Our first Original Song, Love by Hamanasha


After almost 12 months creating cover version of many famous songs, we’re finally take our courage to release our own original song. This is a folk song called Love. The song itself is still in a draft version and we are happily waiting for responses from you guys to give us some feedback. Of course we are looking forward to made the full studio version of this song. So we sincerely hope that this song will bless you all who listen to it.

Anyway this is the lyric of our song.


In my weakness
In my sorrow
Your love is all that I have

In the joy and
In the triumph
You are the strength that I need

Oh I love you more than anything In life
And I bring you this song and I sing

Love, love, love makes me feel so alive
It all feels like brand new
Love love love makes me feel so great
That I can not deny
Shout it out loud : Love!

As long as I can breathe
I will always see you’re near
And say