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Greater by MercyMe Chord & Lyric

Transpose the chord: △▽ Intro: D Verse: D Bring your tired, Bring your shame D Bring your guilt, Bring your pain D Don’t you know that’s not you’re name Bm G D You will always be much m ore to me A Bm Every day I wrestle with the v oices G That keep telling me I’m n ot right But that’s alright Chorus: D Em Bm ‘Cause I hear a v oice and He c alls me redeemed A D When others say I’ll never be en ough D Em Bm And gr eater is the O ne living in side of me A D Than he who is living in the wo rld Repeat 2x: Bm A D In the w orld Bm A D In the w orld Bm A D And gr eater is the One li ving in side of me Bm A D Than he who is living in the wo rld Verse 2: D Bring your doubts, Bring your fears D Bring your hurt, Bring your tears D There’ll be no condemnation here Bm A D Oh, Y ou are holy, righteous a nd re deemed A And e very time I fall Bm There’ll be t hose who will call me G A m istake Well that’s ok Chorus Interlude: D Oh, Oh,  He’s Greater, He’s Greater,  Oh,  Oh Bridge: D There’ll be days I lose the battle Grace says that it doesn’t matter D ‘Cause the cross already won the war He’s Greater He’s Greater D I am learning to run freely Understanding just how He sees me D And it makes me love Him more and more He’s Greater He’s Greater Bridge Chorus ^ to top Download Greater Chord & Lyric

Majesty (Here I am) by Delirious? Chords & Lyrics

Transpose the chord: △▽ Intro: Em D C Em D C Verse: Em D C Bm C He re I am humbled by Your Majes ty Bm G D/F# B7 Covered by Your grace so free Em D C Bm C He re I am, knowing I'm a sinful man Bm G D/F# B7 Covered by the blood of the lamb Pre-Chrous Em D/F# G Now I've found Em D/F# G The greatest love of all is mine A/C# Since You laid down Your life C The greatest sacri fice Chorus: G D/F# Em C Majes ty, Majes ty G D/F# Your grace has found me just as I am Em C Empty handed but alive in Your hands Back to Intro Verse 2: Em D/F# G Bm C He re I am humbled by the love that You give Bm G D/F# B7 For given so that I can forgive Em D/F# G Bm C So here I stand, knowing that I'm Your de sire Bm G D/F# B7 Sanc tified by glo ry and fire Pre-Chorus Em D/F# G And now I've found Em D/F# G The greatest love of all is mine A/C# Since You laid down Your life C The greatest sacri fice Chorus Chrous 2: G Bm Em C Singing, Majes ty, Majes ty G Bm For ever I am changed by Your love Em C In the presence of Your Ma jesty, Majesty ^ to top Download Majesty (Here I am) Chord & Lyric  

Clash Royale Review, Strategy and Tips to build the best Deck...

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