The Room Three: All Secret Endings Unlocked

The Room Three: All Secret Endings Unlocked

The Room series has became a trend-setter, a model, a game to beat for anyone who plays puzzle games. Although, it’s been a bit derivation in its second game, their next game in the series still got many people excited with.

So, when Fireproof Games, the British developer behind these games, launched their next game, I’m putting my life to be in the front line to get this game and play it.

Long story short, the game was very far far away from disappointment. I have spent more than 8 hours to play with the latest series of The Room and Fireproof Games and I have no regret whatsoever playing. It’s The Room Chapter 3.

The Room 3: The Premise

The Room 3 is a continuation story from the previous The Room series. If you haven’t played their previous games before (gosh where have you been?), you can consider to try their first and second games as all of it will tease your brain.

The first series of The Room is one of the best puzzle game in mobile device that I’ve ever played (I think most people will agree to that). You will be sitting in front of a box where you will turn, swipe, tap, and do whatever it is to open that box and unveil the mystery that lies behind it.

While the first is more suitable to be called ‘The Box’ because you’re only interacting with one box, the second series of The Room makes more sense to its title. You will have more interaction with the objects inside the room you’re currently working with, but just that’s it. The puzzle isn’t as mind blowing as the prequel, but the story is made more compelling this time, not as abstract as its prequel.

Now that you’ve known the history of the series, let’s get back to this last series, The Room 3. It’s continuing the research of a mysterious individual who has been tracking an element called ‘The Null’. Now you’re being introduced with a new character named The Craftsman, a mysterious person that I think only appears three times in the game.

The Room 3: The Gameplay

The Room 3 still uses the same first person view. However, as you know, unlike the previous series that’s focusing on small areas, The Room 3 is more of a series of inter-connected rooms. These series of rooms are connected with a hub with mysterious table in the middle of the room.

At early chapter, you will only be doing puzzles with just a room to be taken care of. However, as you progress through the game, more rooms will be unlocked, and instead of taking care just one room, you will have to move around.

Puzzle design-wise, The Room 3 is using a really well-designed learning curve. I think this is done on purpose to let the players adapt with this new environment. So it will be a bit easy if not easier, compared to its predecessors.

However, don’t think the developer lightly, because as you move on through the game, as you’ve unlocked more rooms, the puzzle will slowly swift itself from objects and boxes, to the room itself. Before you realize it, you’ve already been trying to solve a puzzle just by moving from room to room. That’s the beauty of this game.

Graphics and sounds have always become the weapons to create sort of creepy environment inside the game. These weapons continue to show its sharpness on the latest game as well. The creepy doll, even the skull head inside the diving helmet, it’s all part of what makes this game, The Room.

So yes, it’s still the same game with the same creepy feeling.

The Room 3: The Gameplay

The Room 3: Things I Like

I couldn’t recall how many times did I shout, “How should I know that??!!”, while playing this game. There are so many little details that I tend to ignore because I thought, “This won’t do anything” kind of thing.

You have to be very thorough with every single thing inside this game, even when nothing seems could be done, you just have to tap and tap, as long as it can be zoomed in, it means that there’s something that can be done with that thing.

The puzzle design curve is really amazing in my opinion. Starting with a simpler puzzle, you are made to think that “man, this game is easy dude”. I really don’t believe you will say that word few hours later. I would rather believe you will say, “I don’t understand this, I don’t understand the hint at all!” kind of words.

What’s more amazing with the design curve is the time when they’re unlocking more rooms. It doesn’t feel like a new gameplay is being introduced. It’s just smoothly integrated to the overall game like a curve.


Like always, before you’re being spoiled, let me close my review with a big two hands down for the Fireproof Games. The Room 3 has such quality that I don’t think could be compared with other puzzle games. I think The Room 3 has once again proved itself to be the trend-setter to the market.

Tips and Tricks with All Alternate Endings Walkthrough

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but I don’t think you’re actually need a walkthrough for all the five chapters. Beside there are hints from Fireproof guys (hints really help a lot, especially when you have no idea where to start from), even if you’re actually stuck, you can always refer this ‘already complete’ guide from AppUnwrapper to help you finish all the chapters.

However, I do have some checklist that might help you finish all the chapters, with just relying on the hints alone.

Take Notes

Rule number one in supposedly every puzzles game, but it’s a must in this game, is to take notes. If you’re going to finish the chapters independently with relying just to yourself and hints, take notes. Seriously, you won’t be able to live if you’re not taking one.

What to take? Well, everything that you’ve seen, take note of it. Tap everything and if you see response from the game, it means that you somehow will have to re-visit this place again. So when you see response from the game (i.e: this cupboard is locked, it seems that it doesn’t work at all), take notes! Write down the location, where you find it, how you find it, in what room.

Room Name

To help you begin with your note-taking procedure, there are five core rooms and the last room will open once you’ve finished all the chapters.

  • Central Room: It is where you put the triangle whenever you’ve finished a chapter. It is also the center where you will move from one room to another room.
  • Library: This room is the one with the downstair entrance door. When you enter this room you will see the creepy card dealer. It’s also the one with the elevator.
  • Office: It is the one with red curtain. After you enter the room, you will see a desk and a classic standing clock behind you.
  • Greenhouse: Greenhouse is located across the library. It has stoney wall like a castle feeling.
  • The first room: Don’t forget with this room as well. If you remember and take note, you should be remember that this room has a huge iron door behind.
  • Last Room: This room will be unlocked once you’ve completed all chapters. When you enter this room, it means that you’ve ready to finish the game.

Of course beside these five rooms, there are other rooms as well. However, it is most likely that you will use these five rooms as the starting point. Also let me spoil you a bit that you will be visiting across these rooms a lot when you’re trying to unlock the other endings.

All Endings Walkthrough

While the other chapters can easily rely on hints, these alternate endings are totally in a whole different level. There are no hints whatsoever, so you’re in this on really your own. Now, if you’ve taken your notes, you must now know that there are some places, doors, that are left like it weren’t related to all the other chapters. These left pieces are the key towards our alternate endings.

So without further a do, these are the walkthroughs for all endings. However, I’m using a different approach compared to other people. If most people tend to explain how to finish each ending one by one, I’m gonna walk you through all the endings in a go. So when you’ve done collecting all the things required, you can unlock it all right away.

Preparation for First Ending: Imprisoned

This is the most basic ending and the only preparation that you will have to do before entering the last room is to take the craftman’s key (the thing which all the pyramids combined into). However, if you’re going to collect all other things first, don’t enter the room yet, because you won’t be able to come our otherwise.

Preparation for Second Ending: Escape

This is by far, is the most complicated puzzle you will be facing inside the game. There are several steps that you will need to do in order to finish this one up.

The first thing is by going inside the library. Once you’re inside, look for the machine with the creepy card dealer. Then pull “PLACE THE TOKEN HERE” thing, and you will find a wheel with small mechanism. Within this wheel, there’s a thing, try to spin it, and the wheel will become a key.

Preparation for Second Ending: EscapeUse this key and go to the office room. When you’re inside, turn yourself and find a desk. Behind this desk, you can use the key to open up a drawer. However, there won’t be anything inside the drawer. Try to look around that drawer and you will see a switch on the left side. Pull this and a secret compartment will be revealed to you, as well as the handle.

Use this handle to open up another drawer that’s still in the same desk. It’s on the left side of the desk. Nothing is showing up, but now look inside the drawer for a switch. When you turn on the switch, you will have some puzzle to solve. Try to solve this until you have a token from the middle of the metal discs.

If you’re guessing the token will be brought into the creepy doll machine, you’re totally guessing it right. While you’re doing it, enjoy all the scene until you got yourself a crank wheel.

Check your note once again, which one is need to be revisited again that has something to do with a crank wheel? Let’s go back to the first room again, and on the iron door, let’s put the crank wheel on it, and open the door.

Inside the room, find machine with three switches. Turn all of these switches and you will find three drawers with numbers in it. In the drawer there are numbers with smaller switches and the answer with larger number on top of it. To solve this one, construct the number bottom top and turn the switch to the left or to the right side, so that all the active switches will return the same total as the larger number.

After you’re done with this one, you will be taken to a board with three blinking lamp. You will know what to do with this one. So when the sign saying “LIBRARY” shows up, go right away to that room.

Inside the Library, you will see that now the old phone beside gramophone is now ringing. Pick that one up and don’t forget to take note the number. Take the cross-shaped key and return to the first room again.

Once you’re inside the room, you might have notice the large box with cross-shaped key on top of it. Once you’ve unlocked it, four symbols will come up on the boxes. Open the drawers in sequence and you will get another token. If you miss one, try to use the key again.

Once you’ve entered the token into the creepy doll and get the crank handle, check if you’ve already get a metal cube from the poster book. If you haven’t, go upside on the higher level of the library and close the poster book there. You will find your metal cube there.

Now, let’s process this metal cube (if you haven’t already). Go to the greenhouse and find a tray where you can put the cube. It’s on the last room inside the greenhouse. If you’ve finished all the chapters, you should be able to just put the cube inside the tray.

Inside the tray, you will process this cube into a ball shape metal. Use the eyepiece and press the right button until the ball is shaped. Take it back to the library and put the sphere on the other side of the book.

When you do it, a pop-up theatre will appear and you can go inside using the eyepiece. Take whatever you can inside (a blank wax from a gramophone). From a gramophone to another gramophone. This new wax will be used inside the library’s gramophone, so get back to it.

Now after you put the new wax, go to another gramophone. It is available inside the greenhouse. Use the crank handle to turn on the gramophone. Don’t forget the disc to turn on the music. Beside greenhouse’s gramophone, there’s a rotary phone.

Now if you really taking a note, you must know the number for the rotary phone (it’s 1795). If you have never used a rotary phone before, to use it, simply hold a number, then rotate it into the other end and release. Do it for all the numbers. Once you’ve done it, go back to the library.

Once you've done it, go back to the library.At the library, you will hear a ringing phone. Pick it up and take the wax that appears. Then we will move into another gramophone again. It’s inside the pop-up theatre. You will get a token and a chance to meet the creepy doll again.

You will get a metal device from this drawer. Now check your note again, which part that still haven’t been touched yet? Let’s take the elevator up and use it on the slot beside the safe. Solve the puzzle and take the key that appears.

The location for the key is a bit unreasonable to me, but if you go to greenhouse, you will see bricks that has loosen. It’s between the first and the second room at the greenhouse. Afterwards look with your eyepiece.

Spin it so there will be an illuminating light, it will be showing a keyhole on the other side of the wall.

The Room Three: All Secret Endings UnlockedThis is also a bit tricky and complicated. Once you put the key inside, don’t turn the key yet, but go back inside the hole.

Inside the hole, turn the tiny latch on the side. This will undo one part of the lock. Then go outside and turn the key 180 degrees. Go back again inside the keyhole and turn the latch on the other part. You will be given a token again.

This is the last token for this ending preparation as you will get the artifact from the creepy doll and you won’t have to face her/him/it again.

Preparation for Third Ending: Release

Trust me, this one is a lot easier and faster than the previous preparation. So let’s start right away!

Take a look at your note again. You will know that inside the office room, there’s a clock that will show something if looked with the eyepiece. Every time the real clock hit the 15 minutes mark, a switch will appear. So you might want to wait or fasten your device’s clock.

When you’re able to see and activate the switch, solve this puzzle, it’s not that hard. Take the crystal from the clock face afterwards.

Next spot is also went unnoticed for me. It’s upstairs from the library room across the safe. There’s a golden ball that apparently, when you rub it on, will swing the big swinging ball. Keep rubbing it to build the momentum until it eventually hit the safe.

Once it hits the safe, go to the central room and take everything inside the safe.

With these two crystals, go inside the greenhouse to the machine where you make the round iron ball. Start the machine and you will be brought to the maze.

This maze is easier than the one in chapter 4 (I guess), you just need to follow the arrow and you will be delivered to the location safe and sound. Of course take the artifact and we will have our preparation complete.

The Room Three: All Secret Endings UnlockedPreparation for Fourth Ending: Lost

This one needs preparation just like the first ending. However, make sure that you’ve already obtained the two artifacts from the second and the third ending. If you’ve done it, you can continue to finish the game.

Inside the Last Room

So after collecting two artifacts, it’s time to finish this game. However, you can’t get all the ending at once. You have to repeat some steps to trigger the last compartment to unlock the final door. The puzzle isn’t that complicated, everything is just the way they are, so I’ll be quick with these steps. These are the steps required to open the compartment.

  • Place the craftsman’s key (the pyramid) on top of the sort of tent thingy
  • Take the metal ring and put it on the box in front of the tent. Spin it and go inside the hole using the eyepiece
  • You just need to spin the wheel so that the cogs are showing some hole
  • Spin so that this hole will be just under the piston, then press the button
  • Then move the mirror from the light sequence so that it will be more bouncy
  • Pick the mirror under the table, use it behind the mirror that you’ve moved just now
  • Slide the mirror back to its previous position
  • Inside the hole, try to make all the light beams to point towards the red crystal

When all these steps are done, two compartments with a door will be opened up. Each thing that you will do after these steps will decide if you’re going to finish which ending. Remember, everytime you’re choosing ending, you will have to redo all the steps in this last room. All the preparation will remain intact, don’t worry. Just these steps only.

First Ending: Imprisoned

This is the simplest ending. You just have to walk through the door and you will finish this ending. Afterwards, choose CHANGE YOUR FATE to enter the game again and finishing the next ending.

Second Ending: Escape

As for the second ending, upon the two compartments appearing, go to the left side and put your artifact there. Spin the metal dial and use your eyepiece. Try to solve this puzzle yourself and when you’re done, another door will be coming out. Note that this compartment is illuminating some light behind it.

Third Ending: Release

If the second ending is using the left side, now use the right side. Now this one is almost the same as the one with the red crystal, but a bit harder. Once, you’re done, another door will show up. Notice that this time, there’s no light coming from behind this compartment.

Fourth Ending: Lost

Which bring us to the last ending. Basically you’re repeating the second and the third. Put the artifact to the left compartment and do its puzzle. But don’t go in yet, go to the right compartment instead. Now, after you put the last artifact, find a screw at the back of the compartment. Undo it and pull the plate so a lens will be showing. After you’re done with the last puzzle, the most creepy door will show itself. And that’s it, you’re done.


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