Whittling projects

Compact Chisels

Whittling projects of different levels of skill and genre exist in great numbers, which can’t be bad for any of us who love carving. This amount of things to choose from is both confusing and exciting, so it’s up to us to decide which side of the situation to pick. However, we sometimes get so lost and caught up amongst all of this that we forget to simply have fun! After all, this is what carving is about for most of us: having fun, relaxing, taking our minds off of things that bother us.

So don’t forget: you can challenge yourself to take up difficult whittling projects or go slow and learn things one by one at your own pace, but you can’t forget to have fun. Select things that you like, that your kids would love as a gift, that your loved ones would appreciate as a gesture, that would be good decor elements for your house. Whatever it is that you prefer should be enjoyable and relaxing, other than that it’s going to exhaust and annoy you and that’s not the goal of carving as a hobby in the slightest. FInd good Compact Chisels here

Whittling projects are supposed to be fun and light, so let’s find them fun and light. There is a great amount of patterns and videos and schemes that can be followed both online and offline, so that’s your choice to make. To me it’s more comfortable to find small things and inspiration online, especially by watching YouTube reviews on tools, tutorials on carving, small talks recorded by experienced carvers that just like to share their tricks.

good Compact Chisels

There are good tutorials on the YouTube BeaverCraft channel. They are a company that builds and sells various wood carving products, such as tools, stropping things and other useful accessories. But they also help people learn and that’s very valuable to me. They have a new video come out every week or so with a new tutorial and they share all the patterns for those whittling projects in a free newsletter which also includes patterns to the old projects as well.

They also like to share inspiration and tricks in the articles in their blog so that can be useful if you want to find out more about making the carving life easier for yourself. Overall, it’s a nice experience to be a part of their community, I believe, especially for beginners that need support and guidance to feel comfortable taking up a new hobby. So you’ll be able to grab inspiration there, new knowledge and a whole lot of whittling projects for beginners that can be easily adapted to a higher level of skill by adding different decorating elements.

You can find ideas for whittling projects anywhere around you, not only in the articles specifically meant for carvers. Inspiration follows us anywhere and can come out of nowhere so it’s definitely something to enjoy and take a close look at. It’s in our lives, our friends, families, the nature that surrounds us and the feelings we experience all the time. Stay creative, productive and excited by things, even though it’s difficult. Don’t forget to have fun and carving will easily become one of your most favourite things to do!