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This week has been a generous week for iOS gaming community. There are plenty of amazing games that has been released this week, all of them are amazing, even I’m running out of battery to get my hands on every game. However, I have waited so long for this Paradox Interactive latest game, and prioritizing this game once it came out. I mean, what’s even more beautiful than a role-playing game inside a role-playing game?

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is the 3rd edition of famous tabletop RPG from Paradox Games. After having warm responses from the previous two editions, this latest edition comes with many visual improvement. The most improvement that can be seen with visible eyes is the improvement from 8-bit graphic into 16-bit. Gameplay and the premise are still the same, you still playing in a table, adventuring together with five of your imaginative friends, along with some weird Dungeon Master.

You can check the review of this amazing game on IGN, you will get the story of the game as well as all the features. Please do come back to this page when you’ve played with the game and have some questions, I’ve been collecting some questions from TA forums and hopefully one of their questions can be yours.

Things I Like

For me personally, I just can’t put down the device once I’m playing with the game. Visually speaking, the 16-bit improvement is really massive for me. It doesn’t leave the retro feeling since it still uses a rather pixelate approach, so I still got that ‘nerdy’ feeling. However, it gives a more modernize feeling with smoother graphics movement.

There is also a new landscape interface that wasn’t there in the first edition of Knights of Pen & Paper. This landscape interface was already there in the second edition, but since the second edition didn’t make into the mobile version, this landscape still gives a fresh feeling for those who didn’t play the PC version.

Dungeon mode is a new addition into the game and I love this additional gameplay. I do think that this dungeon-ish thingy could be improved more in terms of the difficulty and the level depth. Despite this and that, I still love how this additional feature adds up to an already complete package making it even more worth the money. Also inside the dungeon you can really feel the experience of exploring dungeon, tabletop way. You just don’t know what will happen until the DM said so.

Tips & Tricks

There are some basic knowledge that you need to know. I’d leave some obvious information and go right away to the important things. As you may know, there are 3 attributes in Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Body, Senses, and Mind.

Some point that I’d like to highlight is Threat, Critical, Initiative, and Damage Reduction. The higher your threat is, the more likely you’d be getting beaten by the monsters. The chance of getting beaten is represented by the percentage number beside the threat number.

Critical beside as we know, dealing a double damage, it also inflicts a condition from your weapon, to your enemy. If you have lower critical, you won’t be able to deal negative condition to your enemy.

Initiative is the chance of your characters to act early in the battle. Higher initiative can give more advantage to the whole party. The last one is the Damage Reduction. Damage Reduction will subtracts incoming damage, so it acts like an armor to your character.

One of the amazing things from playing Knights of Pen & Paper 2, is the combo possibility that can be created from the classes available. So for the first tips, I’d like to list all the classes available and how to get the most of them. Should you know that, you can’t just pick all of the skills. At most, you’ll only be able to focus on two skills. More than that, your team will be out of balance and you’ll face some hardship.

Before that, you need to know that none of the classes are less useful than the other, it’s just my own opinion and if you have different opinion than mine, I’d love to hear that.


The first one is Cleric. Cleric is one of the most useful class in this game. Cleric can replenish both health and energy, as well as de-buff negative conditions. My first recommendation in using Cleric is to use his skill Radiance. Radiance can be combined with other classes that use a lot of energy (mana) for their skill.

My second recommendation is to use Purge. Purge can replenish all the party health, it can also act as a de-buff, removing conditions like stun, rage, or burn. However, if you choose this skill, make sure you don’t use Barbarian class in your party. Later in Barbarian explanation, you will know my reason.

I usually use Surfer character as I need his Chill skills, to make sure that the Cleric can spam skills every turn. As for the race, I’d suggest to use Elf as they give +20 energy which is good for early level.


Next one is Paladin. Paladin is the offensive version of Cleric. So, if you already have Cleric in your party, you don’t need Paladin anymore. The same rules apply otherwise. At the same time, Paladin also works as your tanker, so I also don’t recommend adding Warrior for a party that has Paladin on their team.

Lay on Hands is the first skill I’d recommend to be picked. Then the Armor of Faith has proven so many times about the quality of this class. I’d suggest Jock with Dwarf race to be the best tanker in the party.


Warrior is one of the best offensive class for dealing a non skill damage. It’s reflected from the Riposte skill, which I’d recommend you to pick if you’re using Warrior. I don’t recommend any other skills, but Pommel Strike can help since its dealing damage as well as stun the enemy.

I also recommend to bring up Cleric if you have Warrior in your party. That will help the Warrior to get beaten without afraid to die. The same reason applies and bring me to recommend you using Cheerleader as a Dwarf (although I know it wasn’t pleasant to look at).


Ninja isn’t available at first, but as you go through the story, you’d be able to unlock this class. I’d recommend you to pick the Smoke Bomb and spam it every turn. Since it can deal stun effect to more than one enemy and can even target back row, you need to make sure your Ninja do it every round.

Cleric’s ability to replenish energy can be useful for Ninja, so putting the two of them in one party won’t be hurting anyone except the enemy. The second skill that can be used is Shadow Chain. Upgrading this skill in the later game proved to be dealing a pretty huge damage to single enemy. I don’t recommend any specific player for Ninja, but make sure you choose Elf as the race.


Beside Warrior, Barbarian is also one of the best offensive class for dealing a non skill damage. I’d recommend you to pick two skills, Frenzied Strike first, then Anger Management. I haven’t tried this one, but if you want, try to pick only one Frenzied Strike, then the rest, just pick Anger Management and Rampage. I believe it will boost your stats and deal critical strike more often.

This is the reason why I didn’t recommend putting Barbarian together with Cleric. Because, as we know, Cleric can de-buff the status. On the other hand, Barbarian’s Anger Management needs the rage caused by the Frenzied Strike to increase his damage and critical rate. So the two of them don’t match each other. Jock as a Dwarf would be really suitable as a Barbarian. Oh, Barbarian can be unlocked when you finish the quest at Red Wastes.


Mage is one of the best spell user in this game, well, I think not just in this game, but in all RPG, mage is the best spell user. Anyway, Chain Lightning is the skill I’d recommend. It has a huge damage in both early and end game. However, you need to combine it by adding +spell damage trinket. The more the better, so I’d recommend Lab Rat as an Elf for this matter.

Oh, yes, I only recommend one skill. If you want another, perhaps I can recommend you Frostbite, but, from my experience, Frostbite didn’t really do much in the late game. If you invest enough, Chain Lightning will do all the trick, even in the late game.


Warlock is the evil spell user. I don’t recommend you to put Warlock together with Mage. Although both of them aren’t conflicted against each other, but both of them need lots of trinket. For this matter, Lab Rat with skill to use four trinkets is the best for these spell users. That’s why you can’t use both in the same party.

I’d recommend Summon Demon with lots of trinket to reduce threat of Warlock would be the best use of him. Life Transfer as the life stealing skill is also my recommendation to get pick when you’re using Warlock. Warlock can be unlocked via Magazine, but you need to unlock it with 500 coins.


Thief is the best class in Knights of Pen & Paper 2 to work with other class. Barrage of Knives proving that with the help of other, you can even do better than before. Total maximum 5 enemies can be hit with this skill. The best way to use Thief is by pair it with Paladin (take Smite), Ninja (take Smoke Bomb), and Mage (take Fireball).

Next skill that I’d like to recommend is the Stealth skill. This works best when you use it together as the Cheerleader, for the race, you can use whatever you want.


The last class is the Hunter. For playing Hunter, you need to get EXP as fast as you can since Hunter has the best skill in game from Hail of Arrows skill. After fully upgraded, Hail of Arrows can deal decent damage to 7 random enemies (maximum number enemies). Decoy also a perfect way to save turn. I’d also recommend you to take this skill as well.

For taking the best out of Hunter, use Exch. Student as an Elf and you’d be owning the game with Hunter.


So that’s about it, my tips and tricks for choosing class and how to pull the best use of each classes. I hope that it can help you get even more excited with _Knights of Pen & Paper 2_. Also, if you don’t mind and think this post is useful, please share this with your close friends and in your social media. It’d really helpful for me.

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