Champ Man 16: Square Enix Football Manager for iOS and Android (with Tips and Tricks)


Season 15/16 has finally started and we don’t need much time before some the football team managers are put in the hot seat. While some of them have now secured their places, unfortunately for Brendan Rodgers, has to be sacked from Liverpool F.C. Their team poor performance despite spending nearly £300 million on transfers, during his regime for three years in the club, is the main reason why he lost his job.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to worry about being sacked even if we spend more than what Brendan’s has spent. Moreover, even if our team isn’t showing any good performances, well, we could just move to another club and start all over again. That’s the good thing about playing a football manager game, and the latest football manager game from Square Enix will provide you a pretty good time while you play, Champ Man 16.

Champ Man 16: The Premise

Champ Man 16 comes with the same premise. You will become the manager of a football team, taking care all the thing inside a football club, from A to Z. That means you will be responsible from tactics, formations, training schedule, staff, facilities, up until players relationship and transfer.

Take your team straight in defeat, your team morale will drop and you would have even more difficulties, trying to win the game with your team. Transfer Market is also available if you want to strengthen your team. There are approximately tens of thousands of real players from over 450 clubs from 25 playable leagues, ready to make your team stronger.

As the manager, you will also plan your team tactics before they go to the field. You can also plan the training menu before the game. This training menu will affect how the game goes and be played by your team. There are several training menus that can be chosen for each different area, and you can choose only one of them. So for example, you can choose scoring and in the game, you can see that your scoring chances are duplicated. There’s a chance that you will score more than your team used to be.

Champ Man 16 brings all the good things from its previous version, and add it up with more players, some extra improvements like new Champions Cup in Asian and South America. This way, you can manage the team from this area, and still be able to play in continental matches.

The match engine has also been improvised with the team. Now, you will have a lot more new report regarding the match, more various and more lively, despite only being presented as a text based report. There is also new update in the Action Zone where you now can watch the progress of the game. Who is kicking who, whose side scoring a goal, and so on. All that, with also the features from the previous Champ Man.

There’s also new feature called job vacancies. This is where you will get all the offers from other team to manage their squad. This offer would usually come in the middle of the season, and when you ignore this, the offer would just be gone.

Another new feature that’s coming to Champ Man 16 is quest and reward system. With this new feature, you will have to do something related with your team growth. When you’ve done your part, the system will reward you with Coaching Funds or CM cash.

Champ Man 16: Things I Like

I like this new Champ Man 16’s transfer market. With adding more players in the market, I have more freedom to shape my squad the way I want it to be. Also, it seems that the negotiation to bring in new player has been made easier. But even if it’s not as hard as the previous Champ Man, in Champ Man 16, players value are really high. Although getting player is easier, earning money to get the player is what keeps this game interesting.

The new additional feature, Action Zones, also gives a new angle in watching the game. With this new feature, now I can at least imagine what’s happening, getting more experience in how the game is moving.

Players skills are all updated as how their performance in the previous season. So players like Paul Pogba, Harry Kane, and David De Gea are now even better players, while Falcao’s bad performance, resulting in his stats is now worse than ever. Champ Man 16 also has some improvement in their graphics. Now I have a new moving stadium field’s background instead of just a static soccer field.

Quest and Reward that have no ending also helps me enjoying Champ Man 16. Everytime I finish one quest, it’s automatically reward me and replenish with a new quest right away. With three quests, this feature keeps me to have another goal inside the game.

Champ Man 16: Tips and Tricks

I actually have some tips and tricks that I’ve written in this article. Although these tips are for last season game, it actually pretty much the same with this season. I will try to repeat my list casually, in case you have already read my previous article. However, I will add some tips that’s only available because of this latest update.

Coaching Badge

Coaching badge still works the same. If you want to unlock this instantly, you’d have to pay $.99. The limitation is also the same, if you don’t have coaching badge, you’ll only able to choose team with max stats 69.

However, in Champ Man 16, you can obtain this badge by inviting 5 of your friends from Facebook. They don’t need to accept it, just you invite them, and you will get your Coaching Badge.

If you don’t have Facebook account, you can still refer to the this old way, win league and cups, get to level 10, and you will automatically get Coaching Badge.

Transferring Player

Transfer market in Champ Man 16 is a little bit different compared to its predecessor. As you may have known, it’s way easier to get the player that we want. If we have the money, most likely any player can be bought.

In reality, in the real world football, no matter how strong football club reject a transfer rumor, at the end, once the club is offered with huge money, the target player will most likely to move. So I think Champ Man 16 really reflects real world problem. Also, your players that got transfer listed, now most likely would be offered by other club. So make sure you transfer list all your old and unused players.

If you’re starting from a lower league level, try to search for Loan Listed players and of course, Free Agent players. These free agent players however, will become more difficult to get in this season. You will at most able to sign just one of these high rated free agent player. When you’ve find one, offer maximum wages that you could possibly have.

Be Wise & Sub Bad Player

During the game, it’s better to always look for the weakest link in the game. Your bad rating player, that is. If your player is performing pretty bad and not improving until 60 mins, you better sub him out.

On the other hand, if the opponent has players performing poorly, it’s better to change the team instructions, and attack the side that performing poorly. It’s proven and can get your team a winning score.

Don’t be Greedy

Usually, when the season is closing to December, you will be given some offers from other clubs. My suggestion, if you still haven’t won anything, try to win something in your club first, in order to get CM$ and some Coaching Funds.

Do Quests and Finish Objectives

Early before even the season starts, the Board will gives you some contractual objectives. At the end of the season, if you can fulfill these objectives, you will be rewarded wit some CM$ and Coaching Funds. So try to do so.

Also, there are always three quests available for you. Even if you think the quest is not profitable for you, keep doing it. Because, it will always be replenish and you will get free CM$, the premium currency in this game.


Although Champ Man 16 doesn’t change drastically from the previous version, all these updates, especially the players, still evolve the game into a better football management game. If you’re looking for a good football manager game that’s free and has almost all the stuffs, you should really play Champ Man 16.