Play Braveland Pirate on iOS and Android: Now It’s A Pirate Captain


It’s time of the year again. The time when the next series of Braveland is released by Tortuga. Now after the Warrior’s son, Wizard graduate, now Braveland concludes with the last book and the most exciting of all. It’s Braveland Pirate and it introduces us with Captain Jim as the main character.

Braveland Pirate – The Premise

Yeps, you’re reading it right. In Braveland Pirate, you will be playing as a captain of pirates called Jim. Like many other pirate stories, Jim and his crews will also set sail on a journey for the Eternal Treasure. This Eternal Treasure was a longlife wish from Jim’s former captain that couldn’t be fulfilled until his last breath.


Sets in a middle age where there still kingdom and magic, Jim’s adventure started with the attack of a ghost ship. The ghosts there were raiding Jim’s ships. While Jim managed to escape, his captain unfortunately, was murdered (or not?) by the ghost, leaving Jim stranded alone without anyone left. However, as Jim’s adventure goes on, he finally meet with new crews, and together they continue Jim’s former captain wishes, the Eternal Treasure.

During this journey, Jim and his crews will be touring between islands, to look for a clue to unlock this mysterious treasure. However, pirates are widely known to have a bad reputation among the civilians. So beside fighting against the resistance, Jim will also have to fight against people from the government. There are also other enemies like the undeads, bandits, and even pirate captains that ready to jazz up your adventure.

Braveland Pirate – The Gameplay

Braveland Pirate is keeping the good things there while adding some fresh features to keep the game appealing to the mass. All the core gameplay is still there. You will still be able to exploring the map, recruiting some companions, looking for some treasures, and fighting against enemies. However, now instead of just cleaning the enemies from one map then you won’t visit that place again, Braveland Pirate now allows you to move up between one island to another.

As long as you have the location point, you can set sail to other island anytime you want. This enable you to locate some secret location that can be used to gain some experience, gold, as well as purchasing new items. While you’re sailing from one island to another, you will encounter some random events. These events usually will appear everytime you finish doing battle. It also can sometimes be a new crew from you, a gold chest, or sometime a ghost ship that’s looking for some trouble with your crews.

The battle system is also kept the same. It still uses the same hexagonal battle system with turn-based gameplay at its core. New characters are being introduced in this last books. Of course, it’s taking a pirate theme. So you’ll have some cabinboys, daredevils, drunken pirates, possessed pirates, and still many more. With these new characters, of course new skill is being introduced. Each character has their own unique ability that’s designed specifically for this last series of the book. However, the enemies are mostly the same from the previous books. You will still meet with wolves, some archers, undeads that use magic, and so on.

However, for this book, your main character is finally laying his hands down into the battle. Yes, Jim will be joining to fight along with his crews. Along with Jim, there’s also some new active abilities that can be cast using a mana system that’s called courage in Braveland Pirate. This courage will be gathered by attacking the enemies. Everytime your crew attacks, you will have one courage accumulated. When you have enough courage, you can cast some awesome abilities. Including, teleport right beside range enemies, attacking enemy using handgun, and even throw a bomb that can deal area damage.

The other things from Braveland Pirate are still similar, yet have some changes to adjust with the theme of this book. You can still equip Jim with some armor and weapons. But now, instead of increasing your squad damage, it will increase Jim’s strength even more. As for the crews, each equipment has their own perks that will affect the crews strength. For example, there’s a sword that will enhance the damage of cabin boys and daredevils for 20%. Every equipment has their own perks, so it depends on you, which equipment you’d want to bring to the battle.

There’s also Skill Tree to enhance the overall crew attack and defense. If the previous book, skill tree will affect the spells power, now in Braveland Pirate, besides affecting the spells, it will also affect the crew strength, including Jim’s as well.

Braveland Pirate – The Control

Control in Braveland Pirate is using the same touch based. Nothing extravagant is introduced regarding the control. Everything is touch-based with most action will be done with a tap. Tapping to attack, moving, everything is mostly tap-based.

Braveland Pirate – Things I Like

I have a great respect with how Tortuga Team dealing with old things and present it with a fresher way. If you look, in a glance, you won’t believe that Braveland Pirate is reusing a lot of elements from previous series. Even the battle system isn’t changed that much.

However, Tortuga has added some small improvement in many aspects. These small improvements might be minor if it only introduced one by one. But, by having all these improvements introduced together, Braveland Pirate has qualified to become a separate game, not just a mere update.

I also love the length of the game. Braveland Pirate will be accompanying you for 7 hours of adventure. That’s pretty long for a game that’s labeled with this cheap price.

The new tropical island graphics that matched the pirate theme are also really well welcome. With this new island surrounded by a vast ocean, Braveland Pirate gives a complete beach-ish feeling. That beautiful hand drawn graphics and with tropical bgm matches perfectly as a companion while playing the game.


By having Jim and using pirate as the theme, Tortuga wants to share their real concept that they really want from the Braveland series. Despite being a conclusion for these Braveland series, I truly hope that this isn’t the last from Tortuga, but as a beginning for a great regime in this turn-based genre.

About Tortuga Team

Tortuga Team are a small team of 5 people and Tortuga Team develop a series of games called Braveland. Initially Tortuga Team thought Braveland series as a trilogy. In the 2014th year was released the first two parts “Bravaland” and “Braveland Wizard”. New “Braveland Pirate” – the final third part of the trilogy.

You can check Tortuga’s work at their website, twitter, and their facebook.

And at last, I want to thank Dmitry and Tortuga Team for providing me with Braveland Pirate for my most honest review.