Wizards and Wagons – Hero’s Adventure Never This Entrepreneurial Before (iOS Game Review and Tips)

Wizards and Wagons - Hero's Adventure Never This Entrepreneurial Before

Have you ever thought what will happen to all the heroes after they’ve beaten the bad guys? You certainly will think that they will be enjoying a prosperous life with lots of money on their pocket right?

Well, Touch Dimensions offers a different point of view to the aftermath life of a hero. Touch Dimensions has been known previously for their more traditional strategy games through their games like Autumn Dynasty Warlords.

This time, Touch Dimensions is expanding their genre into the simulation genre. Go from bankrupt hero to successful entrepreneur in this fantasy trading game called Wizards and Wagons.

Wizards and Wagons – The Premise

Wizards and Wagons brings you to the life of once a great hero, after the quest is over. You as the greatest hero of them all, even had a statue built for you.

Ironically, fame alone couldn’t feed your tummy, so right after you’re being praised as the greatest hero ever. A few months after, you’ve lost your house, homeless, broke and now desperately need a job.

Fortunately, there’s an entrepreneurial wizard that is willing to give you a wagon so that you can work yourself and try to gain some profit. This is where your adventure begins.

In Wizards and Wagons, you will be exploring from one town to another. Of course your main goal is to gain as many profit as you can. By overviewing the demand and supply from each town, you can decide your route to make loads of money.

Of course the story doesn’t end that way. During each trip, of course your wagon will be visited by not-so-friendly enemies. From bandits, slimes, wizards, and even a group of crows. All they want is to take away your goods and destroy your wagon.

Wizards and Wagons – The Gameplay

As you’ve already known, in Wizards and Wagons, you will be playing as a broken hero that wants to have a better life. You have been given a wagon as your only tool to have a better life. Inside your wagon, there are some space that will be used to put the goods.

You then will have to bring all these goods to the next town. However, there will be some bad guys/creatures ready to interrupt your route while trying to steal the goods that’s being with you. That’s why, beside the goods, you can also equip your wagon with some weapons or buff the wagon stats.

There are various weapons available for your wagon, as long as you have enough space and enough coins to purchase it. From the standard arrow to electric rod, you can also buff the wagon speed and even increase the weapon’s attack damage.

These weapons and goods however, will take spaces from your wagon. Moreover, the goods will be shaped like tetris pieces. So you will have to think first before putting all the goods inside. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize your trip with your wagon.

Weapons and items are reserving a special space in your wagon. They can be used also to put the goods, but you won’t be able to use the weapon anymore. Logically speaking, in real life, you can put goods at your weapon room, but there’s no way you can use the room with all that stuffs inside.

When you run out of space, you can also purchase another type of wagons. There are several wagons available. All of them will be able to bring your goods. However, the wagon has their own uniqueness. There are wagons that can bring more goods at the cost of their speed and vice versa. There are also some wagons that build for battle, but at the cost of capatown and speed.

The wagon that you purchase will also has their own base shape. Don’t be expecting an easy shape like square or rectangle. They do exist but the harder the shape looks like, the cheaper or more useful they will be.

Of course, to purchase those weapons and wagons, you will need some gold coins. Anyway, the purpose of Wizards and Wagons is also for you to collect a certain amount of gold. Once you’re able to do so, you can purchase a new home for you and the game would be ended.

So, there are some ways to earn gold coins. The most obvious way to earn coins is by trading goods. You can use the Town Info to check what high demand goods in your target town, then you can buy it from the town that supplies these goods. You can sometimes also just buy the goods and sell it to the next town. Usually, the next town after the neighbor of your supplier would give you a higher price.

The next thing to acquire gold coins, is by doing side-missions from the guild. You see, every time you’re visiting any town, you can always visit the guild to accept the missions. You can accept two and if you have a good relationship, who knows if the guild would allow you to accept more missions. If the missions doesn’t suit you or your route, you can camp at this town and after you wake up tomorrow, new set of missions already waiting for you.

The missions have their own variations. You can be asked to send some goods that are lost. You can also be given some goods and asked to send those into some other town. There are also missions that will task you to kill certain amount of certain enemies. There are also missions that ask you to escort VIP and so on.

The last thing to acquire gold coins is by talking to the NPC, the citizens of the town. Sometimes, the citizen (usually the town major) will give you some quests. It could be a quest that will reward you with some decent gold coins. There are also some quests where you will unlock other town location.

Wizards and Wagons – Things I Like

Wizards and Wagons brings freshness and uniqueness in the midst of static gameplay in iOS. By combining trading simulation and RPG, Wizards and Wagons clearly separate itself from similar game (if there’s one). I like the idea of trading, getting as many profit as you can, while also battling the enemies that try to rob you away.

I also love the story that’s supporting the whole background story. All the citizens in every town are recognizing the mighty hero’s face. And his reputation is also cleverly used by the game to create another story. For example, there’s a quest in a town where its major ask the hero to use his reputation and persuades other town, to invest in his town. The reason is that if the hero uses his reputation, the major is pretty sure that other town major will want to invest in his town. The side quests are cleverly used and well put together creating a smooth flow in the game.

I also love the idea where the goods are shaped like tetris pieces. It gives a more strategic thinking because you wouldn’t be able to bring all the goods you want. You will have to decide and plan carefully to fit in all the goods inside. With these pieces, you also won’t be able to sell expensive things right away. In early level, expensive things tend to eat up more space than the cheaper things. This makes the game’s learning curve become very obvious that I put respect on it.

This learning curve also continues on the later level when you’ve able to buy a better wagon. Just like a better wagon could bring better goods and better weapons. More towns will be unlocked and it means more goods and harder enemies. However, in each town, you will be able to unlock perks in every town. These perks like cheaper Apple or get coins everytime you’re visiting this town kind of perks. This way, you will be able to gain even more profits and in this way, could advance to the next town with ease.

You won’t realize that you’re actually being taught slowly by the developer, to slowly build your wagon and gaining profit little by little. This design strategy is executed really well in Wizards and Wagons, and they really have my full respect for this.

Tips and Tricks

At first, I’m pretty struggling to advance in Wizards and Wagons. I couldn’t cope up with the enemies, picking the wrong weapons, wasting too many coins on unprofitable goods, and so on. So to make sure you’re not doing the things that I’ve done, I’ve compiled some basic tips that you will need to know before you’re starting to play Wizards and Wagons.

Always talk to the NPC.

You will never know what would happen. You could be given some quests with a decent gold coins as a reward. You could be offered a companion. More importantly, sometimes, the citizen would give you information about the price in other town as well as the event that will be happening in the town (more on this later).

Always attend Events.

Check your calendar, or if not, you can ask the citizens in the town. If there’s an event in a few days, they will tell you when. Usually, in most events, they will be giving discount for their goods. There is also a high demand for certain goods. That’s why you need to be there before the event starts.

If for instance, the NPC tells you that the event will be held in 1/2 days again, try to build a camp in that town. Reason? You won’t be able to go to other town and back in 2 days. It’s impossible, full stop.

Do not buy Chicken

I don’t know but I always couldn’t sell chicken with a good price. It’s always a lower price than my supplier’s price. So better you go with eggs than the chickens. I’ve wasted too many coins trading the chickens.

Use Standard Arrow

Standard Arrow is the best weapon for early level. Do not attempt to change this weapon until you have at least two slots open for weapons (purple slots). When you have new wagon with two slots, only then you can consider to ditch your arrow.

Find Weapons Combination

My current combination is the boulder with gem that can summon slime. It’s proven very effective in mid level. However, once you’re entering the other (desserted or snow) region, this combination isn’t that effective anymore. The enemy now is able to either slow or stun the movement of my wagon. That’s why I just back to my old standard arrow, combined with Runes to increase the damage of my weapons.

Choose the Right Wagon

This is not easy because you could ruin all your game because you take the wrong wagon. You see, wagon is a very crucial investment. When you miss it, you will miss it big and it would be hard to come back. So make sure you have at least two slots of weapons and runes. Have enough spaces for the goods and it won’t be too slow. If you choose otherwise, make sure to have enough weapon to beat all the enemies coming right at you.

Do not Leave your Device when Travelling

Even if the route seems safe, do not leave your device when you’re travelling. There will always enemies try to attack your wagon, always. So be prepared to attack the enemies. Some tips, if you’re switching weapon, tap the weapon you want to switch, then tap it again on the empty area. Otherwise, your weapon would not be able to be used.

Repair Your Wagon, Always!

Repairing your wagon only when it is heavily damaged may save you some coin, but wagons that are more than three quarters damaged are prone to lose goods, which fall off when monsters attack!

Maintain a Healthy Relationship With The Guild.

Guild quests are fantastic ways to make a quick buck. Check with the local town Guild for any assignments you might be able to complete along the way. If none are suitable, you may camp for a few days and wait for new assignments. The Guild also allows you to borrow coin, but at a hefty interest rate. Still, loans are great for getting you out of a rut when your coffers are empty or when you need just a bit more to take advantage of a trading opportunity. As you build trust, the Guild may be more generous with its loans and allow you to take on more quests simultaneously.


Wizards and Wagons is a fantastic game with fresh gameplay and unique storyline. If you’re into trading economic game, you will love how Wizards and Wagons put together. They have plenty contents, ready to eat your time without you even realize. A highly recommended game.