How Get Most Likes on a YouTube Videos and Comments


Likes on YouTube comments – why do we need them

The likes under comments are very important for the channel owner. First of all, they are needed for:

  • promotion of the channel;
  • passive and additional earnings;
  • promotion of advertising;
  • promotion of the channel to the top.
  • promotion of the channel is the main goal. It’s worth noting that in order for users to comment more on your videos, you need to discuss other videos as well.

Commenting on other people’s videos, other users will see your nickname more often and then, maybe, someone will get interested and use your nickname to go to your channel. Whatever your goals, likes are necessary to promote your channel. If you don’t have time to wait, you can buy inexpensive YouTube likes at and get guarantees for this service.

You can also promote your own YouTube channel through other social networks, it’s also a pretty good move, but you have to do everything right.

A global division of methods for getting likes on YouTube can be represented in the following ways:

  • Buying packages of likes in SMM-services;
  • Ordering the placement of likes through freelancer exchanges;
  • Free gain of likes through an exchange for equivalent services.
  • How to get likes in YouTube with the help of SMM-services

To accrue likes in youtube with this method, you need to determine exactly:

  1. The required number of likes;
  2. The main geographic location of the accounts;
  3. The amount of financial resources allocated to recruiting.

How to get likes in Youtube through freelancers exchanges

If you decide to get likes on youtube videos through freelancer exchanges, be prepared for the following actions:

  • Create tasks to gain likes;
  • Maintain a positive payment account on the exchange;
  • Control the performers.
  • At the same time, you get a number of advantages:

The exact number of required number of likes (by day and for all time);
Presenting the requirements for the accounts of the performers (the location of ip, the number of subscribers, the availability of their own uploaded video, etc.);
Specifying the number of likes from one ip;
The ability to gain likes on youtube comments;
Distribution of likes between different videos and channels, etc.

How to get likes in Youtube for free and by yourself

Also, it is possible to gain quality likes on youtube for free. This process will take a little more time than the above methods, and will require direct participation.
Such recruitment is carried out through:
Exchange services;
Communities of social networks.
In any case, here the recruitment is based on a mutual exchange of the required actions.

How to get likes on Youtube through sharing services

The advantage of services is that they unite customers and performers, thereby eliminating the need to search. In this case, each participant both creates his own tasks and performs the tasks of other users at the same time.
The exchange is made through a system of points, which are accrued for completing tasks and are used to calculate for the tasks assigned.

To work effectively with such services, it is necessary to have accounts (preferably fake ones) in various social networks in order to cover the largest possible range of tasks (likes on facebook, reposts on facebook, subscriptions on instagram, comments on twitter, etc.).

Some services allow you to simplify and speed up tasks by automating them with programs. To be on the safe side, it is better to use the programs offered by the services themselves and avoid using third-party software.

Add likes to Youtube through social networking communities

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On the principle of exchange services work and specially created communities in social networks. True, here there are no points, and the exchange takes place one-to-one.

Find those willing to gain likes in youtube through communities can be done in two ways:

  • Post a corresponding request on the community wall, promising something in return;
  • Responding to appropriate requests.

There is a small nuance here: by posting requests, be prepared that already in five to ten minutes your post can be deep at the bottom of the page, and many people willing to go to the exchange simply will not get to it. That is, to increase your chances, you should duplicate your post with a certain frequency. If you have no such desire, it is better to respond to the requests of other users.

As you can see, to gain such an important indicator of popularity and promotional tool, such as likes in YouTube, is not difficult. Various methods, with their own advantages and disadvantages, are enough. Choose a particular one or apply them all – it’s up to you. But remember: transporting eggs in one purse threatens the integrity of your entire burden.

What kind of boosts are available

Recruitment can be from live profiles or bots. The latter option is always risky, because YouTube instantly calculates them and writes them off.

Note that “live profiles” is a relative term. Such accounts are created for one purpose – to perform tasks for subscriptions, views and likes. The behavior is the same, and YouTube’s algorithm sees it.

Recruitment can be paid and free. To use the latter option, you need to spend time promoting other people’s accounts. That is, you need to put likes, subscriptions, comments in other groups and channels. These tasks earn points, which can be spent on promotion videos on YouTube.

Free promotion is suitable for beginner bloggers, as well as those who want to try a particular service before ordering a paid promotion.

Below we describe services that allow you to get likes on YouTube for free or for money.

How to promote videos using white and safe methods

Optimize your video

Of course, the video should be interesting and shot in more or less decent quality. If there are several interesting and important moments in the video, you can make a summary of them at the beginning of the video. This will help engage the viewer and make him watch further.

Note that the sound quality is more important than the quality of the picture.

It is also important to place the videos properly, namely:

  • use a beautiful picture-backdrop;
  • Think of a bright title, causing interest;
  • Add tags so users can find the video in a search;
  • Use long descriptions along with keywords.
  • These simple steps will help your video rank higher. Also, YouTube will have a better understanding of when videos can be shown as recommended.

Ask for likes.

In every video, encourage viewers to leave a like. If the audience is loyal and the video is interesting, it will bring good results. Note that such appeals annoy many people.

Agree with other bloggers on PR

This can be a mutual PR or full-fledged advertising. In the first case, you need to find a channel with a similar degree of promotion and negotiate with the owner of the mutual promotion. The main thing is that at least the last video was interesting. Otherwise, migrated users will disliked, not liked.

Of course, if you find an untwisted blogger to advertise, the return will be greater. But his rates can be quite high.


Accrual of likes in YouTube should not go in isolation from views. That is, you need to rotate and views, and “like”.

The site is likely to take no serious action against the channel for such a method of promotion. The main thing is to use high-quality boosting services, natural response rates, and pad sites.

We are for legal ways of promotion, so we advise to work on the quality of content. The cost of quality and safe accrual of likes along with views is quite high. Often these funds are more appropriate to spend on advertising, the effect of which is higher.

Get the likes on YouTube videos and get into the Trends on the social network

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get your videos into the Trends on video hosting. Conquer this section can any ordinary YouTube user.
To increase your chances to be in the Trends it’s worth to learn the following 10 rules of experienced vloggers (youtubers who blog in the video format):

  • Publish only your own unique content – plagiarism is not allowed. Otherwise YouTube will simply block your videos for copyright infringement. This is very strict on video hosting! You’re unlikely to untwist your channel if you’re found in violation of the affiliate program, as well as the rules of the social network.
  • Create a truthful description of your videos, guided by thematic keywords for thoughtful SEO. Otherwise you’ll get a ton of dislikes and channel banning.
  • Use all the features of video hosting to the maximum: in all available places, write a link to subscribe. Remember a simple truth: Regular viewers – the key to the success of future videos, because they are constantly watching your content.
  • It is advisable to choose the direction of the channel to reduce the number of unsubscribing viewers. If you have a lot of different subjects, it’s wise to create several resources on YouTube of different orientation.
  • Do not forget to monitor the daily performance of YouTube Analytics statistics. Here you can find out the average duration of viewing videos, which content was watched longer. This is kind of your clue as to where to go next, what to shoot to make people like it.
  • The best number of new posts is a couple of videos a week.
  • Constantly monitor the comments under your videos. Respond even to negative feedback. Establishing communication is very important for the development of the channel.
  • Regularly share your videos on other social networks. You can connect relatives, friends and good acquaintances for this purpose. But do it unobtrusively.
  • Combine video content into playlists and then mention them in the final splash page of each video, along with a request for subscriptions and likes.
  • It’s important to create a description not just for each of your videos, but for your channel as a whole and for all playlists, including keyword requests for the topic.
  • Together with these rules is perfectly combined with the accrual of likes and other activity on the channel. And what the likes give on YouTube, has already been described earlier. Large numbers on the popularity counters serve as bait for targeted viewers, who will constantly view the videos, show sympathy and other activity on the channel.