Card Crawl: Spring Solitaire Card Game iOS Review & Tips


Solitaire has long been known as one of the controversial card games ever. Countless of people were playing Solitaire and lost hours of productivity because of this card game. As you also may know, Solitaire itself has many types. In Windows OS alone (in Windows XP), they have three types of Solitaire, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, and Klondike Solitaire. Not to mention other types of Solitaire games in Wikipedia.

In mobile app environment, Solitaire has also received a warm welcome from the game publishers. There are at least more than 20 games available on the App Store that using Solitaire as a theme — none of them though, is as groundbreaking as what Tinytouchtales offers. Card Crawl is the latest games from Tinytouchtales, a Berlin based Indie-Team founded in 2012, that creates a pachinko dungeon crawler game called One Tap RPG.

Card Crawl itself can be said as a unique way of redefining Solitaire, a legendary game that most people would just use it as it is; something that seems against the policy of Tinytouchtales. Tinytouchtales combines Solitaire with genre that they called it with, Dungeon Crawler. Card Crawl is inspired heavily from Blizzard’s Hearthstone as well as a canned game called Scoundrel. Based on these two games, Card Crawl has became a very solid game, both in design and gameplay.

In Card Crawl, you will be playing against a buffalo that’s very fond of Beer (well I think the buffalo is a German’s buffalo). This Hoerni (the buffalo’s name) will act as the dealer. Hoerni and the entire Card Crawler was designed by the talented artist, Max Fiedler. Max responsible for all the weird/cool card character, especially the design of Hoerni.

Now let’s leave Hoerni for a while and talking about the game. The purpose of Card Crawl is to clear the Dungeon that guarded by Hoerni (well, I think we can’t just really leave Hoerni alone) while collecting as much gold as possible. To beat Hoerni, you need to clear his deck that consists 54 cards in total. These 54 cards consist of Monsters, Sword (Spades), Shield (Clubs), Potion (Hearts), Coin (Diamonds) and 5 special cards.

Hoerni will shuffle the deck and deal 4 cards to the table. You as the champion will also have 4 slots to place the cards from the table. You will have left hand, right hand, yourself, and backpack slot. The hands will be equipped with the items (sword, shield, potion, and coin), backpack slot will be there to be equipped with extra item (just one), and you the champion will have 13 lives to survive the wave of the monsters. All the items and monsters in Card Crawl have all the value from regular solitaire card, minus the non-numbers like ace, jack, queen, and king.

Like what a solitaire game usually do, sometimes you can have a very bad card in your table. You can redraw the cards by exchanging it with your lives. There are also special cards that will help you turn the table. These cards are inspired by Blizzard’s Hearthstone naming convention (the names and the effects). So you can expect cards like Sap, Leech, or Vanish; all of them with similar effect with the original games. It means by using Sap, you can return a dungeon card back to the deck. Another example is Leech; by using this card you can attack monster and heal yourself for a certain life. There are total 20 Special Cards available in Card Crawl.

There are two modes available in Card Crawl, the first one is Normal Mode where you get 5 special cards picked randomly. The second one is the Constructed Mode. In this mode, you get to choose 5 special cards you’re going to bring to the dungeon. To unlock special cards, you can purchase it in the collections album using the coins (diamond) that you get from crawling the dungeon.

Card Crawl is too darn addictive

I love the simplicity brought by Card Crawl. The game is so simple, I can play it even while doing something else. It has became my go-to game lately since it doesn’t need you to think so much to continue the game. You can even just open the game, see for a while and you already know what to do. The game also perfect for your iPhone, it can be easily used by one hand. Each round can also be finished in a pretty short time. Be careful though, as slowly but sure Card Crawl will eat up your productivity time before you know; just like what a solitaire game does to us all.

Some basic tips for the beginner of Card Crawl (I get this from Hornie’s twitter:

  • If you loose often play more safely -> Don’t sell too much of you good stuff!
  • Use redraw! Redraw puts the 4 cards back at the bottom of the Deck. Use it to put good stuff at the end of the Deck.
  • Be efficient. Don’t overheal, don’t over damage. Don’t use a Leech card on a Monster that is weaker than 5.
  • Try to anticipate big Monsters. There are only 3 10-Monster in the deck. Always be ready to absorb 10 Damage if they are not dead.
  • Yes there is bad draw luck. Open the pause menu and restart! But most importantly have fun 😉

Need more reason to buy?

Card Crawl is easily suited for anybody who loves casual short game. It’s perfect for anyone with extra patience (well, Solitaire also means Patience anyway). With this unique gameplay, beautiful characters, supported with background music, you can sit down and enjoy Card Crawl while perhaps watching your favorite movie.