What is the Best Guitar Tuner App?

As a musician, I need to keep my instrument to be in tune whenever I want to play with it. Now, if we’re talking about out of tune instrument, normally, stringed instruments are the one that most often out of tune. And, if we’re talking about these stringed instruments, we can’t ignore guitar as stringed instruments that often got out of tune.

best guitar tuner

You may probably experience this yourself. When you’re going to jam, you find a music sheet in the internet or perhaps in some music magazine, then when you take your guitar and slam it, the tone goes out of the way. I personally experience it during my time in church. When someone need to sing something and I pick up the guitar, but when I strum it, the guitar went epicly out of tune.

Easy Guitar Tuner

During that particular situation, it would be normal for anyone to be panic and trying to tune the guitar as fast as possible. However, tuning guitar with ear can’t be done rashly. It needs certain level of concentration and calmness.

That’s why usually guitarist would bring out their digital tuner at this moment. Tuning their guitar as fast and as accurate as possible so that the singer can start singing fast.

Guitar Tuner Using Microphone

That was the kind of situation I usually faced back in several years ago. Now that technology has evolved, our smartphone now can become the guitar tuner using its microphone. Moreover, smartphone will make tuning guitar more convenient because you bring it anywhere and it can be used anytime you want.

That’s why, this potentiality has attracted many developers to build their own guitar tuner. As a result, when you search guitar tuner in either AppStore or Google Play Store, you won’t be able to know which one is the best tuner for you.


If you’ve reached this line (it shouldn’t be that long right?), then it means you’ve really faced similar problems as mine. Finding any tuner actually aren’t that hard since all of those tuners most likely able to tune your guitars.

However, if you’re gonna spend some money, you should want to spend your money for the best in store right? Unfortunately, finding the right tuner between those many tuners in app store is like finding needle in haystack.

Based on this serious problem, our criterias to determine the best guitar tuner app are divided into three criterias. First of all, it has to be affordable. I don’t want to provide you with a tuner that cost more than $5.99. All these tuners will be excluded from my list.

Second, I want the tuner to be easy to use. By this, I’m saying that by the time the app launch, you have to be able to use the tuner right away. Of course, the phone you’re currently use also a factor to decide the speed. I’m saying about the first page the app offers by the time its launched.

Next, the tuners that’s on my list can be bragged with your friends. So you won’t be shy using it because of its ugliness. Of course, all the extra features of the tuner are also coming into my consideration.

It also needs to be accurate. I want my tuners can handle note movement until 1 cent. That’s important so that the listeners and the singer can sing along with ease.

Easy Guitar Tuner

chromatic tuner

The last one, all my tuners will need to be chromatic. If you’re wondering what’s a chromatic and how a chromatic tuner is different from ordinary tuner, I’ll explain it to you now.

An ordinary tuner will only show notes like a guitar. So they only show EADGBE like guitar and bass strings would have. On the other hand, a chromatic tuner will be able to show all 12 notes, including the flat and sharp notes. With chromatic tuner, you’ll be able to tune your guitar in any chord you like, including playing in an open string chord.

Practice+ Tuner, Metronome

So, my first best tuner app in the list coming from Dynamic App Design. It has beautiful flat UI design as well as 5 extra themes. Also, Practice+ has large edge to edge UI for easy readability. So, you don’t have to worry about any extra efforts to read your chord from far away. Practice+ also enable user to configure the default reference, A = 440 Hz.

Practice+ Tuner, Metronome

Practice+ also offers Metronome with 6 different sounds. Consistent with their Tuner design, the Metronome also come with clean UI as well as large edge to edge display for easy viewability.


My next tuner coming from Seth Sandler and it’s called Tunable. It’s a fantastic tuner and as you can see from this video below, it’s suitable not only for your guitar, but also other instruments such as Brass, Trumpet, Sax, even Cello.

Tunable has a clear and simple user interface design. The moment you open this app, you’ll feel familiar already with its interface. All the features are there for some reason. If you still don’t understand how to operate this app yet, let me tell you, it’s as far as play your instrument and Tunable will let you know if it’s out of tune or not.

Tunable also pays attention to fellow advanced musician that care for musical tuning. Hence, Tunable provides calibration and temperament. With calibration, you can decide about the frequency you want to use for your tuner. Of course, they’ve put their default setting in 440 Hz. What makes Tunable more amazing is the temperament feature. It’s not only covering basic temperament like Equal, Pythagorean, or Just Intonation, but it also has more advanced temperament like Meantone, Well Tempered, and French.

As if, it doesn’t want to stop only with Tuner, Tunable adds more features with learning feature such as Tone and Chord Generator, and also Metronome. Tunable’s generator will helps you to calculate the sound of the note that will be played.

Its metronome will help you fight off-beat bacteria with its large number display and visual flash. You can obviously set its tempo, but Tunable will help you to set the tempo quickly with its tempo preset, you can choose if its a rather broadly tempo, or an Adagio that is slow and stately, all in the tip of your finger. With not so expensive price (only $2.99), this tuner can help you fight against out-of-tune sickness.



Next up is coming from Germany/China-based ukulele lovers, EUMlab. insTuner coming with almost the same, if not more, advanced settings as what Tunable offers. insTuner also offers as many temperament as what Tunable has. The reference can also be setup, so if you’re setting up for concert, this might help you setup your calibration.

If you’re somehow not used to the common music notation, insTuner totally understand you and they prepare other music notation such as Do Solfège, French Notation, even Indian notation is also there.


They also have six tuning mode in total that can be used depending on your circumstances. So if let’s say you need to be quickly tuned in, you can use Instang-Tuning Mode. Or if you want to get even more accurate, insTuner provides Strobe Mode for you.

insTuner provides a complete set of tuning tools that you will need. If you’re some advanced musician and you care about all those details that I’ve said above, you might want to consider this $3.99 tuner.

six tuning mode



Our next tuner coming from the creator of 2010 Apple Design Award Winner, Agile Partners. The app that I’m about to introduce to you in fact even included as a nominee of App Store Hall of Fame in music category. Guitar Toolkit was one of the first app that appeared in the same time as the launching day of the App Store.

As a pioneer in iOS music industry, Guitar Toolkit certainly live up the expectation as a tuner with the most complete features. Besides obviously, able to tune almost any kind of guitars, it has a huge 2,000,000 chords for guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, and mandolin. Oh, it also can identify some weird chord that you’ve played or heard in the radio.


With that many chords available in Guitar Toolkit, they didn’t left their nature as a tuner. With a highly accurate tuning (until 1 cents), it also have sixty alternate tunings in total. So you can switch to Drop D tuning (DADGBE) or the Bruce Palmer Modal tuning (EEEEBE), in short you can try and experience playing as a professional with this app.

Guitar Toolkit

Compared to Tunable, Guitar Toolkit is a bit more expensive ($3.99). However, if 2,000,000 chords are impressive to you, Guitar Toolkit can be your consideration.

Tuned XD

Tuned XD is our next tuner app that’s coming from the glass shatterer as well as the maker of amazing drum playing app Drum XD, Jamie Vendera. Just like what Jamie able to do, Tuned XD specifically created so that you can reach a certain frequency that you’d be able to shatter some glasses.

Besides a promise to be able to shatter some glasses, Tuned XD can also be used to tune a guitar with its Chromatic Tuner. With its beautiful interface design, Tuned XD gives a more skeuomorphism touch to give integrated feeling into the app.

Tuned XD is created with useful interface design in mind. It can be used easily and have information needed especially for vocalist. If you’re a vocalist and a guitar player, with this price ($2.99), you might have to consider Tuned XD for your tuner arsenal.


Some of you might ask, how about ClearTune? Don’t they at least be put somewhere in my list? Yes, I could’ve suggest using ClearTune if the developer have at least update their app. As a matter of fact, ClearTune haven’t been updated since 2012. Well, I certainly won’t suggest you to use a tuner that has been outdated, right?

So these are my list of the best guitar tuner app. Hopefully, my list can be a help for you to decide which tuner suits your need. If you feel that this list really helpful for you, please use the iTunes button to support me and my work at Modern Jamming. Also please help me share the word about this list.

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