Anchor by Colton Dixon – American Idol Pop Rock Album Review


Another great batch of release in Christian Music industry is coming this week. Lincoln Brewster, Michelle Williams, Selah, Jars of Clay, Amy Grant, Family Force 5, and still many more. One of them is a great artist that placed seventh in eleventh season of American Idol. Yes, he is Colton Dixon who released his second album, Anchor.

Coming with a Christian pop rock genre, Anchor released publicly at August 19, 2014 at iTunes. It was placed at #1 spot in iTunes Christian & Gospel category and reach #14 spot in iTunes all category music.

In Anchor, Colt co-wrote his songs with famous songwriters and artists such as Matthew West, TobyMac, Trevor McNevan, Ben Glover and Matt Bronleewe. The winner of “Best Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year” at 2013 Dove Awards said that Anchor was more of a series of personal collections, finding stability and trying to balance the ups and downs.

Initial Thought

With Chris Daughtry as his favorite male singer, it’s not surprising listening to Colton’s music style. There’re lots of pop rock music coming throughout this album, so it’s instantly pumping my head when I listened to it.

Behind the Lyrics

Anchor is about personal encouragement for the listeners. One of them is when Colton talked about this is the time to change ourselves in Our Time is Now. The other one is when Colton needed God to become the Anchor of his lives, just like most people would have need.

The lead single of this album, More of You created a point of how we need our God rather than anything that the world could offer. Another encouragement coming from a song called Fool’s Gold. Take off your blindfold and don’t fall for fool’s gold simply tries to tell the listener to not being fooled by world’s things.

Anchor concludes the album with a song called This isn’t the End. The song finishes this encouraging album with a message that anything that we face now is not the end. It’s only a start of a new beginning.

Notion About Music

Anchor has many songs that become my favorite in the album. Our Time is Now brings music that clearly influenced by 30 Seconds to Mars combined with Chris Daughtry. It has combination of a powerful voice with a screaming distortion of rock guitar. Anchor, the song entitled the same with the name of the album, gives us a taste about how a rock ballad should be, that is song with upside down tempo just like many rock ballad would be.

Echo gives us a glimpse about how well a song could become when pop rock singer and electronic music combined together. The single of this album, More of You, surprisingly become the most standard genre in this album. It has a more pop feeling rather than a rock or even an electronic feeling. But like most pop songs could be, the more you listen to this song, the more you’ll love hearing this.

My head pumped a lot when listening to Loud and Clear, especially when the guitar played the riff part. It sounds like one of my favorite riff, Interlude by Muse. The real ballad song is coming from Through All of It. The song was sung like other ballad would be. A piano, combined with the sound of violin, some string, and little bit voice of drum cymbals completed this song.

Back to Life started with a slow music just like Evanescence’s style. After the verse part finished, the next part of the song is way better. It’s easy to pump your head together with the beat in this song.

Worship Moment

While taking pop rock as a genre, Colton never really left worship moment in his album. Almost all the song in the middle in this album were using a rock ballad genre where it could get us closer to God while praying. Songs like Anchor that ask God to hold us tight as an anchor in this devilish world.

Another song that can be used as a worship song is Echo. It’s about someone that wanted to be the extension of God’s voice, to speak out the words of God. More of You while have a higher tempo as a worship song, but it still can be categorized as one of them.

If you’re looking for a more intimate worship moment, you can use Through All of It. It tells a story about the greatness of our God, that despite all of our problem, He still our God that helps us through it all.

Favorite Tracks

My favorite tracks are Back to Life, Loud and Clear, and Our Time Is Now.


Anchor is like an easy-listening album when talking about rock genre. With lots of rock ballad songs, it’s easy to listen to this album even if you’re not a rock fan.

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