Become a Superstar with Score! Hero in iOS and Android (Tips and Tricks)


It was back in 2012 when Score! World Goals was released. The product was so good, that you won’t be able to find similar game with better quality than this soccer game. Even the idea itself was fantastic, you’re tasked to recreate 70+ international soccer’s greatest goals from the legendary goal to a modern goal (at that time).

Score! World Goals has gained a huge popularity ever since, and the developer, not only able to gain popularity as a creator of beautiful soccer games, they also become award winning independent studio. Dream League Soccer, First Touch Soccer 2014, and 2015. A lot has happened, and after 3 years, a similar game but with different gameplay is finally announced by First Touch Games and it’s called Score! Hero.

Score! Hero – The Premise

Unlike Score! World Goals, in Score! Hero, you’re not tasked to recreate legendary goals. In Score! Hero, you are creating a hero, a legend, a superstar. You will have 200+ levels that lets you witness the development of your hero one at a time.

He will start from joining a audition to join a small football club, your hero, that is. After joining the club, your hero will be starting from the bench. Then, from just a super-sub, slowly but sure, your hero will climb up his position to become a first team member.

The story goes like what you know, joining a bigger team, winning cups, get some awards. Moreover, the nationality that you first choose in the start of the game, your hero will be able to represent that country along with their official color kit.

However, not stopping with what you expect, First Touch Games also add some spice in your hero’s journey. There will be time where your team will start losing eventhough your hero has been working very hard to win your team. There’s also a time when the manager got sacked, a veteran that doesn’t like having a junior that have more skill that him.

Score! Hero – The Gameplay

The story doesn’t actually give any effect to you or even the hero. Your task is simple, to convert any chance given to you, a goal. It doesn’t matter who will score, as long as you can convert the chance to a goal, you can move on to the next level.

Basically, Score! Hero is similar with Score! World Goals in terms of game system. There will be levels that act as the stories. In each level, along with how the story goes, you will have to score/assist some goals. Sometimes, when your hero’s team needs more goal, you will have to do it. However, when your hero’s team struggling, sometimes, you just have to convert one goal.

Score! Hero also uses 3-stars system. If you want to achieve 3-stars, beside scoring the goals needed, you will have to play it with the requirement. Scoring in bottom right corner, scoring with a header, do 3 assists with your hero, are the kinds of requirement that you have to meet, to get 3-stars. These stars are required if you want to advance through the next season.

The ‘how you play this game’ is also similar with Score! World Goals. Score! Hero will have you to draw a line to create pass and goal, all the time. It is so simple that you will master it even before the tutorial ended.

However, having a simple control doesn’t mean that the game is easy. Of course the real game is hard because there will be a defender ready to cut/intercept your pass if you don’t do it properly. Not only that, if your ‘line drawing’ skill are not aiming to the corner of the goal, the keeper will be easily catch it or tip it away.

Like I’ve stated, you will be creating goals depend on the enemy that you’re facing and your hero’s team situation. Sometimes, you will only do one goal. However, most of the time you will be scoring multiple goals. This will be done in sequence, meaning that you will do one goal at a time. However, if you fail on your second goal, you will have to go back to the first goal and do it all over again (imagine if your team is leading 3-0 and it’s time for you to create the fourth goal).

Things I Like

As much as my love for football, there are a lot of things to love in Score! Hero. Let’s talk about the graphics first. The graphics in Score! Hero are similar with other First Touch Games products. Even so, there are new movements that never been available before, like Rabona pass, or Ibrahimovic glorious overhead kick. All these movements are presented in Score! Hero in a very nice and detail presentation.

The way players move are significantly smoother. The players are not making any weird movement when collided with other player, positioning are also well placed. It somehow feels that, although it uses the old graphics, the core system was already improved, creating a better experience.

I love how they role on some story inside the game. From a jealous veteran, to relegation struggle. All of those stories are captured really beautiful in every level’s magazine, that somehow represent the situation inside your hero’s club.

Next, is the new celebrations, that if you notice it, are taken from famous football players. I can notice that there’s definitely Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration, perhaps you will be able to notice more as you play this game.

Of course there are some cut scenes when your hero win a trophy. Taking photo together with the team. There’s also some cut scene when your hero moves to a bigger club, and the club make a public presentation for your hero. It’s a good feeling even it just a small detail.

I also like the feature to represent my national team. I think with this feature, First Touch Games wants to show that they pay attention with their market. Not all countries are available here, so I’m quite thankful that Indonesia is one of them.

For my last love, it’s the possibility to create the goal. It is as if you’re opened to anything, play it wide for a cross, play it short, even in front of the goal, you can still choose to pass to your teammate, increasing your goal scoring chance. You can also do a tiki-taka pass when the ball is in the midfield, or perhaps doing a through pass? It’s all up to you.

Tips and Tricks

Obviously, being a free-to-play game, there’s a limitation to the game, like energy that limit how much you can play. Some premium cash to unlock boots or even changing how your hero’s hair looks like that can be earned by watching some video ads. That being said, the excitement for this game is stil there. So these are some of the tips that I’ve collected to get you up to the game.

Don’t Use Premium Cash

Well this is a bit obvious for any free-to-play games out there. And to ensure you once more, don’t even think to use the green cash to rewind your play. Even if the temptation is great, don’t! Until you think your hero looks classy and just the way you want it, then you can start use the cash. Otherwise, you just try to stay out of the blue.

Get Free Premium Cash?

There are some ways to get some free cash. The easiest and most supportive way is by playing the video ads everytime they’re being offered to you. Seriously, by watching these ads, you’re actually supporting the devs and helping yourself. Progressing through the game will also give you some cash, usually when you win trophy, get some award, or finish one season.

Scoring Is Way Too Hard?

Well, I also experience the same way. If there’s one thing that I can suggest you guys is to look for different approach. If you think passing the ball to your hero won’t get you anywhere, try to look for other, perhaps putting the ball wide can be a great idea. Anyway just like what I’ve said, this game has tons of probability that you should try. Don’t just focus on your hero, try to use other members as well, remember, Soccer is a team game, not a one man show.


Just like how Score! World Goals conquered the soccer game in mobile platform, Score! Hero is showing the same potential of becoming a great soccer game. So if you have a little obsession to become a soccer prodigy, then you might want to try Score! Hero and create your virtual soccer prodigy too, just like what I’ve done.


About First Touch Games

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