Play PES in iOS/Android with PES Club Manager (Tips and Tricks)


14/15 season has finally over with the triumph of Barcelona as the winner of the Champions League. Although all the excitement of watching european football league has over, that doesn’t mean football lost its appeal. On the other hand, we’re actually entering another exciting moment, the transfer window period.

Within this transfer window period, all football fans will be very eager to wait who will be transferred into their favorite club, the rumour, all that stuffs that its euphoria doesn’t lose to Champions League final. As we all know, some of european league has opened its transfer window period. As for Premiere League, we should wait until 9 June for usually the most excited transfer window.

So while we wait, you probably want to check out the latest game from Konami, the maker of Pro Evolution Soccer that we are loved. The game took football manager simulation as a genre and its called PES Club Manager.

It’s a Freemium Game, how good could it be?

Well, indeed PES Club Manager implements energy to play a game, its 3D Match Engine really mind blowing. If you’ve played PES 2015 before, PES Club Manager brings all the players amazing movement and collision detections from the console game. It also brings the face rendering from the console, so you can expect a really close to Mario Götze face in this game. So, although the overall graphics obviously isn’t as good as the console, but it can still be count as a game with amazing graphics for mobile device.

Apart from the graphic quality, PES Club Manager brings all the good thing about football club simulation game. So it means, you will be taking care of a football team, from team operational up until the club operational.

The team operational are including the team formation, strategy, and set pieces taker, all of their contract renewal, player development, taking care of their morale and preserve their energy are also part of your duty in PES Club Manager.

And, if you think that all of these stuffs are still far from complete, let’s move on to the club operational. In club operational, you’ll be responsible to fulfill sponsorship and TV rights requirement. Beside that you will also need to take care your stakeholder, the fan, upgrading stadium including the lighting, the score board, its roof, and seats will help your stakeholder to love your club even more.

You can also build Youth Academy as a club facility and you’ll have access to Youth Team. In this youth team, you will have players to choose from and the list will be renewed at the end of each season or each time you upgrade the Academy.

OK, you got my interest, but how does PES Club Manager played?

Basically, you will have 5 balls that can be used for playing a game. The ball will be replenished once every 30 mins. During the game, you can switch the view between 2D visuals, 3D visuals, or assisted view where the game will change its view when a chance for goal is showing.

You can also decide your in-game tactics right away. There are 5 tactics that you can change in the middle of the game. Offense Styles, Attack Build Up, Offense Area, Defensive Style, and Pressure. So whether you want your team to possess the ball/counter attack, using short/long pass, attack from the middle or using wide court, it’s all your decision.

This is quoted from PES official blog. However you can change some details on the fly to react better to your opponent’s strategy:

  • Attacking style: Switch quickly between possession or counter attack
  • Build up: You can choose to maintain control with short passes or send your * ball to the frontline with long passes.
  • Attacking area: Shift your progress to either the middle or the sides on the * fly.
  • Defensive style: Get up close and personal with frontline pressure or lay in * wait with all-out defence.
  • Pressuring: Hunt the ball down aggressively or block their spaces with * conservative pressuring.
  • Attack / Defence level: With a handy slider you will be able to control how far your team goes, with 7 different levels of intensity, going from “Park the Bus” all the way to “All-out Attack”.

There are also tactical options that can be set inside the Team Edit view. In this more detailed view, you can even set the support range for each player. You can also set how many or few players will be doing attack. Defensive line can also be set in this more detailed view. Or if you don’t want to be that detail, you can slide left/right the ATK/DEF level and all the details will follow.

Not only that, you can also check the performance of each player from the Match Data view. Who’s doing the most dribble, doing the most pass, all the facts that you might consider before you’re doing mistake like subbing your best field player into the bench.

Tips and Tricks

Before concluding my review of this game, I’d like to put some tips on playing PES Club Manager. I’ve climbed myself up to Division Level 4 now, so my tips here might not be that advanced for you. However, as soon as I got more tips, I’ll update you. As for now, here are the tips that I’d like to share with you.


The first one is the scouting/player management. There are 2 types of feature that you can take advantage from. The first one is your players. My tips is that you need to keep your player until they reach age 30. Once they reach this age, this means that this player will only decline his stats. You can use it until his contract running out, then sells him.

The next thing that you can take advantage of is the transfer market. In this market you will want to look for the best young player available in the market. Don’t look for the stats, look for the rarity star of the players.

Age and Star Rarity Rating

The rarity will affect the development of the player. How capable the player could go. More star your player have, more indispensable those players are. However, every player that reach age of 30 can’t be expected to be that good anymore. Their stats will be declining and soon you’ll need to sell them.

Youth Team

As I’ve stated above, you can build your own Youth Academy. The more you upgrade this academy, the better you will get youth player for your team. So my advise is to upgrade this as soon as possible. Take a look at 3-stars players, promote it to your team and do it again. Even if you don’t have slots for this player, you can still keep him and sell him if he already reach a better stat.

Upgrading Stadium

Stadium is one of the most important piece in PES Club Manager that gives you extra money. Here are list of items that you can upgrade in your stadium.

  • Stands: Increases your stadium capacity.
  • Shops: Increase the income from merchandise after each match
  • Parking Spaces: Allows more of your fans to reach the stadium.
  • Roof: Increases the amount of fans that will come during poor weather
  • Lighting: Increases the satisfaction of fans, providing more income.
  • Scoreboard: Increases the satisfaction of fans, providing more income.
  • Grass: Reduces the chance of injury for your players during home matches.
  • VIP Rooms: Increases the performance of your players now that VIPs are watching


PES Club Manager is an amazing game with amazing graphics and satisfying feature for a football club simulation game. From the detail level, I personally recommend this game to be played while you’re waiting for another great football club simulation. PES Club Manager offers a refreshment in graphics quality and I don’t think anybody that’s a football fan can resist this game.

PES Club ManagerGamefootball simulationios, androidfootball, pes, ios, android, club, manager, football managerRating:4 stars