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Lately, there were lots of action game that were released and used female as their main protagonist. Before, there were just few games that actually used female as the main hero and play biggest role inside.

I don’t actually know the reason why most game developers aren’t using female characters. However, I’m quite sure that these discriminations will be going to change. Since few weeks when endless runner Tomb Raider came out, more female heroes are starting to mark their feet as well in iOS community.

After last week, the beautiful Red from Transistor came and making her entrance. Now it’s time for the other female protagonist making her way. Coming from the maker of the critically acclaimed, Space Marshals, Pixelbite, a top-down action shmup (or shoot’em up) with hottie that blasts aliens, Xenowerk.

Coming from the same developer, you can expect some gorgeous graphics for the characters and the environment. However, from gameplay perspective, both of these games give a completely different feeling. When playing Space Marshals, you will have a more stealthy feeling. In Xenowerk, you will be facing all the enemies upfront, in fact, the game will advocate you to be brave instead.

Story and Plot

In Xenowerk, the world is coming to an end because of mutant infestation. As the last hope, you will be entering a science lab and destroying all the scientific experiment that went wrong.

There are 3 labs available where each labs are representing the difficulty of the game, from Easy, Medium, and Hard for the last lab. There are 10 floors for the first lab, and 20 floors for the last 2 labs.

To help you during the extermination, there are loadouts of Armors and Weapons. Xenowerk provides 5 armors to unlocked, no specific requirement needed but coins. The later armor you can unlock, the more advanced the skills that particular armor could provide. In total, there are 5 skills available, Full Heal, Speed Boost, Ring of Frost, Heat Nullifier, and Damage Boost.

As for the weapon, you’re allowed to bring two weapons. There are 24 weapons available and have various range, from a Shotgun to Rifle and Sniper, from Explosive to a Flamethrower. The more expensive the weapon is, the more powerful the weapon could be.


The gameplay in Xenowerk is very straightforward here. Once you’ve arrived at the crime scene, you will be welcomed with typical abandoned lab, a bit dark and gloomy. Inside, all the mutants are waiting for your arrival. While you shoot all the mutants, there are also some missions that you need to do. Don’t worry though, the missions are more like cosmetics and won’t bother you from blasting some mutants.

As for you, you will be controlling our female last hope. With dual-stick control, weapon switch, pause button to see the map, and camera button to adjust your view. Before you’re ready, the mutants already found you and quickly run into you. You’re firing the weapon, and you don’t feel to stop because the unlimited ammo. However, should you remember that you must take a break upon firing. There are an overload bar above the head if you’re firing too long. The trick to work this out is to change it with other weapon. When you switch it back, the overload bar will be gone and you can use it to fire at the mutants again.

At the end of each stages, you will be rewarded by your performance. After this section, I’m going to tell you about how to reach a good performance. The better your performance, the more coins you’d be able to get. More coins also mean more advanced weaponary and armory.

How to Reach Perfect Score

In every stage, there are three criterias to reach a perfect score. Finishing the mission is only a requirement for you to escape the floor, completing the floor in a perfect score is a whole different way.

To finish in perfect score, the first rule is to not die, once you die you can choose to restart the floor and regain your chance to get a perfect score, or you can choose to respawn and continue from you die. However, you will lose your chance to do a perfect score.

The next way to reach perfect score is to exterminate all the mutants. In order to do this you need to blast all the mutants that signed with red dots in the map.

The last and the most difficult is to kill mutants simultaneously. Since Xenowerk is a shmup game, you obviously can’t kill the mutant in a stealth mode, you need to confront it, run away to group the mutant, then blast them away. If you’re able to reach at least 5 mutant combo kills per room, there’s a guarantee that you will be able to fulfill this requirement.


The mutants can’t be said that they’re evolving in a more difficult lab. You can still find the same mutants from the first level inside the last level. However, you won’t be encountered an alone mutant. In a higher difficulty, the amount of mutants will be increased. Not only that, the mutant that previously become the boss is also taking participant.

Even if the mutants are mostly the same, the more you play with Xenowerk, the more you can feel the creativity of Pixelbite. They will be adding more mutants before you’re actually aware about the situation.


The complexity of Xenowerk couldn’t be compared with what Space Marshals has. Even so, I think that Xenowerk will be suitable for those who prefer a more fast-paced shmup game where you will run here and there while keep shooting the mutants. Considering the price too, Xenowerk will be a great additional game for many casual gamers out there.

XenowerkGameshmupiOS, Androidxenowerk, mutant, shoot’em up, dual stick gameRating:4

About Pixelbite

Pixelbite studio is a Sweden-based indie developer game studio that has ambition to offer console quality game experiences tailored for handheld devices. Pixelbite is well-known for their in-house engine to give a unique touch and feel for players experience.

Until today Pixelbite has released 10 game titles on multiple platforms, that’s including the critically acclaimed, Reckless Racing series and of course, Space Marshals.

Pixelbite was established in 2009 by five enthusiastic industry veterans. Since then, the team has grown into a group of 11 awesome artists and coders with over 90 years of collective development experience. The Pixelbite game studio is located in Helsingborg, Sweden.

MISSION: Offer cool and fun high-end mobile games through digital distribution.

You can always follow Pixelbite amazing works in their website, twitter, and facebook.

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