Need for Speed: No Limits Game Review for iOS and Android (with Tips and Tricks)


If you’re talking about racing games, Need for Speed isn’t a game that you should miss out. It isn’t appropriate to left out world’s most successful racing series as well as one of the top ten most successful video game series from your list. Perhaps, if you want to talk about racing game but you haven’t played any Need for Speed game before, you might want to go back to your console and start to play one.

The NFS series was released its first title back in 1994. All the series consist of racing cars, with some titles also involving police pursuits in race. Since 1999, from NFS: Hot Stakes, NFS series has integrated car body customization into gameplay. All those super pretty body kit with delicate huge rims and spoilers, all of it has started since 1999.

On the other hand, when we’re talking about racing games specifically in mobile, Real Racing series has become one of the most critically acclaimed. With the first series coming out at 2009 and win a straight award. Not just with the first series, even their next series, Real Racing 2 and 3 also has won several awards, mostly because of their racing genre and their beautiful graphics.

Just like how NFS goes really well in console platform, Real Racing has become one of the best racing game series in mobile platform. So when the developers behind these two amazing games joint hand to create a racing game together, Need for Speed: No Limits is born and it just like what you can expect from the men behind NFS and Real Racing series.

NFS: No Limits – The Premise

So just like many other racing game, you will also start with a racing car. In NFS: No Limits, you will start as an unknown street racer against Marcus King – the leader of the Blackridge Royals street racing crew. After beating Marcus, a police helicopter soon hovers overhead and the sound of police sirens draws ever closer.

Anyway, the story is not the area where NFS: No Limits excel the most. Afterall, in most racing games, no one is actually care about what’s going on inside the game. All they want to do is just get the best car and race it until they’re satisfied. That being said, NFS: No Limits is still generously adding stories behind every chapter.

NFS: No Limits takes place in streets where you will be racing illegally throughout the city. Unlike Real Racing series, you won’t be racing in a proper racing track with proper rule. In NFS: No Limits, there is no rule. It’s just you and your car, and the best racer that has scored the shortest time will be the winner.

NFS: No Limits is divided into several chapter where in each chapter there will be several racing sessions, and in the end, there will be a boss waiting for you. In every chapter that you’ve won, you will be awarded with either car’s part or blueprint.

These awards will be used to strengthen your car. The goal of this car racing game is to collect and build the fastest car possible. Car’s parts will be used to strengthen you existing car, so you will find things like Turbo, ECU, Intake, Thrust Sleeve, and many others.

On the other hand, blueprint is like a card that once you’ve collected enough cards, you will be able to unlock the car and use it in the race. If you already the car, collecting these cards will upgrade the performance of your car, as well as allowing more parts to be installed in the car.

NFS: No Limits – The Gameplay

There are several game modes in NFS: No Limits. While most of the stories lie in underground mode, there are also racing modes like Racing Series, Tournaments, and Special Timed Events. This latter mode even currently being featured by Snoop Dogg (ends in about 16 hours). In every race that you’re going to race for, will cost you the so-called “gas” like “energy” in most free-to-play games, and will replenish over time.

However, even if there are a lot of modes available to be played, the way you race is generally divided into only several types.* Rush Hour – Cross the finish line in first place.* Time Trial – Cross the finish line quicker than the highlighted target time.* Delivery – Deliver the car without damaging it. Colliding with anything adds a time penalty.* Team Battle – Race against rival crew members.* Hunter – Catch your opponent and beat them to the finish line.* Nitro Rush – Cross the finish line before time runs out with the aid of nitro * charge-up zones.* Blockade – Win the race with heavy police.* Airborne – Cross the finish line first with added jumps.

— taken from NFS Wikia

In every race, you will be trying to achieve a perfect start by keeping the throttle in green area. If you’re able to do that, you will gain some extra NOS that can come in handy. After a good start, you will be facing the real race with some cars.

There are several controls available in NFS: No Limits. Default racing controls like tilting is still available, but NFS: No Limits introduces new sliding controls. With this control, you just need to tap the left side or the right side of the screen to turn left or right. To access the NOS, you can swipe up, and swipe down to access the drifting mode.

Just like all the free-to-play games, NFS: No Limits also comes with daily missions, premium currency, and some cars that really beautiful, but impossible (will take you a very long time) to be unlocked, in a normal way of playing.

NFS: No Limits – Things I Like

With all the limitations, NFS: No Limits comes with a really fantastic graphics. With the support of Metal technology in iOS, NFS: No Limits can be a party in the eyes for those of you who uses next-gen iOS devices (devices that use A8 more processor) and next-gen Android devices (with more than 2GB RAM).

But for those of you that uses old device like mine, you can still play NFS: No Limits without any hindrance or lag. Everything runs smoothly except the quality of the graphics that’s pretty much being reduced.

I also love the short time needed to spend in one race. Normally in most NFS games in the console, you will have to spend several minutes to spend, either because you will race with several laps or the course is pretty far. In NFS: No Limits, the race was designed specifically for mobile user. So you will only spend less than 50 seconds to play one race, from start until finish.

The thing that I personally also love from the game, is the ability to customize the look of your car. Even if the customization is a bit too expensive and has lots of limitation, it certainly gives a better look to the car. You can attach wide body kit, change the paint, rims, and all those basic customization.

NFS: No Limits – Tips and Tricks

With a very little to almost none tutorials in NFS: No Limits, I almost didn’t surprise if no one actually figures out everything in this game. It took me a while to figure all the small secrets inside NFS: No Limits and with these list, let me help you find out in case you miss it out.

Know the Currencies

This is the most basic thing before we even start. There are three currencies (four with special timed event), the cash, gold, and visual points. Cash will be used to purchase crates, buy one of the sales in the black market, and installing parts. Gold will be used to purchase most items in the black market, and also purchase premium crates.

Open Crates Smartly

If you buy 5 crates, you will get a 20% discount. Even so, I don’t recommend you to use your cash aimlessly. If you want to buy 5 of the crates, look first at the increased odds. The loading docks will usually feature car blueprints so once you think you need that blueprint, go purchase it. Otherwise, you might want to save up some cash, just in case the offer in the black market could move you and your cash in.

Some pro tips, if you’re in limited time events, all of these tips are ignored and once you have collected 20k, you’d have to buy 5 of them as you need to increase the RP (racing points) of your car ASAP.

Rebuild Parts Tips

You don’t want to be rushed in installing parts. Make sure that you’re only equipping car that you really want to drive with. You don’t have to equip the other car. Although you’d be using other car in the Car Series Race, usually your opponents car aren’t that good and can be beaten with ease.

Also, if you’ve installed enough parts, you can sort of upgrade your parts with more stars. Don’t forget to keep the parts even if it’s cost you some cash. Especially if you have rare parts.

You can transfer parts between compatible cars. Make sure that when you move to a new car to take the best parts from the ones you’re no longer using for a big boost in power.

Levelled Up Tips

In NFS: No Limits, levelling up can be very tricky. That’s because the REP (read: experience) needs to level up isn’t that much and can be acquired only with several racing. Moreover, if you level up, your fuel will be refilled again.

So if you want to be more efficient in the fuel usage, use the fuel to do replay and race against rivals. By rivals, I mean the opponents that will give you blueprints. You can check which opponents that will give you car blueprints from the garage.

Choose the car and tap on the magnifying glass, thus you will find which opponents will give you the blueprint. Racing against rivals won’t reward you with REP, so you can still gain the blueprint. Don’t forget to left up some fuel and go spend it to the car series race to get the REP you need.

Get Some Gold

The best way to get some gold is through the daily missions. Make sure you’ve done all the missions, at least until the “complete 9 daily assignments” mission. You will get more than 15 golds if you do so.

Car Series Races

Don’t be afraid to play this mode, as the reward sometimes is quite generous. Also at the end of every event you’ve played, there is some reward waiting for you, sometimes it could be a blueprint. Also you will get something once you’ve done every chapter.

Tips for Perfect Start

The better car you’re playing with, the harder it gets to get a perfect start. If you have two green bars, it still can be considered as easy. So, you just need to keep it inside the green bar.

The problem lies when you only have a car with one green bar. To get perfect start, tries to hold the throttle until the countdown into the last second. Then, release it and try to tap once when it reaches the green bar, and you will get the perfect start.

Getting NOS Meters Filled

My last tips is how to fill your NOS meters quickly. There are several ways to fill this booster quickly. * Stay close behind another car (directly behind them) * Drifting your car like a pro! * Jump over ramps and getting some Air Time * Hit the nitrous boost strips * Drive naturally and you will get it


So that’s about it, all my long list of tips and tricks for playing this super next-gen racing games. It has set the standard of racing games pretty high, and in terms of graphics, I feel like the standard will be kept high for a very long time. If you’re a fan of NFS game as well as racing games, I’m inviting you all to play Need for Speed: No Limits.

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