Things to Love from the New BlitzKeep for iOS and Android


Several days ago, Flint Games released their new version of BlitzKeep. When I read the log changes shared by Eli, the master mind behind BlitzKeep, I realized that I should probably rewrite the whole article instead of just update them. The changes that were made by Flint Games team really looked as if the game was re-created from scratch. You can check their new trailer for the latest version.

Why Throwing Away something that’s Working?

The core of BlitzKeep is still the same, combining RPG along with pinball. The story idea is also still the same, to reclaim the homeland that have been taken away by devious mage. You will still be choosing gliding direction for the hero, then he will glide along the path. The hero won’t be stopping until they arrive in a spotlight or moving into the next room.

These stuffs however, is the only thing that they kept. There are tons of changes that brought by the team, from the first version until this version, BlitzKeep 1.5. Quoting from Flint Games blog

There’s a huge update coming that is BlitzKeep 1.5! It’s huge. We sort of view older versions of BlitzKeep as the beta, or an “Early Access” version. We took all the things that you all said and really worked to improve the game and make it awesome. Thanks so much for all your support and great comments.

So these are my favorite things from the latest BlitzKeep.

New Control

The first changes that brought by Flint Games is a new control to give extra advantages to your little hero. There are two brand new enhancement in BlitzKeep, swipe to change direction and tap for boosts.

This swipe to change direction technique doesn’t mean that the hero will be able to maneuver, do a sharp turn. It’s more like a subtle change direction, like when you play pinball and you lift the table a bit to get the ball moving to the direction you want, that’s how this one works.

The second new gameplay control is tap for boosts. This ability will boost your power for a short time. To activate this ability, you will have to tap the screen just when your hero bounces on something. It could be anything except the monsters. So wall or a rock in the middle of the map can do a boost. This boost damage will also be triggered when you leave the spotlight.

New Classes

Classes aren’t new in BlitzKeep. Before, there are 7 classes available to choose. These classes are the thing that keep BlitzKeep’s replayability fun. Each classes are different toward each other. They have their own advantage towards the enemies but also have weakness at the same time.

Now in this 1.5 update, BlitzKeep is giving not only one or three new classes. Instead, they bring 18 classes which mean 11 brand new classes to the game!

Like the previous version, all the classes can be unlocked using coins that achievable every time you play. Moreover, there is a new way to get some coins, the video ad. You play this video ad and support the developer and you will get free 200 coins. I don’t know the count but there is a count on how many times you can see this video ad.

With these 18 classes, there are now 6 stores to purchase all the classes, with each store is having 3 classes available. Just like the previous version, in order to unlock the second class, you need to the first class first, in the same store.

Back to the classes, these 11 new classes also have their own characteristics. So they have their own advantages and weaknesses too, like if you use mage, he probably has a huge advantage with his fireball spreading across the screen, but physically, mage is so weak that you can’t almost use him to fight against any monsters. I haven’t unlocked all of those, but surely every classes have their own play style that distinguish them from other class. Moreover, in this new version, there’s finally a girl class that can be unlocked.

New Perks

There are also perks to make your “pinball-ing” life much easier. There are 6 new perks available. From allowing you to stay in one dungeon much longer (yes, there’s a timer in each dungeon that won’t allow you to stay in a room too long), to perks that allow you to have a longer boost duration. These perks will be available in each store. Each perk can be upgraded 30 times with obviously incremental price every time you do an upgrade.

New World and New Endless Stage

Yes, it’s finally here. Now you can have an unlimited “pinball-ing” experience with The Abyss, the new endless stage in BlitzKeep. You will be starting with level 1 hero and the enemy will be gradually difficult as you’re going through each room. The difficulty will be tuned as with how your hero progress. Also, there’s a secret hidden room where they use a pixel-art style design instead of their regular room.

The stage select also has been changed with a new look. This new stage select looked way more beautiful and pleasant in the eyes. It has a bit more isometric view with gorgeous graphics as always. Even their front cover design has been changed too! Wouter surely have lots of work these days 🙂

New Music

This is where I feel like it’s a completely remake game, the music. From 8-bit vintage sound effect, BlitzKeep has moved into a more stylish SFX giving an extra depth and modern feeling into the overall game.

The background music in the stage select as well as inside each stage has also been completely changed. In each stage, there will be a different background music created by Mario Godoy, a Composer and Saxophonist that’s also a member of Makeunder, that you can check all their works below. As a jazz lover, I personally really love his work at BlitzKeep as well as his works at Makeunder.

Tuned Difficulty

Along with the 1.1 update, BlitzKeep has evolved their level design. Level progression has been tuned in order to keep finishing the level become more possible, the monsters placement are also become more ‘sane’ as they put the easier in front and the harder one in the back.

From the 1.1 update, now stronger monsters will have this skull icon above their head. So you can plan a bit more careful to send the hero.


BlitzKeep has evolved in a really positive and great way. If the previous one shown a really good potential, through this 1.5 update, BlitzKeep has brought the game into a more mature game. With this update, you can be assured that after purchasing the game, Flint Games will still be working their hands off to deliver a great and satisfying content to their customers.

About Flint Games

Flint Games is a part-time studio with members so passionate that just can’t stop making games. Flint Games consists of five amazing persons, Willem Delventhal, the idea dude and the programmer, Latorri Lindsay, the humble grunt and the technical artist, Mario Godoy as the bard and the composer, Wouter Bruneel as the art director and the founder, and lastly, the fearless leader, founder, producer and programmer, Eli Delventhal.

These five are what Flint Games is all about, and you can check the rest of it on their website, facebook, and twitter.