First Touch Soccer 2015: More Soccer? There You Go – iOS Game Review


I’ve never had enough of soccer games. Playing soccer in real life is indeed way more fun compared to just hold your device. Still, being able to get Cristiano Ronaldo running across the field is always felt good. Unfortunately, despite how I love soccer games, there are only few of those developers that really able to produce great quality soccer games.

One of those rare developers is guys from First Touch Games. Based in Oxford, UK, First Touch Games is the same indie developer that created amazing games like Score!, X2 Football, and First Touch Soccer.

First Touch Soccer 2015 is the latest soccer games from First Touch Games. If you’ve played the previous version, First Touch Soccer 2015 comes with more improvement compared to First Touch Soccer 2014.

Manager Mode lets you take control of a small club to reign over the world. You can browse through its large database of players across the globe, negotiate contracts, and transfer them for playing in your club.

Brand new Stadium Editor also brings up a lot more experience in playing the game. Your club’s stadium now fully customizable for each stands. This will allow you to increase your transfer budget as your stadium will get bigger and more supporters will come to cheer your team.

FTS2014 has come with a great graphics quality, but in FTS2015, player animations has been improved as well as the stadium, plus it has all-new cut scenes. FTS2015 also come with Daily Match Challenge. Every day First Touch team will offer you match that is coming from the real world football. Which team will you go with, that’s up to you to choose.

 Better graphics let you experience a more detail players

Better graphics let you experience a more detail players

Things I Like

The graphics quality in FTS2015 is a top notch regarding its game size. With 3D graphics quality and game size less than 200 MB, FTS2015 definitely switch up the gear for a 3d games with near console quality.

Control feels a bit weird as I’m struggling to do shooting or doing a through pass. But on the other hand, doing possession game and tiki taka can be done easily in this game. Doing a bazooka shoot is also possible as long as you got the player to face the right direction.

Manager Mode is not something new in FTS2015 as it introduced first time in FTS2014. But, additional features to negotiate contract and loan players add some extra experience compared to the previous version. In this mode, we can also do so many things like training players (increase their ability), hire coach, stadium editor, negotiate player contracts, and many more.

Stadium Editor is one of my favorite feature in this game. Every time we edit the stadium, the changes will be reflected directly in our games. I love when the stadium is under construction. I can see a “under construction” signage, reflecting the detail that taken into care by the developers.

Oh and the facts that you can listen to the exclusive tracks by Bastille, Imagine Dragons & Black Kids add a real deal to your gaming experience.

 Enhanced stadium editor gives different experience each time you play

Enhanced stadium editor gives different experience each time you play

Tips and Tricks

In FTS2015, there are some VIP mode that can be purchased with real money. You can also purchase it by collecting 4000 coins. Here are some tips to get to 4000 coins faster than you can imagine.

  • Use “Get Free Credits”. This feature will reward you 30 coins and become unavailable after certain times. It will be replenished by time, so make sure you do this while you can.
  • Watch clip after doing match. While “get free credits” have expiration, this feature will always be available every time we finish a match. So make sure you always watch the clip every time you get the offer.
  • Do Monthly Objectives. In Manager Mode, the club will give 3 you monthly objectives. Every time after you complete the objective, watch video will be offered to you, don’t forget to accept it. Every time you complete objective you will be rewarded with 10 coins + ads-video 30 coins, so in total you will get 40 coins. If you think the objective costs you more, don’t do the objective. Just wait for another month for the new one.
  • Individual/Team Training. Most of the time, monthly objectives will require you to do individual/team training. To do this, go to My Club – Coaching. If you don’t have any coaches, hire some. You will need to pay with coins and you have 4 sessions of training per coach. So just choose the lowest price coach just to finish the monthly objectives. Don’t forget to count the cost of your objective though.
  • Simulate Match. This will cost you about 5 coins, but it will save you some time. You will still also get the coins reward like doing usual match and 30 coins ads-video offer. Please note however that simulate match doesn’t guarantee 100% winning. You must take note that the better your team, the better chance your team will win in simulation match. Even so, simulate match while you’re a home team will increase the odd of winning.

There are also some ways to get more transfer budget in FTS2015.

  • Move to a Bigger club. You won’t be able to choose any elite clubs at first. But with 2000 coins you can move to a bigger club and get more budget. Note that you can only choose one team and you will need to collect another 2000 coins if you want to move to another team again.
  • Edit stadium. This will generate more revenue. With more revenue, you can increase the club income, resulting in a larger transfer budget cap.
  • Decrease player wage. The trick is to sell player that’s too expensive. Or you can offer a lower wage to player that left with few months contract.
 Sell unused players that eat away your club budget

Sell unused players that eat away your club budget


First Touch Soccer 2015 is another great soccer game from First Touch team. It has pretty great quality that allow you to build your won dream team. It’s a must game for any soccer lovers out there.