Marvel Future Fight: Marvel Universe RPG – iOS/Android Game Tips and Tricks


Hey there fellow Avengers. I’m pretty sure you all have watched the last movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s a fantastic movie, if any of you come to this article and haven’t watched the movie, I’d totally recommend you this movie. It’s awesome!

Anyway, I won’t be talking about the movie here. I want to talk about NetMarble’s latest game. You all might have known NetMarble from their monopoly game collaboration with Line called Let’s Get Rich. It’s a worldwide company that has office throughout the world, from US to South East Asia country like Indonesia.

Now NetMarble, form a collaboration with Marvel, has launched an action-RPG F2P genre with all of Marvel Universe iconic heroes called Marvel Future Fight.


The purpose of me writing this, is not to promote the greatness of Marvel Future Fight. I believe that since its a free to play game, only with its screenshot and a couple of review like this can be convincing enough to download the game.

My purpose for this post is to elevate all the little details that you might have missed when you’re playing this game. With this post, I also want to help you if you have any question regarding the game. Hopefully, throughout this post your question can all be answered.

Play Marvel Heroes

But why do I bother writing this? Well, I’ve spent some time playing Marvel Future Fight and I couldn’t help but think that many people will grow fond of this game as much as I have. I have some reason why I think that many people like this game as much as I do.

My first reason is the detail of each Marvel heroes inserted by NetMarble Games. Marvel Future Fight came with as many as 36 super heroes and super villains across many Marvel Universe. With that many characters, NetMarble able to differentiate each character’s signature moves.

Not only mimicking the character original moves, NetMarble also amazes even more with adding their abilities and costumes. So you can expect the iconic Repulsor Blast from Iron Man or perhaps the Prince of Trickery’s Astral Projection. Along with the movie release, NetMarble also offers the costume from the movie so that you can at least brag to your friend about how cool your new costumer is.


My next reason is the graphic quality. For those who have played the game must be agree with this. Although the game renders a beautiful graphic, NetMarble doesn’t forget about the battery life as well as the app’s size. They put all these into consideration so that all players can have at least the same experience even if they’re using older devices.

My last reason is the freemium system. Unlike many F2P games, all the heroes in Marvel Future Fight is unlockable without you have to pay anything. That’s the most important thing for a F2P game.

Tips and Tricks

Okay, so here’s my list of tips and question that I’ve found during my time playing Marvel Future Fight.


Let’s start with the heroes. There are four hero/villain types, Combat, Blast, Speed, and Universal. All these types are complementing each other, just like what all RPG games have. As you can see in the screenshot below, all the types have their own strength and weakness. So you might want to consider their type and use hero type that have advantages against them.

Choosing Your Team

In Marvel Future Fight, I can conclude that we will be using the energy for five types of duty.
* Doing Normal Mission either to progress the storyline, or looking for gear items, or perhaps to help other heroes leveling. * Doing Elite Mission or Dimension Rift to collect Biometrics for unlocking heroes. * Doing Daily Mission to collect ISO-8 * Doing Villain Siege to collect Chaos Points

Don’t worry, if you don’t get what I’m talking about yet, you’re going to understand later. Anyway, so because of these purposes, you need to assign different hero for different purpose. What I mean is that if you’re going to look for gear items, I’d suggest you to multitask by leveling other heroes as well. You just need to bring one of your strongest hero, while the other heroes are those who need to gain some level. In other way, if you’re going to do something and the enemies level are way lower than your strongest, you can bring other weak heroes along.

On the other hand, if your enemy level is not that far from your team (progressing the storyline), I strongly suggest to bring your best arsenal. I’m saying this because there’s no way you can beat the opponents that has not-so-far level from your heroes. I’d say the level cap is 5 level at most.

Another way to pick up your team is to consider the team bonus. Team bonus is a bonus stat given to your team when you pick the right line up. The easiest bonus team that can be assembled is to combine Iron Man, War Machine, and Hulkbuster, the guys from NetMarble called this Iron Mania. Also, when you combine these three heroes, you will get a combo attack with all of three heroes attack the enemy together.


My next tips regarding heroes is about striker of each hero. Strikers will assist your active hero at key times during battle such as when your HP reaches critical levels (taken from the game). How do you know which heroes are the striker? You can go to My Team, there you tap the Marvel Universe icon.

After you’re in the Marvel Universe page, tap on whatever hero that you want to check its Strikers, let’s take Iron Man for example. Once you inside the stats page of Iron Man, tap on the striker tab and you will see all heroes that are the striker of Iron Man, including Captain America, Vision, Thor, and obviously the Ultron.

All these strikers will have their own percentage to aid Iron Man. So like Black Widow, she has 17% chance to help, Hulk with 16%, War Machine 20%, but Thor and Captain Marvel only have 11% to help.

Hero with Best Conditions

Heroes/Villains with Best Conditions are said to be activated when you rest your heroes. As far as I concern though, Best Conditions doesn’t have any exact pattern about how long you should rest your heroes. One thing that for sure is that your heroes/villains will have some sort of yellow/brown-ish square shiny border around them.

Hero with Best Conditions have to be brought because they will gain more experience and gold. So, they will level up faster and you will get more gold too. The other thing that can be used when a hero is on their Best Conditions is using EXP Chips.

For you who doesn’t know what EXP Chips are, EXP Chips are extra items that can be used to add extra experiences to your heroes. When heroes are in Best Conditions, it is best to use EXP Chips to them as it will give even more experience boost.

Tips on Upgrading Heroes

There’s a moment when you think, ‘gosh my team are so weak!’. Well they’re certainly not weak, it’s just that perhaps you’ve never upgraded their ability yet. There are some ways when we’re talking about upgrading heroes:

  • upgrade its gear
  • upgrade its skills
  • to rank up
  • to master
  • to equip ISO-8

Let’s talk the easiest technique first. The first thing to do is to upgrade heroes skills. It as simple as long you have enough coins, upgrading skills shouldn’t be a problem.

Next is to upgrade the hero mastery. When a hero have mastered their skills, their star usually turns from yellow to red and their stats will be boosted. Also, a master hero when put as leader, will have leadership effect to the whole team.

To master a hero, you need to collect source of mastery that depends on the type of the hero. You can then tap the mastery source picture to locate the chapter which that particular mastery sources are available.

Upgrading gear is somewhat similar with mastering hero. However, upgrading gear requires more various items rather than one mastery source. Still, you can tap on that particular items to locate what chapter will reward the items. Should you note that you won’t always get that item, however, if you diligently repeating that chapter, surely you will get those items you long for.

Rank Up is also somewhat similar with the previous upgrading technique. The difference is that now instead of looking for the items, you’re looking for Biometrics of the hero you want to rank up. You can also use this technique to find biometrics of other heroes.


So as you all know already, there are several missions available in Marvel Future Fight. There are Normal, Elite, Daily, Dimension Rift, Villain Siege, and Arena. Normal, Elite, Daily, and Dimension Rift are missions that need energy to play. However, for Villain Siege and Arena, you won’t need any energy but have certain limitation.

Usually, you would go to Elite missions since you want to get the Biometrics as the reward. However, you only have three chances to get the reward. More than that, you won’t get any reward. You need to wait the next day for the counter to be reset. There are also Clear Tickets that can be used for finishing the mission without having you spend time to go through all the waves and the boss. However, using Clear Ticket won’t give you any experience, you will only get the rewards and that’s it.

The other way to get Biometrics is to join the Dimension Rift. This Dimension Rift can be found when you doing Elite or Normal missions. Once you find this Dimension Rift, you need to finish the mission if you want to open up the Dimension Rift.

The other way to enter Dimension Rift is by having lots of friends and turning on the Notifications Center. Thus, when your friends found out about the Dimension Rift, you can join right away. So, make sure that your game friends is active in this game. Just delete all your inactive friends from your list.

Arena and Villain Siege are also another way to get Biometrics. You just need to meet the requirement and you can get the Biometrics. However, it won’t be as easy as the other two to get Biometrics. Well you will say amen when you’ve tried it by yourself.


Combining and playing with ISO-8 is one of the trickiest technique in this game. That’s because each gem has their own stats that may or may not suitable for your hero. If that happen you don’t have any choice but to throw the gem away.

Sometimes when you combine two of the same exact stat Chaotic gems, they’ll come out with a totally different stat. For example, someone from TouchArcade forum combined the Attack/Defense gem on his Spider-Man with another Attack/Defense gem and it came out as a Energy Attack gem. Worthless for Spider-Man.Not only Chaotic gems, it goes the same for other gems too.

However, it doesn’t mean that ISO-8 is useless. Because when you have met the requirement for the Bonus Set, it can boost the stats of your hero. My tips is to look for the recipe that suitable for your hero, then you prepare all the gems. Afterwards, spend 10,000 coins until you find the suitable Bonus Set.

Also be very thoughtful before you slot in a gem. Un-equipping a gem cost you 100 crystals. However, if you just want to change the gem without un-equipping it, you can just slot it with the previous gem in it, and the old gem will automatically changed with the new one.

Other Questions

I’d love to hear if you got any other questions and will try my best to find the answers. These are some questions that I think you might also have, as well as the answers.

  • When I unlock Uniforms, do I get the Biometrics too? No, if you don’t have the heroes, even if you’re unlocking the uniforms, you won’t get anything. You will only able to use the uniform automatically once you have the heroes.
  • What about VIP status? VIP status is a tiered reward system that rewards you for spending real money on the game (buying crystals). You can check this site for the complete list of what you will get when you purchase crystals.
  • Unlocking Package that promises 30 Biometrics, will it all a single character or random 30 Biometrics? Yep, it’s a 30 Biometrics of one single character.


So that’s it about my long tips about Marvel Future Fight. I truly hope that all my tips could be a little help for you while playing the game. I hope you’d be able to get the full playing experience after reading this post. I’d be even more happy if you want to take your time and share this post.