Goblins Dungeon with Intrepid Hero in BlitzKeep


RPG has been known as the most favorite genre to combine with. There are many new inheritance from that coming from combination between RPG game and some other genre that you choose. Be it adventure, puzzle, fantasy, simulation, even Japanese has their own unique RPG style to diversified their own gameplay of RPG. Role-Playing Games itself is a game where you take role of the main character. Then you will develop the character, either it through their ability or the character themselves, as you advancing throughout the game.

Originally, RPG will be played with a discussion panel, where you and your friend will be discussing which move you want to do and what would happen after you take the decision. Many people that familiar with D&D also know this kind of RPG as a Tabletop RPG. But as we already know, with the advancing technology, RPG also evolve pretty fast. Without us noticing, it has already evolved so much, the original felt outdated already. There are so many combination in an RPG game and all of them are trying to offer a fresh point of view in RPG games.

This is exactly what Flint Games tried to accomplish. Their latest game, BlitzKeep is trying to combine RPG that we all love with pachinko/pinball system. The idea isn’t the first one ever, but offer a fresh breath to a genre that pretty thirsty for ideas. In Blitzkeep, you play as the Intrepid Hero, a fearless hero that stands up against the evil Blitz Mage.

The Intrepid Hero will be fight inside the goblin dungeons where the darkness lies. Once you pass through all the goblins and that dangerous creatures, the Intrepid Hero will be facing against the huge boss. Beat them all and the intrepid hero will be advancing through island. Total for this first update are five islands that can be beaten by the intrepid hero. The next update will have another five islands. So in total the intrepid hero will have a generous 10 islands and many goblin dungeons to be passed through.

The gameplay is also very simple. You just need to tap anywhere in your screen where you want your intrepid hero to go, then he will go gliding to that particular direction. Like pachinko game, the intrepid hero won’t stop gliding until, in this game, find a spotlight or beaten by the monsters.

The dungeon will have some time limit. So if you can’t glide into the next room in a certain time, the Darkness will come and eat your intrepid hero alive. If you somehow manage to pass through that room, but must go back to the previous room without any reason. Know that the time won’t be reset and will remain the same as when you left the room.

Things I Like

I love the freshness of the idea brought inside the game. I know there are games like One Tap RPG or Rollers of the Realm that using a similar gameplay. But generally speaking, I have more satisfying experience in playing Blitzkeep.

The RPG component is nowhere near left behind in Blitzkeep. In each dungeon, there will be some items that left scattered. Items like armor, helmet, shield, or weapon, will be attached to the hero when the intrepid hero passing through them. I love that the old item won’t be just disappeared, but it more like the intrepid hero will drop the old one and change them with the stronger one. After the exchange finish, the result will be applied with the intrepid hero’s appearance. He will have a new item once he passes through the item.

You can also choose which upgrade you want to bring with during the level. You won’t be able to switch in the middle of the dungeon. The upgrade anyway, can be purchased via the SHOP with some coins. The coins can be found inside the dungeon together with the scattered items. Don’t miss this opportunity.

The gorgeous graphic are also one of the strongest point in this game. When moving from one island to another, I didn’t feel any reskin-ish for the enemies. So the enemies from each island will be varied depending on the environment of that particular island. This is good as it will also keep the game will be acceptable to the public.


I really can’t wait for the next update. I’m crossing my fingers that the second update will be released soon. For those of you that looking for new breath but still inside the RPG world, Blitzkeep might be a better solution. This game also suits for you that love customizing their character, but hate when they are needed to go from a point to another point, but taking almost 15 minutes just to do it all. A fearless battle of the Intrepid Hero.