Line: Let’s Get Rich – iOS/Android Monopoly Multiplayer Games Review & Tips


There are always lots of fun happening when we’re playing together with our friends. Board Games like Carcassonne, Risk, Dominion, or Settlers of Catan, are kinds of board games that always fun to play with our friends. Despite these kind of modern games, the classic board game like Monopoly or Halma has always had some place in our hearts.

This is what Line and Moodoo Online wanted to achieve. With Line’s registered user passes 400 millions, Line offers the fun of playing together in Monopoly game with other Line users (including your Line’s friends).

Line Let’s Get Rich is what you know as Monopoly game. As for now, the game only available only in certain countries in South Asia, while for other countries, the game goes with other title called Line Get Rich (same basic rules and game mechanic).

The basic rules of the game came from most monopoly game that you know. In Let’s Get Rich however, there are some extra changes that will make the game move faster and more fun to play with.

The game also offers some different modes that give different experiences depend on which mode you choose. In each mode, you can also choose to play a Single Mode or Team Battle. In Single Mode, you will have to play against the other players (at most 4 players in a single game). In Team Battle you will be divided into 2 teams, battling against each other, head to head.

Despite 28 properties in original Monopoly game, Let’s Get Rich only offers total 24 properties with only one tax field, and three chance fields. This is different with the original one that has two tax fields and two kinds of special cards (chance and community chest). The chance card in Let’s Get Rich is also made different, i.e: Angel Card that can be kept to exempt us from paying the toll properties, Yellow Sand that is used to decrease enemy city’s toll, and still many more. With this extra attack cards, the game became more dynamic and fun as we can now attack other players properties.

The other difference in this game is that we don’t need to complete our properties set before we start building a higher cost properties. After the first turn, we can start building a hotel once we stop by in our own properties. The toll will be doubled once we complete the color set of our properties, making the toll way more expensive once the enemy visit our properties.

We can also acquire someone else properties by paying double of their properties prices. After we buy their property, we can upgrade the toll’s cost by buying hotel or maybe build a landmark at that properties field. But we can’t acquire someone properties when they have built a landmark on it. So that’s where we plan our move.

There are also some winning condition that make the game finish faster unlike the original monopoly game. Triple Monopoly (when someone has acquired 3 color sets of properties), Line Monopoly (when someone has acquired all the properties in one side of the board), and Tourism Monoply (when someone has acquired 6 tourism attractions) are the winning condition that will ends the game instantly once someone has achieved this winning condition.

We also have a Character Card that can boost the chance of the game that we have. We can also have a better colored Dice to increase our dice luck and also helps us to win the game.

Things I Like

I love with how Moodoo Online has changed how Monopoly can be played. When we usually think that Monopoly is too long to be played, with Let’s Get Rich, we can even finish a game under 15 minutes. Something that the original can’t accomplished.

I also love the design of the game. Even with the small screen in the iPhone, I still have the same experience compared with what most bigger screen Android users can get. This was enabled by the rolling dice that’s using a big roll button that really helpful when we use a smaller screen.

The landmark that introduced in the game also designed with care. I mean, when we buy a landmark in Paris, we will get the Eiffel Tower. When we buy landmark in Jakarta, we will get the Monas, and so on. This means the developer really pay attention to the details of the game and that kind of attention helps us as the players.

The last thing that I love about this game is how we can able to play Let’s Get Rich with our own Line’s friends. Although the given chance to play with our friends are limited for only 3 rounds per day, it still gives me lots of fun playing the game together with our own device and shouting to each other.


Before we’re going for the tips, I’d like to explain about the character cards that provide critical strategy when playing the game. There are 7 stats for each Character Cards that has their own ability depends on their stats.

  • Exit Isle: Increase chance to get a double dice when in JAIL
  • Bonus Game: Increase chance to win in Bonus Game
  • Lower Cost: Decrease toll and tax cost
  • Golden Chance: Increase chance to get a GOLDEN CHANCE ticket
  • Cheap Build: Increase discount when purchasing a property
  • Dice CTRL: Manipulate dice number according to roll bar
  • Acquire DC: Increase discount when acquiring other properties

Now after you know the character card, I will try to provide you with some of my tips during my game setup.

  1. Add as many Game Friends as possible. This is to ensure you get clover gifts every day from you game friends. Don’t worry, Game Friends are different with your Line friends, so you won’t get any annoying notifications from them.
  2. Dice CTRL. To choose a good character, starts with its grade. The better the grade, the better chance you will get to win the game. But if you have same grade character card, choose the card that has higher Dice CTRL stats. With Dice CTRL you’ll be able to get a chance to control the dice number on the roll bar.
  3. Play in Business Mode. To increase a chance to get weekly or monthly gift, make sure you get a high rank point in each game that you’ve won. The highest rank point possible to achieve is through winning the First Class mode. But since all the pro player goes with this mode, you go with Business Class mode first. The rank point reward is quite generous, you’d be able to win the game easier and climb the rank faster. Although you’d have to buy some ticket first to enroll in the game, the reward is worth the gold.
  4. Roll doubles, Allowance x2, Even/Odd Dice, Random Chance Card. Before the game started you have the possibility to buy more power-up items. Make sure you buy it all, as it will definitely increase your chance to win the game. Don’t worry, gold can be easily obtained in this game.

Some tips that I’ve found useful during playing the game are.

  1. Loan ticket. During the game, if you’re being awfully bad on luck, you have a one time chance to buy the loan ticket. With this loan ticket, all your money will be spent, but you don’t have to sell any of your properties. So use this chance wisely to turn the table to your favor.
  2. Marble World Cup. Marble World Cup as you know, will double the property toll prices. But only one property is allowed to host this world cup. So, if you have hosted one and offered to host another city, if you think that your current property is good enough, don’t change it so you don’t need to pay for it. And if possible, put your marble only in your most expensive place.
  3. Build Hotel only on Expensive Places. Since no one can acquire a properties once the landmark built, make sure that you only build apartment on your cheaper properties. This to avoid that players goes in your cheaper properties and build a landmark in yours. Only build a hotel in expensive places, as it will put extra money for the enemies to even acquire your properties.
  4. Roll with a target. Don’t roll aimlessly. Aim your target property, either to buy it or to avoid it. Then try to target the bar. The right one is the big dice number, and the left one is the small dice number. When you character rolls out the Dice CTRL skills, you will get that dice number that you aim.
  5. Use chance card wisely. Some defensive chance card like Angel Card or 50% Discount will have a greater use in later game. So save this card and use it to avoid paying expensive tolls, or use it to acquire a very expensive properties.
  6. Use Pendant. Pendant will greatly improve your playing experience. There are some pendants that very useful like Eagle’s Toenail that will give you extra money when the game start, Black Card will also give you a chance to get a free toll. But anyway, if you find these two cards, make sure you keep it and enhance it.


Let’s Get Rich is an awesome take on the classic Monopoly games. Playing board game together with anyone in the world is always awesome. But playing together with your friends is priceless. Make sure to download the right game for your countries here.

For South East Asia countries:

For Other countries:

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