Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, Game of the Year Edition – iOS Game Review & Walkthrough


Before we start, if you’re looking for a walkthrough, I’ve been using this walkthrough to finish almost the whole game. For tips and tricks to beat the Oceanhorn though, you can check after the review here.

I personally think it’s safe to say that Legend of Zelda is one of the best adventure RPG games that ever existed in gaming industry. It has powerful story, complicated puzzles, cute characters, amazing background music, and hours of gaming.

As far as I concern, in iOS gaming industry, there aren’t many games that give you enough hours to have satisfaction in playing an RPG adventure games. Sure, there are indeed some games that gave you pretty long and satisfying hours. Some also even port the games from console version. But still that’s not enough.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is an action-adventure RPG created by Finnish game studio, Cornfox & Brothers. Inspired by one of the best game in action-adventure genre, Legend of Zelda, Oceanhorn brought what Zelda has done in console, into mobile device.

Things I Like

Oceanhorn brought what an action-adventure RPG should have, powerful story. The game revolves around a young brown haired boy that wants to follow his father path, to beat the Oceanhorn. Along the story, the boy will be travelling from island to island, retrieving the emblems and restoring the balance of the world.

Beautiful background music coming from the hands of Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito. Like I’ve always said, great music is always part of a great game. Since both of them are a legend in this area, Oceanhorn also coming with a beautiful music. So while you’re against the boss, the music will be more energetic. On the other hand, it will be more friendly when you’re in an island with friendly villagers.

Puzzle has always become star of every action-adventure. It seems that an adventure game without puzzle is like eating a steak without sauce. Oceanhorn didn’t forget about this and they put a lot of puzzle inside the game. Be it pushing through the crate, switch puzzle, and timing puzzle. All of it are well compiled, so that it will challenge you enough, but not too much or it frustrates you.

The thing that I love the most from this game is the graphics and the control. The graphics was enough to be compared with a console gaming. It has smooth frame rate, especially when rendering the island and fighting with the boss. The control also works perfectly because of the simplified button used in the whole game. There will only be three buttons maximum when you’re actively playing. Other than that, the game will be paused and you will have plenty of time to decide what you’re gonna do next.


Being able to play a Zelda game quality in iOS devices is like a dream come true. After spending 10+ hours playing Oceanhorn, I can safely say that Oceanhorn is one if not the best indie action-adventure game in iOS device. For 10+ hours of gameplay, solving puzzle and beating weird monsters, this could be the best game you can play in your mobile device.

Tips and Tricks

The final boss is always tough. There have never been one game that its final boss is easier than the previous one. For Oceanhorn though, as long as you notice its weakness, any boss is like a small fry to you. This is my tips to defeat the final boss in Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn is divided into two phases. The first one is where you confront it face to face. Have the shield ready to reflect Oceanhorn’s beams. There’s one particular corner, the one where you start. It is the best place to reflect the beams because of the space.

Stand still until oceanhorn starts shooting, then start moving forward and to a side to damage one of the legs. Once it falls, quickly go to that side to break the blue light. Afterwards, quickly come back to the original position, do the same with the other leg. Once Oceanhorn reveals the core, use all your might to hit it.

Be careful, after one round, it will starts to drop bombs. You can fence off bombs with the shield activated and the bombs will likely break the jars and reveal extra hearts. Do it like that and you can move on to the next phase.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

The next phase is way easier than the first one. You can equip the boots and roll over sideway. Try to activate the turbines until it electrocutes the oceanhorn. Once the oceanhorn falls down, the Dark Spawn will come out. You can just fight him along with his mechanic spawn just the way you use to know. With sword and shield, you can hit him the way you like it.

One thing that you need to note is your position. Make sure that when you fight against the dark spawn, you stay close with the oceanhorn. Because once you defeat the dark spawn, mesmeroth will try to regain control of the oceanhorn again. Once he tries to do so, pull over the flute and play it. Mesmeroth will fail to control oceanhorn and you will win the game.

Oceanhorn: Monster


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