-based strategy genre, Terra Battle. There is no limit when we’re talking about this guy. From becoming director of the first Final Fantasy until the fifth, until becoming the director of its movie Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within.

You will be handed with a team of six characters (you will get this by purchasing packs in the tavern). Together with this team you will be adventuring in various chapter of the stories. Well actually the story is nowhere near awesome, but you’ll get the real gem in the game soon.

Like many freemium game would be, the game also use so-called “stamina” to join the battle. Once you run out of stamina, you have to wait for several minutes to be able to do some battle again.

All of it seems so simple until you enter the battle mode. When the tutorial shows up, make sure you really understand what it’s all talking about. Even if you miss a part of it, let me help you to understand the battle system.

You will be facing 8x6 grid where all our characters and enemies are spread around the spaces. Number in the enemy cards meaning the number of turn before it starts to attack you. To attack the enemies, you have make sure two of your characters are flanked on both sides of the enemies.

Each turn, you’ll have some time to move around just one of your characters. This what makes the game so much fun to play with. You really have to count your move before start moving your characters. Once you move your character, the timer starts, and once the timer runs out, your character will drop into the square and your turn is done.

 You will have anything in your squads. Be it human or even monsters.

You will have anything in your squads. Be it human or even monsters.

Things I Like

The feature doesn’t stop only on surrounding the enemies. The other characters are also able to support your attack as long as they are in the same line with your character that surrounding the enemy. It enables a great damage dealt toward the enemies.

Once I move my character, I can use it to touch other characters and once it touches each other, the other character will be swapped with my current position.

All of this battle mechanism create a huge variety that can be found when playing the game. The possibilities are also limitless. Each of your turn are made so that it can blow your mind to make a great move even before you’re actually making the move.

 You can bring at most 6 characters. Bring your best team to finish the stage.

You can bring at most 6 characters. Bring your best team to finish the stage.

Tips and Tricks

There are some basic tips that I think you can use while playing the game.

  1. Use your best characters in your team. While this is some obvious tips, but make sure you put the rarity of your character first, then the next one is the level of the characters. Do not be greedy with the cuteness or the coolness of the character. To win, you got to use the best in your line up.
  2. Fully optimized your Formation. Make sure your team formation consists of 6 characters. Also, if you have more than 6, to optimize your team, only use 1 mage (don’t use more than 1). Mage doesn’t deal too much damage, they only work as healer, so if you have two mages, only bring the best one. Fill the team with other classes.
  3. Think before Act. Unlike many other turn based strategies, each turn in this game can be changing the game flow. So make sure every of your turn are dealing the most damage possible. Also don’t move your character unless you have known where you want to move the character. Otherwise, think first!
  4. Kill more enemies, get more XP. Make sure that you kill more than one enemies in one turn. You can do it by sandwiching your enemies, or preparing your attack line beforehand. When you kill more than one enemies in a turn, you get 10 XP extra per enemy you kill.
  5. Kill healers first. Like many RPG should be, kill the healers first. The healers in this game are able to restore health so much it’s like we dealt no damage to the monsters. So get rid of this annoying enemy before you even deal with the bigger enemy.
  6. Pay Attention. This should be taken to your mind already, sword beats spear, spear beats bow, and bow beats sword.
  7. If possible, make sure all characters are involved. When you move the characters, notice the blue line of other characters. The blue line means that character will give you support when you do the attack.

 Starting position doesn't mean anything, it's you who decide how the game will be

Starting position doesn't mean anything, it's you who decide how the game will be


While the graphics are nowhere near impressive, the battle system is so impressive I can’t found similar battle mechanics like what Terra Battle has offered. This game might not be available worldwide yet, but if you press this button below and find the games, make sure you download it right away.

Terra Battle 4 Modern Jamming Oct 19, 2014