Please Don’t Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide

Please Don't Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide

Before we even start, let me tell you that this post contains a lot of spoiler. If you’re looking for a review on why this game is worth your money, please take a look to this review.

This post however, is made exclusively for those who have seen the shine reflected by this little gem from BulkyPix and Four Quarters. This is Please, Don’t Touch Anything.

PDTA: The Premise

There are lots of cartoon series that use the same premise as what PDTA has. It all starts with one Red button and a task given to you while your partner is taking short toilet break.

There’s no way you can resist pressing when you’re left with just one red button, and nothing else to do. Moreover, when you press the red button, nothing happen beside a switch appears out of nowhere. The rest I believe is what we all love the most from the game.

PDTA: Things I Like

Before I’m actually spoiling out everything, let me share some of my Before I’m actually spoiling out everything, let me share some of my personal favorite things that I love from PDTA.

So my first love is coming from the title itself. For me, the title is clearly stating that this game is all about touching everything. Please, don’t touch anything clearly is a positive negative statement that ticks off curiosity of people like me.

My second love come from the riddle inside PDTA. All the riddles inside have been designed carefully so that every riddles have clear explanations that’s mind blowing and creepy at the same time. I can’t recall myself getting the goosebump feeling just because I was resolving something that I didn’t even know how to resolve.

The more you play the game, the more you feel that PDTA is unreal. A highly complex puzzle-box style game that can be compared with game like The Room. There are lots of outcomes and set of secondary puzzles ranging from pattern problems to just plain explanation.

Kudos to the creepy devs!

PDTA: The Walkthrough

Thank you for staying with me, reading all my thoughts about PDTA. These are my compiled list how to unlock ending. This list isn’t finished yet. I’m still left with last ending before I’ve finished the game. Nevertheless, please enjoy my list and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

Ending 1, 2, 3

  1. Don’t touch anything during one minute
  2. Press the Red Button 20 times
  3. Press the Red Button. A switch appears. Turn it on and press the Red Button again

Ending 4

  1. Horror ending. Press the red button twice.
  2. Looking from the instruction board (the one with I III II II III I), enter 132231 into the top keypad.
  3. Move the lever to the left.
  4. Looking again from the mathematic equation on the Instruction board, enter 8367 to the number keypad
  5. Look again on the instruction board, there’s a star picture on it. Try to create a star with just 5 moves. Check the screenshot below and finish it yourself.please-dont-touch-anything-pdta-all-endings-walkthrough-and-guide

Ending 5

  1. Press the Red button 15 times until the hammer comes out.
  2. Hammer it to the screen and press the mysterious ? button
  3. You will have some creepy ending there

Ending 6 & 7

    1. Try again the 132231 combination.
    2. Move the lever to the left.
    3. Looking again from the mathematic equation on the Instruction board, this time enter 8232 to the number keypad.
    4. On the time machine press the left button, repeat again the press the right button.

Ending 8

  1. Press the Red Button 8 times, a screwdriver will comes up.
  2. With this scredriver, open up the panel on the right side in the board. Four color (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow) buttons will come out.
  3. Follow the number 2 on the instruction board. The GRAB is mistaken with GRBB (in my case, yours could be different). However, that word stands for G=green, R=red, B=blue. So press the button following this instructionPDTA: The Walkthrough

Ending 9

  1. Go to the number keypad (move lever to the left) and input 8367.
  2. This time, at the instruction board look at the number (mine is 1243).
  3. Input it into the four number keypad below the panel.

Ending 10

  1. This time instead of moving lever to the left, move the lever to the right.
  2. Looking at the instruction board, see the WORK and blue black dot
  3. Input the dots to the bender 0 and 1 panel. Blue color is the 0, Black is 1.

Ending 11

    1. Go again moving the lever to the right.
    2. Look the CORRECT word flipped over in the instruction board.
    3. Follow the arrow and press the panel with four green buttons.

Ending 12

  1. This one you will need to go back to the four number keypad on the bottom of the screen (8367 on the number keypad).
  2. To solve this one, go to the instruction board on number 3.
  3. The sequence reads 1=11=21=…=111221=312211
  4. This is a bit complicated, but let me explain the first three sequences to you. The second sequence actually reads how many number in the previous sequence. So, the first sequence has one “1”, says the second sequence. The third, reads the second sequence, “it has two, ‘1’ numbers”, so it stated 21 in the third sequences.
  5. How about the last sequence? It reads three “1” numbers, two “2” numbers, and one “1” number. Hence, the last sequence answer is 312211.
  6. The fifth sequence is reading our riddle answer. It reads one “1” number, one “2” number, and two “1” numbers. So the answer for our riddle is 1211.
  7. The riddle is not finished. The game will reproduce a melody that we should listen. Then, try to reproduce it in this musical panel that just shows up. The answer is “right-right-middle-left-left-left-middle-right”.

Ending 13

  1. Go once again to the number keypad, but don’t press anything yet.
  2. Now press the Red button again until the screwdriver shows up.
  3. Now take this screwdriver to screw wire just under the monitor. A screen will appear.
  4. Tap the “DON’T DO IT” paper 4 times, and “Pisano Leonardo” will show up. This Pisano Leonardo is also known as “Fibonacci”.
  5. To finish this riddle, enter the first 9 digits of Fibonacci in the number keypad. The answer is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13
    PDTA: The Walkthrough

Ending 14

  1. Let’s get back to the 4 green buttons.
  2. Now, instead of doing on the top side, let’s press the replective side of the arrow on the bottom buttons.
  3. When the sort of digit counter shows up in the right side, press the grey button and wait until you think the counter will reach ‘276’. Stop it using the red button upside the grey button, and if you’re correct, press again that red button and you will get the ending.

Ending 15

    1. To tell you the truth, I can’t even finish this one yet.
    2. Push the restart button until you encounter the aeroplane game.
    3. To drop the bomb, press the Red button.
    4. Make sure though, that you destroy something with every bomb that you had, otherwise you won’t be able to finish this one.

Ending 16

  1. Press the Red button 15 times until a hammer shows up.
  2. Hammer the Red button until some weird red creature shows up.
  3. Hit it one or two times, then hit other red creatures.
  4. After you’ve smashed the creatures, hit again the main creature, do it until all the creatures and the main creature die.

Ending 17

  1. Reveal the screwdriver and drag it to the instruction panel
  2. Now set your device time into 11:59 and go back to the game
  3. Wait until a ticket is revealed. This ticket has some dots in it.
  4. Read it from the bottom up (the dot that comes out first) and input the dots into the I, II, III buttonPlease Don't Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide

Ending 18

  1. Let’s open the box with green buttons.
  2. Then press the buttons with the mirroring technique to show the red and grey with numerical counter
  3. Now, try to aim 666 instead of 276. Once you’ve done, press the red button above it.
  4. A new panel with multiple icons will appear. Turn off all icons except Key, Eye, two Waves and Hourglass to finish. These icons are appearing when you hammered the screen to get the illuminati ending.Please Don't Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide

Ending 19

  1. This ending consists of connection with other ending and will blow you away
  2. To start, reveal the screwdriver and open up the instruction panel
  3. Notice this four code, B*, D1, D7, and *4. This stands for coordinate.
  4. So, open up the lever and turn it to the left side to reveal the numeric keypad, enter 8367 to reveal the 7×7 board.
  5. Another hint is coming from the mirroring technique at the green board where it will be revealing a D4 upside the red grey button.
  6. Enter these informations to the 7×7 board. B4, D1, D4, D7 and last is the F4, because you have to enter 5 informations to the board and the picture would be asymmetrically otherwise.
  7. Now if you notice, the pictures of the endings are actually showing something. Like when the board with “DON’T DO IT” shows up, it actually cuts two pictures and creating numerical code. Enter “4020” from these pictures to the numerical keypad and you will be shown some gold panel.
  8. Put the diamond on the right side of the panel and press the button.Please Don't Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide

Ending 20

    1. Once the Red Button has been pushed a hundred times in total (across multiple “runs”), hitting the “Restart” button will result in the screen displaying “Awaiting Input”.
    2. Press the Red button.
    3. Another red buttons will show up and try to find the right red button.
    4. Do this until you’ve input the right buttons.

Ending 21

  1. Notice there’s a red notebook in the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap it and you will have a kind of freak criminal shows up.
  3. Choose the ‘X’ and you will have another ending.

Ending 22

  1. Press the Red Button
  2. Press the panel following the grey arrow, the red arrow will guide you forward, then a green panel will show, try to turn on all the lights.
  3. Everytime you turn on a light, the lights around it will be shut down.
  4. The rest is yours to solvePlease Don't Touch Anything (PDTA) All Endings Walkthrough and Guide

Ending 23

  1. Instead of pull the lever to the left, now pull it to the right
  2. It will show you a UV light, use this to shine the one beside panel with the screws, you will find 0=23, 1=4, 2=1
  3. It is a the number location, so now restart the game and pull the lever to the left.
  4. On the 10 numerical keypad, enter 2001 (2 in first location, 0 in second and third)
  5. If you use the UV light again and use it in the bottom side of the panel, you will see that it points up Pluto in the solar system
  6. Enter this information to the new panel that shows up to you, you will get a key afterwards
  7. Now use the screwdrivers to open up the right side panel (the one with RGB buttons)
  8. Push the red button 4 times to get a key lock opened up
  9. Use the key from the pluto panel to unlock itplease-dont-touch-anything-pdta-all-endings-walkthrough-and-guide

Ending 24

  1. Use the UV light to shine the DON’T DO IT and you will have DOT highlighted
  2. Try to shine it a little bit below and you will have “MORSE”
  3. The morse code of DOT is dash dot dot dash dash dash dash. Dash is 1 and dot is 0, so the answer is 100111.
  4. Input this to the bender panel.

Ending 25

Since I haven’t completed all the endings, I still can’t press the Red button and acquired the last ending. However, from what I’ve read, once you’ve completed all the endings, you will only need to press the Red button and you will get the coffee. Still super struggling with “Bomb the City” quest.