Lost Qubixle – A Game to Blow Your Mind for iOS and Android


My week is full of puzzle games and I’m very grateful for that. After having a huge feast of puzzles with The Magic Flute by Mozart, this time it’s another visual spatial imagination and logical thinking game from Germany one-man-developer under the name of Clear The Gap.

Inspired by a board game that I’ve tried my hardest to find its name but still couldn’t figure out the name of it, Clear The Gap will blow your mind with their game, Lost Qubixle.

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If you want to 

Lost Qubixle: The Premise

Lost Qubixle is telling a story about collapsed star. The collapsed star is called The Qubixle. The Qubixle is a cube-shaped star that needs to be reconstructed with the guidance of a robot called Qubie. However, this Qubie’s memory doesn’t seem to be the best memory ever despite being called as a ‘robot’. Qubie is only able to help you reconstruct the stars with only three views.

Now, it’s up to you on how you will figure out how to reconstruct the stars with as few cubes as possible with only these three views.

Lost Qubixle: The Gameplay

Lost Qubixle is coming with total 45 levels, of course the developer promise to give more levels in the next update. These 45 levels, are divided into three parts, BEGINNER level, INTERMEDIATE level, and ADVANCED level.

For each level, you will be given a certain amount of time, cubes, and three views of the answer. If you finish with the cubes given to you under the give time, you will be able to get perfect score.

In every level, you will have a 4×4 cube that can be rotated to view every side of it, from top to bottom, front to rear, and so on. Inside this 4×4 cube, you will have 1×1 cube that you can put inside this cube to meet the requirement and finish the level.

There are three requirements that you have to meet in order to finish the level. The FRONT view, the TOP view, and the SIDE view. You need to fill in order to make the cube exactly like all these three views.

You can tap to fill it with cube, tap again to stack the cube and so on. You will do this until the three sides are matched perfectly. However, you don’t stop just until this step, to make this level complete, you need to use the cube as minimum as possible. You can start to tap and hold, to remove the unused cubes and finding the perfect solution.

Lost Qubixle: Things I Like

I love how difficult this puzzle is. Not because that I want to brag myself, but it’s just amazing that a game that as simple as this, can be this difficult and mind blowing.

Being limited with time and cubes are also a great thing to add. Not only that, when you’re ran out of time and you decide to restart, the board is actually regenerate with a different problem.

Although the shape is actually stay the same, the position is a bit different. It makes you don’t just simply restart to fix your score, but you have to get the idea of solving this puzzle. It’s not try and die kind of game, but a true logic challenge.

Lost Qubixle is a game that was designed specifically for puzzle people. It was built for a short period playing time. So a level, wouldn’t be spent more than 5 minutes for you. After you’ve finished one level, you can go and doing some other things. Then, when you’ve finished, you can go back and start another level again.


After this, I’ll try to give you some advice that you might want to use. As for Lost Qubixle, I can’t help but recommend this game for all puzzle mind players out there. Although frankly speaking, Qubie doesn’t have anything but a premise for this game, Lost Qubixle itself has its own charm for the gameplay alone. I don’t think you can find anything like Lost Qubixle out there. This is clearly clearing the gap in the puzzle world.

Tips and Tricks

So, for tips and tricks, I have some advice that might useful for you. I know that this isn’t an easy game, but once you get the feeling, I think that you can advance until the intermediate level.

Try from one side

So my first tips is that, you don’t rotate the cube too much. Instead, you start from one side view. But make sure that the view you want to work first is SIDE view, TOP view, or FRONT view. This will help you to know if your choice is right or wrong. Work on this view first until the preview of this view is correctly filled. Don’t even think about the other side first.

Check the other side

Now after you’ve finished this side, check the other side preview. When you see red cubes, it means that you still got it wrong on the other side. Go back to the first side you choose. Now, try to tap the 1×1 cube that you’ve put in this side. In this way, you’ll fix the cube position on other side. Tap the cube until the other side preview is showing a green cube. Do it until all the side are green, for now, ignore the red cubes first.

Eliminating red cube

Now, after you’ve colored all the preview in green, now it’s time to eliminate the red cubes. To do this, tap on the preview, and tap and hold the cubes that were marked red in the preview. Clean it all until you’ve got no red cubes at all. Until this phase, you’ve finished the level with two stars.

3 stars

This part is the trickiest part. To get 3 stars, you have to rotate and keep rotating until you can eliminate all the extra cubes. To do this, you will want to start from checking side that has more than one cubes stacking on the same side. If you can find one, try to eliminate one of those and see if other side is affected. If not, then you’ve successfully come closer to the perfection.

3 stars, more advanced technique

If you’ve mastered this previous technique, let me show you how to get 3 stars, the quicker way. For starter, always start with one side only. Then, try to find a position that will fill all the three sides.

Make sure that every time you tap in a cube, all three previews will lock in green. Or if one side is turned red, it means that you will have to tap until the other side preview isn’t red anymore. Then, remove the previous cubes that were mistaken right away.

In this way, you will have a more efficient and faster way to perfect your cube shape. However, this technique won’t be that effective if you haven’t mastered the previous tips I’ve told you before.

And that’s it! I hope you can understand my article and can have a ton of fun playing with Lost Qubicle, just like I do. If you have any question or something that you couldn’t understand from my words, please do send me an email, and I’d be more than happy to help you out.

About Clear The Gap

Clear The Gap is a one man company from Germany. The man behind this company is Andre Breitenfeld and since he got my first computer, games and computer graphics were his passion all along. The Lost Qubixle is not his first game but the first one he completed and provided to the public.

Clear The Gap Is a company created because Andre thought that there’s still a gap opened in the mobile market. You can check out Andre’s works at his website.

And last but not least, I wanna thank Andre for his kind cooperations and promo codes sent to me for an honest review of this game.