Play Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle in A Day in the Woods for iOS


Little Red Riding Hood is one of parents favorite bedtime stories. This european fairy tale has been changed numerously and adapted in many readings. The story itself was first published by a French author and member of the Académie française, Charles Perraut.

Based on Perraut’s fairytale, little red riding hood’s costume is a hooded cape/cloak. In most of the story, the little girl was illustrated as a naive, simple-minded girl, that wears a red hooded cape while bringing a basket full of foods for her grandmother.

There are four characters involved in little red riding hood story. The little girl with red hooded cape as the main character, the grandmother whose her house is separated with a dark forest, the wolf as the villain who wants to eat little girl’s food (in some version, eat the girl as well), and last, the woodcutter as the hero who saves both grandmother and little girl as the closing story.

This fairytale, is the base of our next sliding tile puzzle game. This latest little red riding hood puzzle game is coming from Retro Epic, and it’s called A Day in the Woods.


About A Day in the Woods

A Day in the Woods itself isn’t really a new game. A Day in the Woods was released as a PC game in 2011 and during that time, it has received a very well responses, named as one of the best PC games in 2011 by Gamezebo. Now in 2015, the little red riding hood puzzle game has been re-released for iOS, with a re-designed level difficulty and order, new music, and some extra touch-up and garnish on the user interface.

For those of you who don’t know anything about A Day in the Woods, let me walk you through the game. At its core, A Day in the Woods combines classic sliding tile puzzle with hexagonal pieces instead of just square. You can expect how the gameplay would be, from a sliding tile puzzle game. Yes, you will be tapping to slide the piece until you reach the goal.

Like what I’ve stated above, A Day in the Woods is based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, that’s why I call it, Little Red Riding Hood puzzle. In this game, you’ll be playing as the Wisp, a magical fairy that tasked to help Red, the little girl with red hooded cap. As the Wisp, in each level, you will guide Red to stay away from all the bad creatures and arrive in a house that’s supposed to be Granny’s houses. Well, as it turns out, the house that’s supposed to be Granny’s house isn’t her house. So, you and Red set to start an adventure to reach the real house of Granny.


Back to the gameplay, in each level, you will try to get 3-stars rating. In order to get the first star, you just need to reach the “supposed to be” Granny’s house by sliding Red into the house. The second star can be reached by guiding Red into Granny’s house within a set of steps, which Retro Epic called with par. The last star, when achieved you’ll get a perfect score, can be claimed by getting all the berries and flowers in the map.

Even if all of the rules and gameplay seem to be simple, the obstacles are the real challenge in A Day in the Woods. There are various obstacles available to give you some extra challenge. I’ve encountered Bears and Spiders now, and from the trailer, Wolves are also one of the obstacles. All of these obstacles must be moved away from Red so she can safely walk through. Not only that, there is firecamp that act as another obstruction for the animals. The animals are afraid with fire, so as Red can’t be near animals, the animals also couldn’t be near the firecamp.

After all that complications, here comes the good thing. There’s a beehive that can distract the bear vision from Red. So if the beehive is staying near the bear, Red now can stand close to the bear.

The Graphics are GORGEOUS

All of those, are my experiences in the first 10 level of the game. With 60 levels in total, Retro Epic promises a more interesting and difficult challenges in getting Red across the board to Granny’s real house. Just like what Theunis Lombard said, developers in Retro Epic have spent some serious amount of time in designing levels in this little red riding hood puzzle. All of that time was to ensure the players from suffering drop-off out of frustration. I’ve experienced myself playing this game, and it has this sort of progression that slowly but sure, built from bottom to top, from feeling that this game is a piece of cake, slowly rising into a rock bottom solution.

Nevertheless, the graphics of the game feel really fantastic. The characters design are incredible, the environments are fantastic, trees, firecamp, the fields, even the lighting feels fantastic. Retro Epic said that A Day in the Woods is using wood-cut art style as the based which I’m totally agree with.

A Day in the Woods also felt like playing with a board game, it reflects where there are two boards available as the background, and all the pieces are pre-defined as the puzzles, that we have to solve. The characters and the surroundings design are rendered like a wood-cut, so you can see sort of like a wood fiber from the characters.

Not just that, Retro Epic also prepared extra skins for the background and the wisp. As for the background, there are four seasons ready to be unlocked when you’ve reached certain stars. This will affect the background as well as the pieces and the surroundings. For the wisp, Retro Epic prepare three upgrades, the wings, the flare, and the trail. With more than 20 upgrades, there are lots of thing to be customized.

The audio and the music are also adding the adventurous feeling in A Day in the Woods. Like when Red reaches “supposed to be” Granny’s house, there will be a “knock knock” SFX behind along with alert tone that signs you’ve finished the level. There are also unique SFX when you’re moving Red, the Bear, and the beehives.

While most of the time, there are no BGM (background music) when you’re inside a level, I believe it was done in purpose, so you can focus into the game. After you’ve finished, the BGM that take playful/fairytale as a theme, will be heard to you showing the capabilities Tim Harbour from Jumpship Music has in their arsenal.



Not only beautiful graphics, soothing music design, well-thought level design, Retro Epic also stated in their press kit that A Day in the Woods is a family-friendly game. So you can play this little red riding hood puzzle with your family, take your time to solve the puzzle together. However, if you’re a hardcore of puzzle gamer, you can try to solve all the puzzles with perfect score. Bottomline, A Day in the Woods suitable for every puzzle fan, even for those who don’t really a fan of puzzle can try this game and can still enjoy the game.

A Day in the WoodsGamepuzzleiOS, iPhone, iPadlittle red riding hood, puzzle, sliding puzzle, hexagonal puzzleRating:5

About Retro Epic

KwaZulu Natal, the garden province of South Africa, might be better known for its warm ocean currents and rich history as the “Place of the Zulu”, but it should also be famed for being the founding home of the RetroEpic Software game studio.

RetroEpic Software started with just two very passionate people – brothers, Niki and Keith Boshoff, in 2007. Since then, we’ve grown to a larger team with a wide range of game development skills and talents. We’ve also moved to Cape Town to get a better view of the famous Table Mountain.

Retro Epic have created 3 games and A Day in the Woods is their first commercial title that they’ve ever released. You can check all about Retro Epic in their website, blog, twitter, and their facebook.