The Silver Bullet: Prometheus Review from Byulram Studios for iOS and Android


Have you ever imagined pulling out all the puzzle in Lara Croft game, leaving just Lara and her dual handgun with all the bad guys? How about a game where there is only one heroine beating up all the bad guys?

ByulBram Studios, an Incheon-Korea based indie studio, tries to picture it to you who have dreamt about Lara Croft being only with her dual handgun without any puzzle. Their latest release game called, The Silver Bullet: Prometheus.

What is The Silver Bullet: Prometheus?

The Silver Bullet: Prometheus is an isometric action shooter where you play as Agent Kali, an agent from counter creature organization under the Vatican. At first, Kali was just tasked to investigate what happen behind the mysterious accident in Axis-21, a research drilling platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

As it turns out, from just a simple investigation, Kali were brought into a much deeper conspiration theory with a much more complicated organization. In 31 levels, Kali will try to reveal who are the creeps behind all these mess, now that she’s at point of no-return.

In these 31 levels, Kali will be using all her skills to survive against many weird creatures who attack her and that’s including zombies, weird and slimy animals, up to a magical creature who can hide themselves away. Moreover, since there are still some researchers left inside the building, Kali has more responsibility to save them, explore and finish this mystery.


In The Silver Bullet: Prometheus, Kali will be equipped with dual handgun, armor, boots, and some grenades. There are 4 upgrades available for her, Damage, Accuracy, Speed and Health. However, the developer was saying that the game was designed so that there are no upgrade needed and players can still beat the game. So if you’re up to that challenge, please be my guest and leave the upgrades out.

Even so, if you’re not that kind of a guy, upgrades are available by acquiring Demon Soul. Demon Soul can be found when you explore the map and when you’ve increased Kali’s level. Yes, there will be EXP involved in this game and every time Kali’s killing someone or something, she will get some EXP.

Once Kali gains level, her health bar will be refilled, she will be given one Demon Soul, have maximum bullet capacity increased, bullet will be refilled too, and she will be given some Miracle Cross.

Why all that stuffs? As for the Health bar and Demon Soul, I believe you all can guess what’s it all about. Let me explain you about the bullet and Miracle Cross though. In each level, Kali will come in with full health and fully loaded gun. However, as Kali go through inside the whatever she’s currently at, the weapon can’t be reloaded. Once you run out of ammo, you’re completely hopeless.

Miracle Cross, on the other hand, works like an extra life. So when you’re outnumbered and eventually run out of health, you can use this Miracle Cross to respawn you at the same position, with all your health and bullet fully refilled.

If you’re asking me why I couldn’t just reload the weapon, there is a reason for that. There are two play styles available in The Silver Bullet: Prometheus. The first one is the go head-on and shoot’em all style which can be very improvident use of ammo. The other one is the stealth style.

In the stealth style, you will be using your surrounding to make sure the enemies won’t notice Kali’s movement. Once you’re near them, KAPOW! you can use melee strike to bring them down. This melee strike however, isn’t that good, so I’m suggesting that you just use this stealth move to get away from your enemies and saving some ammo.

In between those generous 31 level, The Silver Bullet: Prometheus also gives you some boss levels. There are 14 different bosses that can tease your skill in mastering this game. All these 14 bosses have all different approach in trying to kill Kali, and it’s up to you to save Kali. Should I note you that stealth skill isn’t applicable when fighting against bosses.


The Silver Bullet: Prometheus uses dual-stick to control Kali just like most isometric action shooter would be using. However, ByulBram seems doesn’t forget the difficulty to aim using a virtual stick. In order to solve this, you can tap the enemy to let Kali aims at them right away. The aim also works like a charm since Kali will keep her aim even if you move Kali’s away. As long as the enemy is still in her sight (screen sight), Kali will still aim that enemy and shoot them until they die.

Beside tapping, you can also tap the right button with AIM text on it. You tap it once, and Kali will automatically find any enemies in front of her and shoot them. Tap it once again and their dual handgun will remind you with Lara Croft. Kali will find another enemies and shoot them also, so two enemies being targeted, will be shot by Kali.

There are also some more buttons. The first one is the grenade button, by tap and hold this button, you can aim where Kali will be throwing her grenade at. Once the grenade being thrown, there will be a timer before it explodes, so you need to aim it in a good spot where the enemies will most likely moving to.

The second one is the rolling button. This rolling is the only way to save Kali from losing too much health as well as keeping you inside the game. However, this rolling has a cooldown timer, so you can’t just roll on left then roll to the right, there’s a cooldown time that you need to wait for.

The last one, is the stealth button. This is how it works, once you tap it, you’ll be in a stealth mode and making less sound when you move. Even so, if you’re entering the enemy sight of view, they will still attack you and you will out of stealth mode. So make sure you’re not in their sight of view.


KwangSam Kim, the developer of Byulram Studio said in his YouTube channel that he used music from APM Music. APM Music itself is an internet service that provides music licenses. If you’re looking to license some music, use it for your project, you might want to check their website.

Things I Like

Truth be told, I never once use Stealth mode in the game. Normally, in any game, I’d be choosing to play with the stealth mode, but I think in The Silver Bullet: Prometheus, the game would be much more fun in a head-on mode because you can just shoot all of them without any hesitation. Nevertheless, it’s always up to your play style to choose which play style you want.

The quality of graphics in The Silver Bullet: Prometheus is top notch even on Medium settings. It has three different graphics quality in the settings, Low, Medium, and High (probably, since I think this later settings is meant for Metal iOS devices, mine is iPhone 5 so I can’t check on this).

The Silver Bullet: Prometheus also uses the parallax effect, so when you play, you can tilt your device upside down, and you will have a different view of the surrounding inside the level. In the main menu screen, you can also zoom in and out in Kali’s character in order to see the graphics quality.

I also love the boss levels. I’ve encountered some bosses and all of them are different each other, nothing was just a re-skin version of other and they’re supporting the whole story inside the game. Talking about the story, you can also see the summary of each level in the level menu screen. In this way, you can keep up with how the story has progressed,


The Silver Bullet: Prometheus might not be the best game of this year, but it is sure created with lots of effort and attention to details. If you want to have some fun beating up enemies while enjoying a light story, moreover, if you think you can also accept some challenge to beat this game, then The Silver Bullet: Prometheus is a must have game.

About ByulBram Studios

KwangSam Kim is the man behind ByulBram Studios and surprisingly is a Work Professor and Game Development Teacher of Chungkang College of Cultural Industries. Chungkang Colllege itself is a private technical college in Icheon, South Korea, and one of their major is Games and Animations.

KwangSam Kim have been working with several games that are listed all in this site. One of the most known game is called Asura Cross and have been published by GAMEVIL Inc. in 2012 for iOS and 2013 in Android.