You are My Strength (Hamanasha English Cover of Kau Kekuatanku)


It’s another fabulous week and we thanked God for His grace for both of us. This time we were doing translation of one famous worship song in Indonesia that is called Kau Kekuatanku. We did a collaboration with our dear pianist, Ester Song, here it is, our version of Kau Kekuatanku, You are My Strength by Hamanasha. We do hope that this song could be a blessing for all of you.


God I come to your embrace

You accept me with your grace

And you set my soul ablaze

Not depend on my own strength

I’ve trusted you with all my heart

Cause you’re worthy

Cause you’re mighty

Lord You are my strength

You’re my comforter

Your promises have never been failed

In every step

I will surrender all

Giving my life as an offering

To you

You’re with me, always here in times of need

You remain, You are faithfull all the time

All the time