Lara Croft GO: How to Get All Relics and Secrets (Tips and Tricks)


One of the thing that makes Lara Croft the best Tomb Raider ever since the era of Indiana Jones, is that she brings girl’s power into a series that supposedly monopolized by guys. Ever since her first appearance in 1996, Lara has became a major icon in gaming industry. The peak is of course in 2006, when Lara received an award from Guinness World Records as the “Most Successful Human Virtual Game Heroine”.

There are also some spin-off games for Tomb Raider, most of it were made to adapt mobile device environment. Their latest game however, is a complete spin-off that made for mobile devices. Made by Square Enix Montreal, from the amazing developers who brought you the award winning game, Hitman GO, this is Lara Croft GO.

Lara Croft GO: The Premise

Coming from the same developer of Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO brings the same sliding turn-based mechanic like what the previous game has done. Despite using the same mechanic, Lara Croft GO isn’t just re-skin version, it presents almost entirely new ideas.

In Lara Croft GO, you as the British archeologist Lara Croft, will be having an adventure sets in a long-forgotten world. As you go through your adventure, you will be exploring ruins of ancient civilization, discovering hidden secrets, and face some deadly challenges from the myth of the Queen of Venom.

Lara Croft GO: The Gameplay

Just like Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO is also using the same game mechanic, sliding turn-based puzzle. At its core, in Lara Croft GO, you will also sliding from one nodes to another. Use your touchscreen to swipe to your direction.

However, that’s the only similar thing from both games. Once you run into the details, both of them are actually like a two different games. From the graphics, while Hitman GO is more like a board game with a tiny boards, Lara Croft GO arrives fully animated, gives a whole different feeling towards the previous game.

Coming with 96’s blue tank top and brown shorts, Lara has all the athletic features we’ve all known from all Tomb Raider series. Dashing, doing somersault, those kind of thing that you’ve familiar from Lara Croft. Her animation is pretty well done, and moreover, the environment is created beautifully.

The enemies in Lara Croft GO are also made different from the previous GO version yet similar in how they’re moving. The enemies are divided into three types, the one that chases you, the one that moves on their own, and the one that keeps silent until you’re moving too close to them. You need to have different strategy for each enemies.

Things I Like

For me, Lara Croft GO is way better than its predecessor. Although it uses almost similar game mechanic, in truth, both of them have their own uniqueness. From its beautiful environment, up to the animation of Lara, Lara Croft GO appeals in a whole different level.

I also love the design of each level. Especially when the game is closing to an end, each level starts to give their own pressure. Despite being a turn based mechanic game, Lara Croft GO doesn’t left any of its signature level design. Running from boulders, collapsed bridge, sliding through a shallow closing door, turn switches, etc.

I also suggest you to use your headphone while you’re playing Lara Croft GO. I leave that impressions to you afterwards.

Tips and Tricks

Rest assured, I won’t spoil anything related to the puzzle in Lara Croft GO. In this tips and tricks, I’m just going to share you the position of each relics in every level. Hopefully you could enjoy the puzzle as well as unlocking all the available suits.

All the relics will be encircled with a white mark. If you encounter any screen shots that have no relics inside the white mark, it’s all because I mistakenly tap the relics before screenshot it. So don’t worry because the relics will still in that position.

The Entrance: A Forgotten Path & A Sleepy Cave

Since it still early in the game, I will just put together two levels in one section. Just make sure you pay attention to the white circle and you will be good to go.

The Entrance: A Ruined Route

The Entrance: A Clever Climb

The Maze of Snakes: The Swamp of Fangs

The Maze of Snakes: Snake Pit

The Maze of Snakes: The Bridge of Many Sides

The Maze of Snakes: The Tower of Blades

The Maze of Snakes: Scaling by Danger

The Maze of Snakes: The Canyon of a Thousand Snakes

The Maze of Snakes: Dodging a Fang

The Maze of Snakes: One Deadly Step

The Maze of Snakes: Cold-Blooded Cliff

The Maze of Snakes: The Key of Stones

The Maze of Stones: Through The Web

The Maze of Stones: Down a Spider’s Leg

The Maze of Stones: The Terrace of Forked Tongues

The Maze of Stones: Blades of Prey

The Maze of Stones: Pushing Right Back

The Maze of Stones: The Dam’s Edge

The Maze of Stones: The Temple of The Wise

The Maze of Stones: The Balcony of Stone

The Maze of Stones: The Chamber of Balance

The Maze of Stones: A Narrow Escape

The Maze of Stones: Rolling On

The Maze of Stones: The Key of Spirits

The Maze of Spirits: The Doorstep of Spirits

The Maze of Spirits: The Cliffs of Fire

The Maze of Spirits: A Well-Placed Arrow

The Maze of Spirits: Using The Trap

The Maze of Spirits: The Wall of Blades

The Maze of Spirits: The Throne of The Ancients

The Maze of Spirits: The Queen of Venom

The Escape: A Closing Door

The Escape: One Last Challenge

The Escape: A Bridge to Daylight