Space Marshals: An Addicting Western Cowboy Game


I grew up reading Lucky Luke comics. From Lucky Luke, my interest with wild west story along with their sheriff, outlaws, and cowboys are built up. There are lots of iOS developer that live up this old western genre by creating some “cowboy fighting outlaws” games. None of them similar to what Pixelbite has for us.

Pixelbite has been well known for its “one of the best racing game in App Store”, the Reckless Racing series. Of course their latest game, Reckless Racing 3 is a must play for all racing gamers.

This time, they’re introducing a new genre out of their comfort zone. From racing games, Pixelbite goes with a western cowboy game called Space Marshals. In Space Marshals, we play in sci-fi outer space with Burton as the main character. Burton as the Space Marshal, along with other marshals will try to track down all the outlaws that have been running away from their space prison.

Things I Like

Space Marshals brings down what has been proven from their previous games, beautiful 3D graphics. With this amazing 3D graphics you can expect loading screen here and there. Pixelbite however, proves otherwise. The loading screen that will hit you are when the stage is prepared and after you finish the stage. Inside this western cowboy game, there won’t be any loading screen that will bother your cowboy.

In Space Marshals, instead of rambo-ing the enemies, you have to be tactical. Sneak around to make sure that you can get behind and kill them without making too much noise. To do this, in each stage, there will be lots of place to hide your cowboy from the enemies. From boxes, stones, or even graveyard stone, you can use all the surroundings to cover yourself. The 3d isometric view of this western cowboy game will also help you find your nearest hiding place and enemies.

 With 3d isometric view, you can check where your enemies heading as well as looking for a place to hide

With 3d isometric view, you can check where your enemies heading as well as looking for a place to hide

There are also various of weapons and gears that you can use to support the cowboy finishing all the outlaws. You can basically use one body armor, two types of grenades, one handgun, and one heavy weapon. Every gear or weapon that you choose to bring into the stage will decide your tactic.

The Outlaws however won’t let the marshals do whatever they want. In every stages the outlaws will be upgraded as well. There will still be some easy enemy that can be hit by one kill. But as you progress through this western cowboy game, there will be some outlaw that has armor, even they can be invisible for a few seconds.

I also love the performance-based reward. Each time you finish the stage, you’ll be rewarded by weapons or gears. The option of weapon or gear that you can choose however is based on your performance. So if your cowboy didn’t die even once while playing and you finish all the tasks given, you can choose the best option available. Otherwise, just receive whatever they gave to you. You can always replay the stage if you think that the other reward is also needed by the cowboy.

 Don't let the enemies even know your cowboy was there

Don’t let the enemies even know your cowboy was there


Space Marshals is what a sci-fi adventure should be looked like. A beautiful graphic accompanied with stealth tactical based top down shooter, it is a must play for fans of western cowboy games. Ah, and not to mention, no internet connection required, not even IAP needed , iCloud save also supported so you can play on your iPad and continue it on your iPhone on the go. Isn’t that sweet?


Space Marshals5Modern JammingJan 14, 2015